Word Ministries Needs YOU

First thing Word Ministries would like to do is say a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone who has given. At this time we have raised $3404.40 and with your help Word Ministries is only $9955.29 in the red. To everyone who has not given we encourage you to sow into this ministry. With your help we will continue to give help and support to children, families and loved ones all over the world.

Word Ministries knows that there are five people who can give $1000.00, 20 people who can give $500.00, 100 people who can give $250.00 and many more who can give something. At the very least you can become a monthly contributor for $5.00 so that we can continue to send out the daily prayers, keep the scriptural prayer database up and running and give prayer support to so many. With your help we can impact the World for God.

If you give a one-time gift then we encourage you to become a CHAMPION for Word Ministries by clicking on “Change Maker” and setting up your own page to share with your friends and also sharing what you have done to help us with your friends. You will be able to see your GREATER IMPACT and RESULTS on our newly designed giving page.


Thank you for everything that you do for Word Ministries.


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