Daily Prayer for December 21

The year was 1938…a baby girl was born to Rev. A. H. ”Buck” and Donnis Griffin. As I remember it…Reuel (age 3) was in my care, or at least I thought he was. I was almost five (5) years old, and felt very grown-up, but I was clueless about the drama taking place inside the house. Reuel and I went outside to play on those red banks of Thomaston GA, but I made sure that we did not get dirty. (I had gotten in trouble for sliding down those banks earlier.) OK, the story goes this way: our mother explained to me that red clay will not come out of white panties…why, oh, why couldn’t I be like everyone else and wear overalls! Even at that age I thought that God was unfair to little girls…it was a sin for us to wear men’s clothing Oops this is not supposed to be about me…but about the drama taking place in the bedroom where the adults were gathered. Reuel followed me around and did whatever I was doing until our play was interrupted by daddy’s booming voice! It was cold so we happily rushed inside and hurried into the bedroom where we saw a very tired-looking mother who was cuddling a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. HAPPY BIRHTDAY BEVERLY ANN GRIFFIN! I thank God and I am honored to have a sister (Mrs. Beverly Bramlett) that prays diligently until the answer comes.


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