May We Pray for You?

Twenty-five years ago Word Ministries established a weekly intercessory prayer group to pray for personal prayer requests. God has been faithful and we have seen broken hearts mended, family members born again, relationships healed, financial needs met, and people restored to health. To God goes all the glory for He has done far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of–infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes. Nothing is too hard for God and nothing is impossible to him that believes. We believe God answers prayer, and what He does for others, He will do for you!

Post a response to this message and unite with a prayer team that prays Prayers that Avail Much.


727 Responses to “May We Pray for You?”

  1. Henry Fields Says:

    I thank God in advance that the legal situation I’m battling through is already worked out in my favor through His grace and by my faith in the power of His matchless Name. I speak those things that are not as though they were. I thank Him for being my Lawyer, my Counselor, for giving me joy unspeakable, and peace that passeth all understanding.

    I also thank God for giving my lawyer, Michael Leader, spiritual wisdom and insight in the natural, so that he may best represent my situation. In the precious name of Jesus.

    Thank you for agreeing with me prayer partners!

    Henry G Fields III

  2. Beverly Says:

    Please pray for U.S

    Please pray for the United States Of America …..For the unemployed in the united states..Waiting for congress to pass an extension for the unemployment Bill. So many unemployed and really need the least until the Summer..
    Please pray for U.S

  3. Kimberly Allstun Says:

    Please pray for me alot. I have alot of problems with jealousy, stress, anger, possibly bitterness. I have the Holy Spirit. I am saved. I am getting to know the Lord. I read my bible sometimes. My ex won’t let me see the kids. It has been about 6 years. I think about them everyday and I feel hopeless. I feel no lawyer is going to take my case because I have waited so long. I feel that no lawyer or judge will understand me. I wonder if it is Gods will that I see my kids. God promises alot of great things, yet I feel for some reason I am not receiving them and I don’t know what to do. I only feel the Holy Spirit sometimes and I know if I felt it all the time that I would feel better. I read in the bible that the Spirit of God is power, love and sound mind. I want to operate in these things. I have the Holy Spirit, I know I do, because I can feel him in my heart and I believe it is what keeps me going to God for the last years. I feel I have Spiritual confusion. The doctors say I am bi polar, but I really think that I am confused about God. My insides doubt, I believe I cut myself down..and It is hard to see the greatness of Gods love. I have had more good times than bad. I know that God has a better life for me. But I wonder, what is holding me back? Why am I not living in his peace and fufillment? Why am I not exsperienceing his love and wonderfullness. I pray alot, I pray everyday. I want to serve God and live for him, yet I am stuck feeling hopeless, confused, fearful, angry. I wonder, have I given my life to the Lord compltely? I search for all the answers in church, on t.v.. on internet..but I have no idea the answers. I have lived this way for about 6 years now. I used drugs in 2004 when I was high on meth, I received a vision of Jesus dying on the cross, out of nowhere, it was so intense I started crying. A few days later or so I received fire and spiritual feelings in my body. I had not heard of these things, I did not know it was God…I have been in a confusion every since. Now, I know that the Spirit is God…Yet, I am so confused. I wonder, how do I get out of this confusion. Why am I under so much confustion..I feel a big breakthrough comming every day like its gonna be here any second.. I really want to know all the truth about God and know him very well so that I can tell others! I want that really bad. I wonder, why don’t I have it… I pray so much. I pray so hard. I send prayer request to alot of ministries… I feel like I am going to make a difference in this world, yet there is so much holding me back. I know Gods love can change me. I know having a relationship would change me. I wait for him to come to me and cover me in his love so I can see who he is, so I can trust him and know him. But he has not done this yet. I wonder Can’t God do anything? Why hasn’t he done this. Do I not have the faith to receive his blessings? Am I not ready to receieve his love yet? Is he holding out on me so I can learn what I need to learn? Surely he is better than that.. I am having troubles fully believeing the bible. I have troubles trusting people to teach me about God. There is alot more inside me. Please pray alot for me. Please have everyone you know to pray for me. I really need alot of support. I really need alot of support. Please be the prayer warrior that I need. I am very needy of Gods people to pray for me. Please do me a favor and pray for me alot. Please, I really want to live a good life and serve God. People really need it. Please, I need a more loving heart. I need more kindness. I need more of God and every good thing that he has..Quickly. because I am hurting and I see alot of hurting people and I only want to speak his words. Also I just found out 2 days ago, I am 28 yrs old and have psoriasis! Please pray blessing and annointing over me. Pray that I will be treated with respect, honor by human kind so I can quit being upset. Pray that I will see God working in all those that I pray for! I have many many burdens that I feel I am carrying and I pray and desire to be free from them all. This is a call, I am reaching out to all the believers around the world. Pray for me every prayer you know. I am unsure why all the bad things keep happening and such, please keep praying for me! I have way more needs than I have mentioned! It keeps feeling like there is something between me and God. Yet, at the same time I am so close to God, I am getting closer everyday. Seems like everytime he has me feeling good then someone wrecks my mood or I get internal negative thoughts, it really seems like there is a force between God and I. Please pray.

  4. Jim Says:

    My family and I have been under attack financially and legally for a long time, and we especially need a “David vs. Goliath” victory in an indictment that I was dragged into. We are specifically praying that:

    • The Lord would be with us in our battles (1 John 5:4-5)

    • No weapon turned against us will succeed, and we will silence every voice raised up to accuse us (Isaiah 54:17)

    • That we would have amble provision (Ezekiel 34:26)

    Please join with us in claiming my dismissal from this case.

    Thank you and may the Lord bless you!


  5. susan Says:

    Betty S……severe pain in her back from misaligned vertebrae.

    Ruth K….stage 3 stomach cancer.

  6. Henry Fields Says:

    I thank God in advance that the legal situation I’m battling through is already worked out in my favor through His grace and by my faith in the power of His matchless Name. I speak those things that are not as though they were. I thank Him for being my Lawyer, my Counselor, for giving me joy unspeakable, and peace that passeth all understanding.

    I also thank God for giving my lawyer, Michael Leader, spiritual wisdom and insight in the natural, so that he may best represent my situation. In the precious name of Jesus.

    Thank you for agreeing with me prayer partners!

    Henry G Fields III

  7. Carla Lamb Says:

    Please pray for my fiance Kenneth. He has complications with gallstoness and liver failure, and a very high temperature along with cellulitis. Please pray for his temperature to subside, and his pain to cease so he may join this Labor Day weekend with his family and his special grandchildren.

    Love in Christ,

  8. Ed D. Kleiman Says:

    Please pray for Ed Kleiman’s time in Libby, MT from Sept. 4th through 11th. Pray for his preaching at Faith Bible Church on Sept. 5th and for his time teaching new missionary students at International Messengers Training Center on the subject of Prayer Sept.6th through 10th, and other things. Pray for a great outpouring, illuminating, convicting, saving, and transforming work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all.

    Pray also for Ed’s teaching on Prayer at Fellowship Bible Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota Sept. 16th through 19th., including addressing pastors and leaders on the 16th. Pray for a great supernatural outpouring and working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all. Pray that God would grant an all consuming passion for the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things, and that the advancement of Christ’s kingdom in and through prayer would then naturally flow from that.

    Your prayers for these people you’ve never met, will show themselves answered in heaven. Remember the words of the great preacher Charles Spurgeon who said, “We should pray when we are in a praying mood, for it would be sinful to neglect so great an opportunity. We should pray when we are not in a proper mood, for it would be dangerous to remain in so unhealthy a condition.”
    Remember, in this battle, and all of the Christian life, we advance on our knees!
    Ed D. Kleiman
    Small Cloud Ministries

  9. Beth and Diane Says:

    Please pray that our dear Mom Maxine is completely healed of cancer and never has it again!

  10. Mary Says:

    Please pray for the salvation of Nathan Eric. He is lost and got involved with a woman that claims to be a Christian. She wants him to get involved in a group orgy and when he said no, she threw a fit and threatened him. She then text me and told and wanted me to be on her side because I use to date him. I refused and texted him and told him all that she said. Please pray a hedge of protection around him in the name of Jesus. He is a good man, just lost and confused and the Lord wants him back in the kingdom

  11. Mary Ann Says:

    Please pray for salvation for Eric

  12. Henry Fields Says:

    I thank God in advance that the legal situations I’m battling through are already worked out in my favor through His grace and by the power in His matchless Name. I thank Him for being my Lawyer, my Counselor, for joy unspeakable, and for giving me peace that passeth all understanding.

    I also thank God for giving my lawyer, Michael Leader, spiritual wisdom and insight, so that he may best represent me in the natural. In the precious name of Jesus.

    Thank you for agreeing with me prayer partners!
    Henry G Fields III

  13. Geri Says:

    I lost my job in 2007 I ‘ve almost spent all of my retirement. I need employment and I need peace. I am surporting 3 children alone. My ex howes me money and the court has not released it. Please pray that Gods hand will release the money and he will help me find employment. God Bless Amen.

  14. josephh francis Says:

    financial blessings

  15. sheila Says:


  16. Ron Says:

    My health gets worse. The immunity of my body is poor. I suffer from the chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and allergic rhinitis. And I suffer insomnia and can’t sleep well, so I always wake up late and always cannot be punctual to go to work. And it is easy for me to forget some affairs. I am also overweighted 15 kg. Please ask God to heal me and help me to slim down.

  17. annette payne Says:

    please pray for my oldest son who addicted to prescription drugs. i believe GOD has a call on his life.




  19. susan Says:

    Tina, age 47, has upcoming gall bladder surgery scheduled for May 4 (not laproscopic). Drs. are hesitate to take her case due to prior surgeries and car accident that injured her back making her unable to work.

    Please pray for mercy and supernatural favor….that God will guide the hands of the surgeons….that God will give them the Mind of Christ concerning all that needs to be done as He glorifies Himself in her healing and recovery. Please pray as well for divine connections and divine appointments in the medical field that will open doors for her to find the compassion/assistance/provision needed for her other needs.

  20. Barbara Says:

    Please pray for healing of my wonderful husband of almost 30 years. He has gastric cancer and today we should find out if it has spread to his liver. He has been through so much and has handled it so bravely. Thank you for your prayers and God bless all of you.

  21. Faith Says:

    Please pray for me. I am in an extramarital relationship and I want out of it. I want to be released from sexual bondage too to this person. I have been a christian for 24 years now and this sin is killing me and my relationship with God. I’m so miserable. I never thought it could happen to me but here I am.

  22. Henry G Fields III Says:

    I thank God in advance that the legal situation I’m battling through is already worked out in my favor through His grace and by the power in His matchless Name. I thank Him for being my Lawyer, my Counsel, for joy unspeakable, and for giving me peace that passeth all understanding. I also thank God for giving my lawyer, Michael Leader, spiritual wisdom and insight, so that he may best represent me in the natural. In the precious name of Jesus.

    Thank you for agreeing with me prayer partners!
    Henry G Fields III

  23. cauzenne Says:

    Please agree with me for my daughter’s full-time job. She is a Christian, but needs a stronger walker with our Lord. She has been on interviews and is standing in faith that God will open a door and touch the hearts of employers in her behalf.God bless all the intercessors!

  24. Vernae Says:

    I pray for peace and understanding in my home. My children, husband adn siblings are just going in every direction and I want us to come together in harmony and love. In addition, I just received approal for loan modification for my home, however now we have extensive roof damage and our insurance will only pay for half of that amount needed. In addition, the careers of many teachers here in Florida are in jeapordy due to the passing of a Bill which will eliminate incentive pay if students to not perform at satisfactory levels. I am depressed, I am financially strapped, and I feel as if my family’s needs are so great that I cannot continue to support them. Please pray for me. In Jesus name, grant me a peace that surpasses all understanding.

  25. Vivian Says:

    Please pray for my nephew Tad. He is in intensive care fighting for his life. He overdosed on OXYCONTIN -(oxycodone hydrochloride) on the streets Sunday night. He shoots it into his veins intravenously. My sister and her ex-husband wouldn’t let him come home Sunday night for the first time. He had been stealing everything he could get his hands on to pay the drug dealers. He is 20 years old. They’ve needed to place him in a drug rehabilitation home like (Teen Challenge) for quite some time but my sister’s ex-husband hasn’t been able to see this yet.

  26. Victoria Says:

    Please pray that I will find gainful employment soon. I have been searching for nearly two years and have gotten interviews, but nothing has turned into a job offer. Please pray that someone will see my potential and hire me so that I can use the skills God has given me, help people with my work and be independent/provide for myself. I also ask for help in overcoming the discouragement I feel from being rejected both professionally and personally. Thank you.

  27. Rita Says:

    Please pray that the Lord will heal my body, give me victory in my relationships and most importantly right now, that He will perform a miracle in my finances!

  28. Henry Fields Says:

    I thank God in advance that the legal situation I’m battling through is already worked out in my favor through His grace and by the power in His matchless Name. I thank Him for being my Lawyer, my Counsel, joy unspeakable, and for giving me peace that passeth all understanding. I also thank God for giving my lawyer, Michael Leader, spiritual wisdom and insight in the natural, so that he may best represent me. In the precious name of Jesus.

    Thank you for agreeing with me prayer partners!

    Henry G Fields III

  29. Nita Renfrow Says:

    Please pray for me and my young son Kris. We want so much to move to Oxford Ohio so that my son can pursue school there and his sport of hockey, we need money to do so other wise we will have to drive the long commute which also costs alot of money.

    Please pray with me that our Lord will provdie for us as I have been praying a long time and am hoping that God will answer me I am fearful even though, I try very hard to trust God. I’m broke and constantly tyring to find money for gas and etc help me end my struggle– God please answer me with help Amen.

  30. vera Says:

    please pray for my son Tyron, he is backed up against the wall. He has burned his bridges. He has so much hate for many people. He has been thru so much and he trust no one. He is a alcoholic. please pray for his salvation.

  31. gloria Says:

    Pray for sam c., karen f., linda l., tonya b., hazel n., zina g., walter g., lisa d., ginger, jewel p., Make Jesus lord over their life with every decision that they make. and to walk in the spirit that they would not fufill th lust of the flesh.

  32. d Says:

    please may i hear good news from the state about my ait application next week and also to hear gooe news about a mentor for the ait program in a facility that is close to me i pray in Jesus name i pray amen.

  33. D Lynn Says:

    I am in need of $280.00 before Monday, March 29, 2010 to avoid being evicted from my apartment.

  34. Norma Says:

    Please pray that my 13 year old daughter, Amanda, come back home to me. My dad fell ill in August with lung cancer and I left town to be with him and my mother for a few months. Because school had just started, I left my daughter in the hands of her ungrateful father and he took me to court requesting for custody and child support. The judge ordered joint custody and NO child support at that time due to family crises. My dad recently passed away and my ex is now wanting to take me back to court/mediation for the same thing.

  35. woman in need Says:

    Due to financial hardship I’ve been living with my boyfriend for the past few years. We recently just found out that I’m pregnant and he is pressuring me to have an abortion. However, I am unsure if I want to have the abortion. Part of me wants to because of how selfish, disrespectful, and untrustworthy (not sure if he is faithful) my boyfriend can be. Ever since I’ve moved to New York, I went from being a good Teacher to suffering more and more in the depths of poverty due to unstable employment. I am worried about not being able to provide for the child because most of the time, I do not even have my own basic necessities. I also suffer greatly from depression due to the circumstances of the relationship with my boyfriend and the deep poverty. Despite all these factors, a part of me wants my unborn child to live. Please pray for me that I make the right decision and for healing in the relationship with my boyfriend. Also that he (my boyfriend) may desire to live a godly life. Thanks.

    • info Says:

      Aren’t you glad that your mom didn’t choose to have an abortion. Killing a child is wrong!!! Abortion is a selfish act.

  36. F. Billingslea Says:

    Please pray that I recieve a financial blessing/miracle very soon, and that my family and I have the Lord’s divine intervention, favor, wisdom and protection in every area of our lives. Also that I have success and prosperity and more publications this year and that I have success with my book.
    Thank you,
    F. Billingslea

  37. Theresa Says:

    I need much prayer, please! The mortgage company wants $30,000, that we don’t have, in order for us to keep our home. Please pray for a financial blessing or that someone will help us to get a loan modification or help us to refinance. We are now in the situation to make monthly payments, but they won’t let us because we fell too far behind. God is the only one that can bring us out of this. Thank you. God bless you all.

  38. Cheryl Says:

    I desire prayer for my son Gerald. He has been falsely charged with Home Invasion/starking charges. Now the girldfriend is trying to correct the charges that carry 75 to life. We desire prayer in this matter and we forgive Wanda just as Christ forgave us. Matt.18:19

  39. JL Says:

    Please pray for me not to lose my job. Please pray that God will meet my financial needs. Please pray that I will be at peace and be able to be kind and forgiving towards the coworkers (I thought were friends) who have turned on me.

  40. DANIELLE Says:


  41. Gloria Ramos Says:

    i need prayers for my finance and my children,my husband

  42. Judy Says:

    INTENSE prayers are needed for my friend in Iraq. He has been there for three years, and has never requested intense prayers. He hasn’t said why, so, of course, all kinds of things go through my mind. I am his intercessor, and I stand in the gap for him. He’s due to go home in less than two weeks. May God wrap His angel’s wings around him, embrace him, keep him and his family safe. Oh Lord, this man is a pastor, retired Army officer, and foreign service officer. He has given his all in following God’s plan for him. PLEASE join me in lifting him up in prayer. May God bless you richly for your help.

  43. gloria Says:

    Pray for peace with god and Fellow man for Pat cohen and tonya Benson ,Hazel norman and Karen folkes, zina Gaines . to let go of what god wants to have control of in their lives.

  44. BECKY Says:

    Prayer for a sick friend… she is recovering from hip surgery and has a very difficult time during first and second surgerys; she is a recovering addict (more than 12 years sober); she is relying on sciptures and prayer for recovery. She is experiencing a lot of pain and complications and she is despairing of ever feeling good again. Please pray for God’s healing hand to move across her body and give her peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Thank you

  45. gloria Says:

    that grace and mercy be extened unto me by my cooworker and that confidentally be restored among the saint from the least to the greater at Honewell in greer s.c.

  46. Cindy & Aaron Says:

    I ask for prayers for the relationship of Cindy & Aaron. I ask that all obstacles are removed and that they are delivered to their highest love for each other. I ask that they learn to trust God and each other more. I ask that the plans for their marriage and home go ahead. I ask for Aaron’s renewed interest in their life together. I ask for their union to be blessed with children. Please bring them to deep love and a big life together. AMEN.

  47. Danielle Says:

    I’m sorry. I know I checked a lot but I have been through so much since 2008. I will go one by one.

    I had my son at 19yrs old he is now 15 yrs old. His father has been non existent in his life by his own choice. My son is struggling in high school. His grades are suffering. I worry that he will become a teenage father and not go to college. HE IS NOT HAVING SEX and isn’t into girls like that it is just a fear that I have. My prayer is that he pulls his grades up and becomes and good student, makes better choices, and gets with a good group of friends. I also pray he makes into college.

    I get discouraged because of all the wrongs I have done in my life and feel like God gets tired of me starting over again and asking for forgiveness. Help me to stop being discouraged because I don’t have a job, car, or my own place right now. Keep me encouraged.

    I have a lot of dreams and goals. I really want to finish college once and for all and I am considering going back to school but I don’t have the money right now. I need direction as to what career path, job, school I should do. I just need direction as to what I am supposed to do in my life at 34.

    I have been unemployed since October of 2008. I get unemployment but that will run out in 3 weeks. In all this time I have not gotten a call for an interview. I pray that I get a job making more that what I was previously making. I also pray my new job has room for growth and I get an understanding boss.

    I pray to get out of debt, to purchase a home and car and pay for my sons college.

    I tend to hold grudges. I want to release things and move on with my life.

    I pray for a good relationship with my son. I also pray that I meet new people to have friendships with that won’t stab me in the back and aren’t jealous of me. I also pray that I can have a relationship with the man I love to turn into something serious if that is what God wants for me and he is delivered from his issues.

    Thank you.

  48. Says:

    Please pray for me as I am going through a severe depression and anxiety attacks. I have been feeling extremely suicidal. Please pray that the Lord will deliver me quickly in Jesus name.

  49. child of God Says:

    Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus. I Pray that you bless all these people that have posted prayers for different needs in their life. Father I pray that you touch,heal, deliver and bless each and every person and family represented on these posts. Father you know what they have need of and I Thank you and Praise you for having mercy on them, loving them and answering their prayers in Jesus name Amen!

  50. Leah Says:

    Please pray for me to get a job from a well pay organization. God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.

  51. Eunice Says:

    I have fibroid and i need prayer that avail much for God himself to operate and remove them. i have read of the many testimonies about the power of God to heal and i believe He will do the same to me as well. God richly bless you for the good work you are doing with your team.

  52. Eunice Says:

    I need prayer for my mum and brothers who are drunkards that the power of drankardness shall leave our family because it is disrupting the peace of the family. Also pray for them to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Thanks and God bless.

  53. Eunice Says:

    Please pray for me to get a life partner. My single life has been a reproach to the church of christ in my community.

  54. manuel Says:

    I would like to ask for intercession on our behalf. You see my brother Martin and I are each going through problems in our marriages. He has been married to his wife Betty Jean for about 10 years. I have been married to my wife Maria for 15 years.
    Both of our wives have committed adultery and are not with with us. Both my brother and I love our wives. We realize the sins and mistakes we did in our marriages. We have truly repented. We both have asked God for forgiveness.
    This is some kind of curse.
    Our grandmother left our grandfather with 9 children, back in the day. She left with another man. Now that same spirit-curse is affecting our lives. We would like to ask for help in prayer for our wives, our children and our selves. My brother has 1 girl and I have three girls. I realize you probably have many other requests. But If at all possible, please send our request to all prayer warriors in your network. It is ok to mention our names. We desire so much to see the spirit of adultery, divorce, separation, and all other spirits affecting our lives permanently destroyed. We desire to have love, joy, peace, forgiveness towards our wives and them towards us and also for our children. A new heart for us, our wives and our children.
    Both my brother and I have been called in to the ministry. I as pastor . He has been called to minister. We both believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are born again Christians. We desire to see our wives reconciled to God and to us. Our children are suffering because of all this. I plead with you brothers and sisters help us by interceding. We so much need the help of God in prayer. Neither he nor I want to divorce our wives. We love our wives and children. Can you command a hedge to be put around our wives. Please.
    I recently read that if an elder, pastor or person with authority prays the Hedge of Thorns Prayer, it is more effective. I know you are brothers and sisters with authority. I know God will hear us Matthew 18:19-20. Thank you in the Name of Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb. We agree with the statement of faith on you website, that is why we are asking for intercession on our behalf to God Almighty. We both are praying daily. We just need help. Also please pray for a hedge of protection over us and our children.
    Thank you again.Matthew 18:19-20.
    Please pray that a miracle occur today as stated on your website. Thank you.
    Martin and Betty Jean H and baby Katie.
    Manuel and Maria H and three girls Ashley, Anais, Elizabeth

    • info Says:

      Manuel anyone who prays a prayer in FAITH know that God hears them. When God hears us then we know that we have the petitions that we ask for. We do not believe that an elder or a pastor has anymore authority then anyone else who prays in faith. We would pray for a Hedge of Protection around them and we bind their minds to the Mind of Christ, their feet to the path that God has chosen for them.

  55. gloria Says:

    Pray that I speak the truth in love and those people in my life recieve the true love that god have for them and that I not operate in the spirit of fear and intimidation . I the spirit of faith and love. Hesad- agape. and that my love ones forgive me for operating in the spirit of error.

  56. gloria Says:

    Please pray for karen and tonya to be delivered from a fearful heart and that the both allow Jesus to fill ther heart with faith and love

  57. gloria Says:

    My self fro deliverance from depression and oppressiveness and to yelid to the holy spirit. total deliverance.

  58. gloria Says:

    Please pray for wendy ,melandie, linda karen, pat and sam that they would be delived for addictive behavior.

  59. Naomi Says:

    Sister in law has been diagnose with cancer and really needs your prayers.
    Family matters in my home need intervention from God.
    Need help with finances.
    Thank you for all your prayers.

  60. pat lucas Says:

    Please pray for my son, he just got a lymphoma biopsy. I am praying his test would come out negative. Thank you.

  61. Yvonne Says:

    My husband Paul is sneaking, purchasing and viewing seductive movies, when he is at home and I am at work. I pray that he would realize what this is doing to his faith and marriage and not turn toward me in anger.

  62. Denise Says:

    please pray for me and my son. coming out of an abusive relationship and we have both been damaged because of his evil ways. his evil words, the lies and cheating, fear he has invoked on us. All in the name of christ per him. Any way we need healing and restoration and peace. And for me and my son to get back to christ the way it is suppose to be!For him and i to be in unity, his will and healing between the two of us. Thank you

  63. Arlandrew Says:

    I have a Issue that i need prayer ,will you pray for me .bring out and give peace back in my HOME .Also pray for my wife to be healed of the migraines that are attacking her . EMPLOYMENT and FINANCIAL THANk you prayer for me

  64. Deloris Says:

    Please pray.

    Have been unemployed for almost two years. Need doors to open in my favor and career direction. Also, my daughter graduates this year and needs college direction where the favor of God is. This will be her first time away from home.

    Thank you and God bless.

  65. Deloris Says:

    Please pray.

    My fiance, Peter, and I have parted. Our relationship is under attach, he has backslid. We truly love one another but the enemy is attaking us. He is being distracted by satan and his craftiness. His soul is at stack. I am devasted, heartbroken and need a miracle! He is a good man and I don’t want to loose him. Whatever it takes to reconcile us then I want the will of God done to save our destiny together and the future of our children. My children love Peter very much!

    Thank you.

  66. Susie Says:

    Please join me in prayer for Stephanie Moore, a young mother of 3, who is nearing the end of chemotherapy following surgery for colorectal cancer. Thank you.

  67. Michelle Says:

    Please pray for my finances and my business. My business is not doing well and neither are my finanaces. I am in desperate need. Please pray that God will send more work my way and that my needs will be met. Thank you.

  68. Ameenah Says:

    Restored marriage,love in our home, peace in our hearts, spiritual growth happiness, togetherness, oneness, harmony. i love u lord. i lift up mine eyes and keep them on you.

  69. Ameenah Says:

    I m a child of God. I pray and confess the word of God over my marriage, over my husband, over our finances, over our lives together. We were married on September 18, 2009. I was in the critical care internship program and had 3 months to go. My husband is in the military and we were apart for three months until I completed my internship. We finally live together as one and it seems in the flesh that our marriage and relationship is falling apart. He will b deploying to Afghanistan on April 15-20. I confess the word of God over my marriage over our relationship over everything going on in our lives. I can not do this alone, I need intecessory prayer. The Bible says when two or more are gathered, he is there. I am believing God for a restored marriage a happy marriage, communication, joy, peace, love in our lives to love one another and be and stay in love. I m praying for employment as a registered nurse. I m praying for the custody of my granddaughter in the name of Jesus, help me to pray. Thank you and God bless u.

  70. Sheri Says:

    Please pray for my husband & me. We have been married for 27 years and I love this man very much. I recently found out he is having an emotional affair with a lady he used to work with. He says he doesn’t love me anymore but I don’t believe him. I think he is going thru a mid life crisis and having a girlfriend makes him feel young again. Please pray with me that he will lose interest in this woman and return home to his family. Pray also that he will see the pain and devastation this is causing his family. Pray also that this woman will lose interest in him and she will also see the pain this is causing to so many people including her children. Pray she will return to her family.

  71. tracy jefferson Says:

    Blessings please pray i need a miracle and GOD is the miracle worker i have been praying for salvation for my husband Percy he has a drug, alchol, fornication problem and we recieved a check from the irs and it only had his name on it but i deposited it and put it in our bank account and paid all the bills bought furniture for our house and food things we needed for the house and he has callled the irs on me and they have froze all bank account and talking my money i have nothing and they are gona send him another check i really need prayer and a miracle from the LORD.
    New Orleans, La.

  72. Sheri and Glenn Says:

    We are a husband and wife currently living in two seperate states. We need our house in Kenilworth, NJ to sell quickly so we can move to a different home large enough to accomodate us. Please pray for God to send a buyer for the Kenilworth, NJ home fast! We have to move before school starts again.

  73. Valerie Says:

    My husband Pete has a interview this Thursday at 1pm. He has been unemployed for over a year. We have prayed for a position like this to come up and it finally did. Please consume him during his interview and let him SHINE. Take over his mind, body & soul to reflect the perfect candidate for this position – resulting with a job offer.

    To many, our family has experienced bad luck after bad luck. But we do not see it this way. The past year has brought our family closer, healthier and happier. We are blessed!

    The Mazzola Family

  74. Susan Says:

    Annie’s test revealed cancer in the iliac bone of the pelvis. She starts radiation on Monday the 22nd; please pray that God will isolate all cancer to this one spot; that the radiation will destroy all the cancer cells and God will shield her skin around the spot from being burned by the radiation according to Jeremiah 33:3. This will be Annie’s 4th occurrence/treatment with cancer in the last 25 yrs.

    • info Says:

      Get a copy of Henry Wright’s book “A More Excellent Way”. Cancer is caused by a spiritual problem and some unresloved issues in Annie. We encourage her to study to find out her best course of action.

  75. Debbie Says:

    Please pray for our family. We both lost our jobs in October and have not yet found jobs. Also, my marriage is suffering greatly. After 16 years of marriage, and problems that I could not quite put a finger on, it has become clear that my husband has a sever case of codependency. Please pray that we can become healthy individuals so that we can have an appropriate and healthy marriage. I have three young daughters.

  76. Vivian Says:

    Please pray for my son Vince age 45 that he will be set free of alcohol and cocaine addictions this night.
    Vince went on drinking bing these past two days. He smelled like alcohol as he sat by me watching his son Joe 16 play basketball.
    Vince has gotten DWA’s twice that I know of. Please pray that the Lord comes to him in a dream or how ever the Lord desires; to talk to Vince about how he’s destroying his life little by little, each time he drinks or snorts that terrible stuff.
    Vince is a single father of two children Joe 16 and Brianna 10 who need his love and support.
    I pray daily that Vince be set free of these addictions.
    Please pray also for him.
    Yhank you,

  77. Anthony Says:

    Please Pray that GOD may heal my serious Gum and Dental problems
    and all those who have the same problem..Thank you so very much

  78. Carlos Fernandez Jr. Says:

    Prayers for my family and I to be released from worries & anxieties. Prayers for more faith and closeness to God.

  79. MIRIAM Says:

    Please pray for deliverance, guidance, provision, salvation for my son, Levi. Pray for God’s divine intervention in my personal life to bring it in submission to His divine order, plans, and purposes for me.

  80. Valerie Says:

    Please pray for me as I am behind in my bills… My rent is due and I will probably get eviction proceedings on Friday… I have to come up with $750 and don’t know how I will get the money… I have CHF and it is really hard for me to work… I am working parttime at Macy’s and that is not paying all my bills… Please help and pray for me… I don’t know what I will do… I can be reached @… Please help…

  81. Nichelle Says:

    Please help me to pray for the following: my friend La’Kiya. I pray the Lord humbles her and that she becomes saved and receives the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. I also pray that she returns back home safely with her mother. I pray that the Lord blesses Milton with a job, and that he keeps it so that he maybe able to take care and support his family. For Ishyra(EYE-shy-ra) that the Lord blesses and enriches her spiritually and financially. To stay focused while in college and pass my classes. And for additional financial aidThanks for your prayer and support!!!!!

    Thank you!

  82. Valerie Says:

    Prayers that my first day of work goes well. Also pray that my husband Pete will find a stable and lucrative position very soon. We’ve both have been unemployed for many months now.

    However, during these trying times, we have found peace with one another and within God.

    The Mazzola Family

  83. James Harrison Says:

    i pray to find my Oneness.I pray that i may fully understand the Transfiguration.I also pray with the Wisdom and Knowledge that the Lord has Blessed me with,will plant many good seeds to help the community grow and prosper with good fruit.i pray that i may fully be,a walking,talking,breathing,sleep-dreaming,Spirited-Christ in Mind,Body,Soul,Heart and Spirit.I pray in Jesus’s name.Amen
    Thank you,I hope that You Maybe share the same affection and personal devotion and Love that I Have.Afterall Heaven is Open.All you gotta do is Pray.See You in the Clouds

  84. Carla Lamb Says:

    Please pray for a “positive” job change for me very quickly in Houston.

    I love your site and we appreciate all that you do.

    God Bless you,

  85. Telinda Says:

    I am requesting this prayer request for my Pastor. His name is Pastor Ken Wooldridge. We have a very small church with a faithful outreach.

    Pastor Ken is in very much need of a car. We need a miracle of $1,500.00 for an engine or, another car. He has found someone that will install the engine for free. The car is faithfully used for the ministry and, to go to work. Within a week, both his car and his wife’s car stopped.

    I am asking your prayers that God will quickly provide for Pastor Ken.

    I can truly testify about his ministry as I am one who found salvation through his outreach. This is one man who is truly obedient unto God.

    I have found only the truth of God under his ministry. Please help with your prayers and provision in Jesus mighty name. Nothing will be abused but, used mightly to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for receiving this prayer request,

    Telinda Thomas

  86. Michella Says:

    I am 17 weeks pregnant and facing complications while carrying my daughter. I am asking that God watch over she and I and that He help me to remember that I am not alone and that he walks before me in this frightening time.

  87. Richard Says:

    I am so weak with despair and falling apart. How can this marriage be saved?
    She wants a divorce.
    I have made my mistakes…. She had every opportunity to stop the marriage right up to the vows. She says it was all a mistake.
    Will it be restored? Will there be a miracle?
    I have prayed and sent out so many online prayers I am set to give up.

  88. Melissa Says:

    Hi! My name is Melissa. Please pray for favor as my unemployment is being reviewed for a second time. It was denied intially. I have appealed for reconsideration. I ended my job with my former employer and need this benefit (unemployment payments). Thank you and God bless

  89. Jan Puckett Says:

    That I would be completed healed from a kidney stone and infection
    and blood clot and fluid in lungs…go to doctor…praying by his help and
    the Lords’ I will be healed and restore back to health…this has been going
    on since 6mos…thank you…Jan

  90. Anna Marie Says:

    Please please pray for me my husband the other woman her children and my children. My husband left our family after 22 years of marriage and is calling this woman his wife. Its been 3 years and I still love my husband and want him to come back home. I’ve hoped and pray for 3 years that God would rebuild our marriage on the solid ground of Jesus Christ. But Iam starting to loose hope and faith that this is what God wants for us. Pray for God to reveal to me wheater he wants us to divorce or not, And that he will reveal it to me in a way that I won’t have any doubts that this is what God wants for me and our family. I don’t want a divorce I love my husband and forgive him and Iam willing to do what God wants me to do to save our marriage.

  91. Anna Marie Says:

    I pray that Jehova Rapha would lay his healing hands on Greg. In Jesus name Amen.

  92. Emiliano R. L. Says:

    Please pray that may God deliver me and my family from financial crisis. My loans and debts are increasing. May God provide me the financial need I want.

  93. craig Says:

    May I get wisdom to determine if I stay with my current job or move on.Do I need to change carrer fields or stay where i am at.

  94. S Says:


  95. SB Says:

    please pray for an awakening to9 GOD in the UK which will turn mens hearts back to GOD. Please pray for Gprdon Brown . He is the leader of our government in the UK and has asked the church to awaken come out of retirement and help him.
    Please pray for Hugh ODgood the leader of the churches in london and jonathan olayedu . that each of these people will raise up prayer over london for the elections of the givernment Jesus wants .

  96. stn Says:

    Complete and total healing for my son. Never again he will see or hear things that is not from the Lord. Eliminate all the symptoms smile without reason, stiffness, fear, weakness, and blocking. Give him rest, peace, protection, and a tender heart. Cover him with the blood of Jesus and fill him with the Holy Spirit. Let him undestand his position as the child of God. Give him wisdom to choose his new school. Give the family rest, peace, protection, and wisdom to make decision. Restoration in the family and thank God for the improvement in the process of total healing for my son.

  97. Betty Gillespie Says:

    Please pray for me:

    I am a Christian, I have smoked most of my life and can’t seem to break this habit and it is grieving my soul. It has a strong hold on me, I keep trying and failing. I know that only God can break this strong hold because My flesh is weak.
    I am very sick with many health complications. I have no income and have been waiting for help from SSI but have not received it.
    From my heart I have prayed and believed in prayer with all my heart and have a lot of faith. I need a break through in my life. Want to be able to be a better child of God but cant seem to get passed this problem. It has stolen my Joy please pray for me for God to help me.

    Betty Gillespie


    PLEASE PRAY fro my Mother Vivian Favors. My mother is a beautiful woman who has always at the drop of the hat been their for family friends and strangers. Now that she is not geeting that back. My mother had surgery in october 08 to remove tumors from her head, she came threw and went to recover/reabilitation where she came across a female that comes to rooms every morning to clean an patients doing on of my visits to NY i stayed in her room and i had the chance to see that female. My mom told me after she was release from theat hospital what happen …she aske the women one morning why was she so mean to her the women trew a basket in her face when she asked her. (this is what she has gone threw) The tumors return during the spring of 2009 in september/ocgtober my mom went threw radiation for 31 days she finished in October. this week my mom told me when I called her that there is another bumb on her head. PLEAASE PRAY FOR HER MY MOM has two children me and my brother and we both are in Savannah GA she is in NY with my stepfather no additional family live there. Pray

  99. Greg Lopez Says:

    Greg Lopez needs prayer. His lungs are shutting down. Please pray that he will be in full recovery. He is a barber and he did hair for so long that particles got into his lungs. They did surgery on him and now the doctors say he is taking a turn for the worst.

  100. Beth and Diane Says:

    Urgent Prayer Request for Diane’s Medical Test

    Please pray that there be nothing wrong with Diane. Please pray fervently that her ultrasound medical test show no problems. Please pray for peace of mind and assurance that nothing is wrong.

    Thank you,
    Beth, Diane

  101. d Says:

    father may my former boss c.g not say anything negative about me to anybody. anytime he wants to say something bad may only good things and words about me flow from his mouth in jesus name i pray. amen.

  102. Connie Says:

    my life is in shambles right now. I got diagnosed with stage IV cancer and everything went down from there. After about a year and a half of battling this thing with me my husband and I seperated. We have been living 1,000 miles apart and have not seen eachother in almost a year now. He is involved with another woman and refuse to do anything to try to make the marriage work. I still love him and am willing to try to make things work, but it takes two. I try to be strong, but it is hard sometimes. Pray that God would remove all hinderances to our reconciliation, remove all bitterness and anger and open the door for us to work it out. The Bible says God hates divorce. I want my life back in every way the devil has robbed me. Please pray for my husband and I.

  103. Marilynn Says:

    Please pray a prayer of assistance and support for my son, Daniel, who is experiencing a very difficult struggle. Please pray that he turns his life unto God completely and fully very, very soon. Also I would appreciate, if possible, a prayer of support for the new job that I am starting that is very difficult for me.

    Thank you all.
    May God shower you with His love, protection, and mercy.

  104. nanna Says:


  105. Marcy Says:

    Please agree with me that my daughter returns to church rededicates her life to Jesus . Please pray she has a life changing encounter with Jesus.

  106. Leesa Says:

    My father is sick and suffering for the past many months now, with leukemia and advancing dementia. He cries all the time and begs the Lord to take him and relieve him from his suffering. Sometimes he screams out loud for God to just kill him. This is heartbreaking. He spends so much time in the hospital and has had to go through so many painful ordeals. He’s tired in body and in spirit.

    I used to pray for God to heal him, but given his age and the fact that he’s ready to meet the Lord, I just pray now that God will let him go to sleep and awaken in heaven. I don’t want it to be said that God turned a deaf ear to Daddy’s cries. We have unsaved loved ones who need to see God’s hand as much as Daddy needs it.

    Please agree with me for God’s mercy toward my Dad. He’s been a Christian his whole life, and I ask that God reward his faithfulness by stopping his suffering soon. I’m coupling my prayers with fasting and I ask that others will agree with me in prayer for an immediate breakthrough. I can’t stress how urgent this is. Thank you for caring.

  107. James Says:

    I need immediate financial help. Please pray for me. I want to immediately be free from debt. I want all of my credit card debts, and other debts completely wiped out right away. I am doing all that I can but I need a miracle from God. I’m a tithe payer and I love the Lord. I made many financial blunders and I believe that if God would deliver me now that I will glorify His name. I don’t want bankruptcy or anything related. I just want to pay all of the debts off. I’m willing to follow God’s directions as He directs. Thank you for praying for me.


  108. Challenger Says:

    Please pray for me total healing. I have felt different since asking others for these prayer requests. Pray for funding for a house and extra money for gas and food. Pray that Jesus will forgive me of my sins. Get tired of being disabled. Pray for JoAnne as she broke her hip helping another. Pray that her and I will be able to get along. Also pray for my tiredness to go away.

  109. Janice Says:

    Please keep all of the people in Haiti in your prayers–Also, please pray that GOD would touch my spine and feet, as I, live in daily pain—In the blessed name of Christ Jesus, the name that is above all others, I, pray–Amen

  110. Susan Says:

    Please pray for my husband to be delivered from serious drug use. Please pray for his repentance and for all of the strongholds from an abusive family to be removed so that he can come to terms with the lies that lead him to want to escape, rather than to face problems. He had a wonderful salvation experience 2 1/2 yrs. ago and went on to serve God, to tithe regularly, to witness, etc. but there were things that still hadn’t gotten revealed or redeemed that kept him pulled down. Please pray for me too because this week has been so hard. There is a battle going on for my husband and I want God to have the victory.

  111. Geri Says:

    My ex-husband molested my daughter and stole thousands from me and his three children. I am going to court. please pray that God will judge him and punish him for what he has done and that I get the money he owes me. Thank You for your prayers.

  112. Sophfronia Tucker Says:

    Thank you so much in advance for your prayers. First I ask your prayers that God would sustain me during this 21 day fast that I’m in. My prayer first and foremost is ti get closer to God, to be anointed by Him and know hi directions for my life. That direction includes wisdom and his plan for WOPF Ministries. Pray that the ministry also obtains it’s 501(c) 3 status this year. I also pray to get out of financial debt and I also need a renter expediently for my home that is in another state. Lastly I’m praying that this will be the year that God send me my mate. I have been inprayer about this for over 25 years and I can’t give up now. I desire a companion that the both of us would be perfect for each other in fulfulling the commission that God has for us. I pray for continued healing as I lost my mother this year and I was so disappointed in this lost but again, I’m still standing. Lastly I pray for my family and friends, especially those that do not know the Lord. Please, please know that this is an earnest prayer request. I’m know sure how I even ended up here, but it must be Gods will. Thanks for your prayers and have a blessed day.

  113. Al Says:

    Please join me in praying for my friend Kevin B. He is 9 months out of a 10 year relationship in which he was very unhappy. He does not wish to go back into the relationship; however, he is struggling with letting go and moving on. He is hanging on to the past and is afraid to move forward. He does not feel that he is able to love or be loved and does not feel that he is worthy of my love. He has shut me out. In love, I am trying to let go and give him the space he needs, but I am afraid of losing him completely.

    Please pray that God would release him from the fear, doubt, and unbelief that has taken control. Pray that God allows the love in his heart to spring forth and that his mind would be healed of any doubts or fear. Pray that God will allow him to accept my love and restore/renew our relationship. Pray that God would move in his heart to open communication between us and stimulate a desire within him to spend time with me again.

    Also, please pray for Kevin’s friend, Rick, who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. I truly believe God will heal Rick and restore his health. The Dr.’s have said it is hopeless but I know that with God all things are possible and that by his stripes we have been healed. This miracle would change the hearts of many and bring Glory to God in a country (Australia) that severely needs to feel His presence.

    Thank you all for your prayers and Thanks be to God for the restoration and healing that he has already provided. His promises are Yes and Amen!
    In Jesus’ Name

  114. Shannon Says:

    Im a victim of ritualized abuse and right now fear for my life and whats going to happen. Please pray God would supernaturally intervene and protect my mind body and spirit and block all the enemies attacks on my life as well as anyone wishing me harm. Please pray God provides a way out so I am not forced into doing something I do not want to do. Please pray a prayer of protection and that God preserves my life. Thank you for praying.

  115. nicholas Says:

    please pray for my husband nicky ,s salvation and to be set free from drugs and the spirit of sucicide and for my two children and myself from the abuse that we have seen . thanks be to our lord ..amenxxx

  116. Michelle Says:

    I am praying for all of you!!! I also pray for peace and the Lord’s guidance, that He will open our spiritual eyes and ears and blessings. Praise God!

  117. Nina Says:

    Please pray for my Aunt’s employee and her 2 children. They, a 20 year old male and 14 year old female went to visit Dad on Christmas and coming home in the evening slid on black ice. The boy is on life support and the girl has to have spleen removed. Dear Jesus let them see and experience Your healing powers.

  118. Kimberly Allstun Says:

    Please pray for me I feel that I am under Sprititual attacks that leave me confused because I am becvomming a believer (I already have GOds spirit in me) and don’t know much abut God and dont have much faith and I am not surrounded by believers like I feel that I need to be! ALTHOUGH I may be weak and don’t know what to do I have you all to pray for me and other churches as well. Please pass this prayer request along so that the enemy will not harm me anymore!1Please pray that me and my boyfriend Jerry can settle our differences in better ways than arguing,accusing and other negative ways. I know that we have what it takes to make it, but due to my past and his past, we both have trust issues and insecurities that we both need to overcome sooner than soon! I don’t know Jerrys exact relationship with the Lord but I don’t believe that he is filled with the Gift of the Holy SPirit so please pray that he will receive that gift from God so that I will no longer be a lonely Christian. so that he and I can worship together and discover this new world together and every new thing that I have discovered through Christ!Pray for our families because they are going through alot of hard times with the law, money, each other and so forth. Pray that my soon to be ex husband will let me see the kids soon and that he will want to settle our differences in a very peaceful manner and not have to go through court and such.I pray that God will make me fertile again. I am asking for a miracle and I know that God is a miracle worker when I ask God to make me able to have babies again even though I got my tubes tied in 20004. Will you please stand in faith with me for I am weak and need strong believers around me, with me, praying with me, rejoicing of my salvation, rejoicing with me. Also pray that I know who I am now in the Lord and what I am supposed to do and who I am supposed to be. I am a new creature and I feel lost because I am not surrounded by belilevers…It is sad because I cannot find believers. Pray for me to find believers and that my boyfriend Jerry will become the believer that I need.. I pray that God will speak to all of our minds his best will for us and that we will all obey and do the best thing! Thank you all for your prayers, they may sound strange to you and the relationship may look hopless but I know the Lord can do anything!

  119. Mary Says:

    Please pray for my husband and I. I paid a good amount of money to a well known Bishop to publish and market a book for me. He did publish the book, I have about 4,500 copies, but he never did the marketing and is not going to. We invested lots of money, now we have none to market with and th book is sitting in my garage. Please pray God work this whole thing out. Also, we owned a business that closed during the economy. We have pastoree a church for over 6 years, and right now we are in the tightest place financially we have ever been in . We need a miracle. My husband struggles with health issues and we have no health care. Please pray for a miracle in our finances. My unemployment is 5 weeks behind. Wehave sown so many financial seeds to others and are tithers. We need a miracle so badly.

  120. Margaret Liggins Says:

    Please pray that I may start the New Year off right with a job……Please pray that I may grow strong in the Lord and that I do the right thing that God wants me to do. i am search and seeking what is my calling from God

  121. Angel Spangler Says:

    anthony had just finally since nov 08 got a place to rent with a roommate and was working again but in nov 09 he starting regressing bc the divorce was suppossed to be final in aug and she stopped it and said she will never divorce him ever…please pray for him to have the strength and courage to leave his abuser of 13 yrs..pray for ppl that cant talk to him and he will listen plse

  122. Angel Spangler Says:

    please pray for anthony vaccaro 34 of fl who is returning to his almost ex..she is holding off the divorce bc she doesnt want the divorce..he left her after 13 yrs and lived in his car for a month to get away..he lost the house, cars and his business..he has nothing..his ex is emailing the family saying they are getting back together..he wont respond to any of the familiy…he is very depressed..he left for ny on his own and we cant reach him..please pray that he will come to his senses and call the family soon..we feel he is in grave danger..she has physically,mentally and emotionally abused him..he is returning for more abuse…she has spent time in jail for abusing him..please pray for intervention so he will be safe..we are so worried and hurt and our tears for the brother and son we love so much is unstoppable..we just got him back after 13 yrs of constant abuse,,he was isolated from the family bc of this abuser..plse pray for the divorce to go thru smoothly and he has a change of heart to continue with the divorce so hopeless and awful

  123. Alina Says:

    Dear Prayer Group

    I want to thank everyone in advance for all of your kind prayers. Ok I will try to be very brief . I been a Nanny/Babysitter at my house for a little boy since he was 2 months old.His mom and I known each other for a long time since we were both single. When she becare pregnant everyone said the right person to baby sit was me. Bc everyone knew me and they know how good im with children. But Group let me say that me and the baby are great he loves me so much as also loves my hubby. He calls me nanny and hubby nunu He and stays here with me over night just wonderful. In the other hand his mom hasn’t been that easy the first 2 years she would do things and I never complain stayed shut….I mean she would complain for the weirdest things like the baby was to clean who in the right mind would complain about that? Or I say to her that I make him his baby food bc I rather make it than use the one on those little bottles 🙂 Anyway, but she would do something else I never liked and wheb ever I mention this to anyone, they would tell me oh she really has a problem.. I would find a note on his bag like if she didnt know me for 20 plus years lol “nanny there is a sock missing, or there is a wheel missing from his red car. Or there 10 cars on his bag today . I would take the note and be so ofendend just take the note and I would count every single item like a nut. But every day I would find a note.. Until one day I couldnt hold it and I said to her pls no more notes .. Pls Mari that’s her name the baby is coming here to his nanny house not a strangers so what if he is missing a sock or a car or maybe a wheel from his red car.. I am so good to your son that you shouldnt be like that with me. But I was very calm.. she in the other hand gets very loud and very defensive. so we never talked about it until she said to me 2 weeks later that she was looking for a school to put him part time. So that was another argument she never made a part of the baby’s first day not even asked me for an opinion about schools I knew a few great schools for him…Well, group that was like that fo[font=Verdana][/font]r a bit.. Until Nov 14th 2009 we had another falling out and it was her at the end of that week she told him he is going full time to school.. (day care) And she is lying to the baby telling him im going to schol that is why he is not coming to nanny.. But my last day with him I said to him listen honey don’t ever think nanny or nunu doesnt want to see you ok.. and he asked nanny are you going to school after christmas? and Icouldnt lie to him I said no but its our secret don’t tell anyone.. Now I heard she just got annoy about what happend with me and her last time.. Which it was soooooo dumb that even her own mom , brother thinks that she really not acting right. Isaid no she is acting out if impulse and that is not right at all. I need you to pld pray for her so she can re think her thoughts I feel terrible for the baby.. The baby and I love to do art, we can seat and watch a movie , we even pray together something she doesn’t do at all. I need you to please ask Jesus for her she needs prayers so she can act with her head not out of impulse…She is quick to act… But she is hurting him by acting like that. I need you to stand in agreedment pls for her to make the right desicion here.. Thank you everyone . Pls I dont know what to do

  124. Henry Sumpter Jr Says:

    Hello, my name is Henry Jr. from Greensboro, North Carolina. I would greatly appreciate it if you could pray for a financial blessing to keep my home from being foreclosed, assistance in bills (credit cards, loans, Internal Revenue Service), and save my only vehicle. I realize I am in the same boat as millions of Americans are going through. I do not deserve any special treatments, just a little miracle. Thank you so much for taking the time of reading my prayer request.

  125. Joey Says:

    Shannon and I broke up a few months ago, and it is killing me. I asked God to give me a sign if it was His will for us to be together, and the exact thing I prayed for He showed me not more than a few hours later. If it be His will then I am sure I have the petitions to request answers from Him. Lately it has been hard to believe, since I don’t see anything changing. Please pray that God would move in her life to accept me back, that He would place me in her heart and change her mind to give me another chance, which she has said she doesn’t do with past relationships by the way. I need God to keep her from her former boyfriend who is not a good man. Pray that she does go out and get coffee with me soon, that she call me soon, and that she will let bitterness she has toward me go. Pray that she accept Jesus as her Lord and savior and be a mighty soldier for Him. Thank you.

  126. Humberto Varaza Says:

    Simply want to say your article is brilliant. The clearness in your post is simply striking and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with future post. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work

  127. Tonya Says:

    Please pray for me and my husband, our friend and neighbor came into our home on Monday night and stole $4600 that my husband was saving to help me open a child care center. When my husband confronted him my neighbor pulled a gun out and tried to shoot my husband. All my husband wants is his money returned. Please pray for the return of my husbands money.

  128. CAROL Says:


  129. Michelle Says:

    Pray that God finishes and completely heals me of multiple sclerosis and the lying symptoms of dizziness, pain, spasms and anxiety. Please move quickly Father..Thank you in Jesus name.

    Pray that my son who is 18 will make the right decision tomorrow for his future – joining the Air Force or not. He has no job and has been bumming around for the last 5 months since he graduated. He has almost spent all of his savings I set aside for the last 15 years for him. Without the Air Force, he seems to have no future. This is his one and only chance with the Air Force, they will not accept him is he doesn’t show them he is committed.

    Thank you,

  130. Pastor E.J.McFadden Says:

    Please pray that I would be endued with “superntural power” from on high t that I would live and preach the gospel unhinder or influenced by self, others, or the enemy. Pray that I would prosper and be in perfect health even as my soul prospers. Pray that every unfruitful relationship be done away with. Pray that all vises and strongholds be bound. Pray that God forgive me of every sin I have committed. Pray that God would not take His Spirit from me. Pray that I be washed and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

  131. JOVITA Says:


  132. Barbara Says:

    Please pray for our daughter and my husband and I to have God’s favor in a custody battle for our grandson. The guardian ad litem appears to be a friend of the former son in law’s family and we need God’s favor with him and with the court.

  133. lisa navarrette Says:

    I just opened a new retail store – furniture and decor- and I am a tither and a giver and I need prayer for God’s wisdom for adverstising and for purchasing and favor with customers. Please cover me in prayer for this new business adventure.

  134. DANNY DUHON Says:


  135. carolyn Says:

    please pray that god open mircales and favors and open doors for me and my family.pray that god will sending me lot of good news for christmas and need christmas refund checks come in the mail for my kids from the child support and I’m asked god for a special blessings for me and need god to work some things out in my life. that will come to pass for me in jesus name.thank you jesus.

  136. Rose Says:

    Please pray for guidance from God. I got married to my husband when I was not saved. I have been saved now for almost a year. My husband is not. We have been married for 3 years. All I ever wanted in life was a peaceful and God loving family. I thought God gave me this man but he is so abusive. There is a lot of secrets in this man’s life. He is with different women all the time and very abusive to me. He calls me names and tells me how ugly and fat I am( I am a size 14). This is his second marriage but I didn’t know he was this abusive. He has three grown children from his previous marriage. I found out recently that he didn’t want me to have any kids of my own. I am unemployed and he won’t support me. He wants a divorce. He says I don’t want to work and its not true. He treated me very well when I had a job that would bring home over 100K. He can support both of us with his pay but he does not want to. I never thought I would ever utter divorce in my family. I wanted to break that generation curse because my parents are divorced and his parents are also divorced. Please pray for guidance from God for me as I don’t know where to turn but to God. I am so emotionally and verbally abused. He doesn’t have any respect at all for me and we now sleep in different rooms. I am loosing my mind.

  137. Theresa Says:

    Agree with us in prayer that our son will be miraculously healed and have no further cold, flu, pneumonia and sickness with aches and pains. He’s only 14 and has missed a lot of school because he gets sick every month.

    Thank you for your prayers and for your prayer requests. It’s a privilege to pray with everyone for their concerns.

  138. Susan Says:

    Wonderful couple desiring to sale their Motorcoach and land in order to obtain more permanent living arrangements. Also desiring side business to increase as it is needed to supplement their retirement income. Please pray for divine favor and that God would glorify Himself in this situation.

  139. millet Says:

    pls pray for me today, In need of financial provisions to pay my debts tomorrow. I believe in the power of prayers. May the Good Lord intervene in my situations today and deliver me from financial struggles and difficulties. May God touch the hearts of our employer to released to us our Provident Funds this month of December 2009 as financial assistance for my family. I have numerous debts to pay pls join me in praying for financial breakthrough . May God do miraculously in my finances today. Pls pray the our company be blessed for us to be blessed also.

  140. Patrick Says:

    Please pray me out of this Job Im in

  141. Cindi01 Says:

    please pray for my son Charles Michael Ellis he is trying to find hisself and waisting time doing it. He need to settle down
    give more time to our LORD and savior Jesus Christ.

    thank you and God bless you

  142. Penny Says:

    Lord, Our Father, I pray for the many prayers that you have allowed to be present in the list today. Hear these many cries for relieve, many words in distress, many words of such little faith. Lord our father, please show these believers that you are with them in the moments of weakness. Help those to locate employment to assist with their financial needs, drug addictions, medical needs, food needs, and to gain the faith that we need to see a difference. Lord for I know that you are with each and everyone of these prayers and will help them through. Lord, in his name I pray, in the name of the father, son and holy spirit. Amen….

  143. Diane M. Crews Says:

    I am asking as you uplift others , please uplift me, I am striving to make
    my home based Christian enterprise a thriving glory to god business, helping others and myself, need a little bit of financial prosperity, also
    I am asking for a godly mate who will treasure me just as I am
    and appreciate my creative gifts, talents and abilities. and watch over a special friend of mine Kenneth J. Garcy who is diligently serving his community and country in the Middleeast.

  144. Jessica Says:

    May I find the strength to know that good will happen to us and that if something is meant to be, it will. May I learn that happiness is in the moment, not in what I wish could be. Let me understand that as long as I know I am a good person and act accordingly, I should not worry about others judging me. Please allow my mind a moment of quiet peace. Let god pave the way for a new home for us, offering us space, peace and a roof over our heads. May he bless our animals, our friends and our family.

  145. jiorje Says:

    Because of the weather I havent been able to workor over a month and havent been able to get any other work. Please pray that God will provide me with work or money from somewhere so I can pay my bills and not become homeless. THank you all.

  146. Benjamin Gnanamuthu Says:

    Dear Prayer Team,


    Please pray that,

    1) As per my previous mail still God has not answered my prayer about
    the Directress at my office who was very fond of me and now she
    totally ignores me and and dose not appreciate what I do.This makes a
    very unpleasant and I am so hurt and painful over this.PLEASE PRAY
    that God should answer me now it is so unbearable.

    2) I need some urgent finnancial need of Rupees 75,000.00 to settle
    the debts.


    Reply you and rejoice with you in Jesus name when I receive answer to this prayer request.


    Thank you

  147. Mrs.M Says:

    Pornography: Help for Activists and Addicts‏
    I ‘am concern that Ron is owned by the enemy to do his evil will. Ron is in deep spiritual trouble and could be heading for destruction or even hell. Nothing is too difficult for Thee. God change Ron’s heart and restore our marriage.
    I pray for Ron and others that are in this bondage, that they would have the will to resist all forms of sexual immorality. My prayer is that God would change the hearts and minds of those who participate in this illicit industry, and that they would seek to reverse the harm that their business is causing to our culture. Amen.

  148. tammy Says:

    please pray for favor on my job and with everyone i talk to pray god will help me be my provider next couple months and my provision , i will have food rent paid and other necessary thing during the months my husband is away in the hospital .

  149. Challenger Says:

    Please pray for my total healing of a bike accident that
    happened when I was 5 years old. This had made my left leg an inch to 2
    inches shorter than the right. Also my left hand and arm is disabled. I
    also need a house and the ability to pay for it by June in the city
    where I grew up. I would love to have god help me find a lady to become
    my wife. I do believe that with god all things are possible if you
    believe and do not doubt.
    > Challenger

  150. Thea Says:

    Please pray that my children’s cousin, Shelley Levenstone, residing in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands will be healed from depression and her mind and body will be cleansed from anti depressants. That the LORD would draw her to Jesus and send His angels to minister to her and keep her from death or destruction and that the Holy Spirit would help intercede for her soul.
    Thank you and God bless you all.

  151. Marilinda Says:

    Please pray for my friends lost dog, my students’ success in school and over all blessing for my whole household in peace, health and daily provision.

    In Jesus Name

  152. pamela postell Says:

    My son. Please pray for my son who has a history of drinking, drugs, stealing and having babies with several different women. He has been in and out of Jail throughout his life. He really wants to change, but is so hard for him. Please keep him lifted up that he will be committed to God, so God can do what he needs to do in his life.

  153. Icha Says:

    Pls pray that through the power and authority our Lord JC gave us at the cross,Larry gets waiver he needs to submit his Packet for direct commission in US Army. That the Packet arrives at its destination in divine order, timing, with a perfect, joyful outcome and that Our Lord grants Larry His favor and the favor of All who see & need to approve Larry’s packet. Divine right action brings to fruition the commissioning of Larry. Thanks Father for loving your beloved son Larry & providing him opulently a table before his enemies and anointing his head with oil. Bless him with a life that is balanced, harmonious, joyful, prosperous in all aspects-in body, mind, spirit, soul and emotions. Amen.

  154. Lisa Says:

    I have applied for a job that is a perfect fit for me and I can share my Christian witness. In Jesus name I pray for this opportunity and ask your prayers.

  155. Benjamin Gnanamuthu Says:

    Dear Father,

    This is an URGENT prayer to you with a painful heart and cannot consider
    myself for any other matters and now the time is 1130 hrs in Sri Lanka and I have to settle a debt of LKR 11350.00 today before 1500 hrs where the party concern is keep on pressing me re this matter I do not know where to find money ?

    My only HOPE is you FATHER as you know if I do not settle this today I become a lier and a unfaithfull person.

    Father in trust I ask it in precious name of Jesus.



  156. David Weller Says:

    I request prayer for a helpmate.

  157. Benjamin Gnanamuthu Says:

    Dear Prayer warriors,


    Four yeas back I was at a branch office which my directors could not see my work as I was under a General Manager who did not appreciate the work I did and I prayed to God that the directors should identify my capability’s and within three months time GOD answered my prayers and my Directors found out my capability and promoted and transferred me to the Head office with better perk.

    Now very recently my directress who really helped me in Grace of God she totally changed and torchering me at my work place and not appreciating the work I do and she makes me insulted in front of the other staff who dose not do anything and just criticise the work I do for.

    This is a very PAINFUL situation and I feel so HURT and I have to hide my TEARS from the colleagues.




    May Good Lord hear my cry through you,

    In Precious name of Jesus.

    Benjamin Gnanamuthu

  158. katie Says:

    Pray for saving America from the ACLU and muslims groups and satanic groups who wish to destroy American and Christians.

  159. Skylar Taylor Says:

    I am in dire need and in great panic. I am two months behind on our mortgage. My wife and I are disabled, our son has ADHD, our credit is ruined. W must have 2800 dollars before the 15th of may or we lose our home and become homeless. We need a great blessing poured out to us quickly. I am in great distress and feel such fear. Please pray thatthe money will be brought forth immediately and that calmness will return to us.

    Thank You.

  160. Therapeutic Foster Mother Says:

    Please pray for God’s will to be done in my ten year old therapeutic foster sons life. Please pray for covering and protection for the remainder of his days. Please agree and thank God with me that his family will be able to overcome any family curse in the name of Jesus. Please pray with me that his parents will call on the name of Jesus and their minds be free and clear. Please agree with me that God is not the author of confusion 1st Corinthians 14:33.

  161. Jim Says:

    Please pray for Jacob, a 12 year old boy who was shot in the head. Pray that his inflammation would go down, and his body would stabilize.

  162. Beverl West-Joseph Says:

    Pra for gainful emploment for janice and Damita West, Charlie Joseph
    Pra for Place for Ministry for Pasto Charlie Joseph on Montserrat
    Pray for financial Breakthrough for Charlie&Beverly Joseph
    Pray for the West Family
    Pray for Debt cancellation for Curtis , Oslyn West
    Pray for healing for knees and eyes Priscilla West
    Pray for funds to buy Bus for Pastor Joseph
    Pray for our country Montserrat

  163. Renee Says:

    Please pray for a total healing for my mother, Cindy. According to the doctors she should already be dead. They diagnosed her with incurrable liver cancer. She has been feeling well but now discovered a hard lump under her rib cage. My parents are so warn out. Our family thanks everyone for their prayers.

  164. Benjamin Gnanamuthu Says:

    Please pray still that my Directress is not in good terms as she was with me.God must bring us back to the first understanding of my duties and abilities.i parayed and if I had done any thing against Gods to forgive me make us friendly and understanding as we were previously. Due to my prayers God made her understand about me and with the Grace of God she brought me upto this standard. Now she has turned back. We should get back to our first affection.


    Also pray for my finnancial requirments,

    I have few debts to be settled.

    God to bless my work and to show that I am his child and shine among the staffs.


    Earnestly awaiting a miracle in Jesus name


  165. TIM SMITH Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,
    This prayer request is for all who name the name
    of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    It is a prophetic prayer in that it is being prayed at just the right time in
    just the right place by just the right people in accordance with the Holy Word
    of God which prophesied that 144,000 Jews would turn to Christ in the End Times.

    “Most merciful and Holy Father, hallowed be thy
    name. We present this request to you in the perfection, redemption, love, and
    mercy shown to us through the obedient life and blood sacrifice of your only
    begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Father, the time has now come for your
    heart to be moved on behalf of your nation of Israel. The time has now come for
    the blindness to be lifted off of their eyes. The time has now come for their blinded
    eyes to be opened to the glory of your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. It is
    time for them to look upon him whom they have pierced. It is time for the last
    great revival – the turning of the nation of Israel to Christ Jesus. We ask
    you Father, in the name of Jesus, to lift the veil from their eyes. We ask you
    Father to heal their blindness. We, as one, agree in prayer as touching this for
    we know that the nation of Israel has always been close to you heart. By the
    mercies, blood sacrifice, redemption, salvation, sanctification, and love shown
    us through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen and amen.

  166. Patrick Says:

    Please pray for my marriage deliverance from this man named Carl who is seeking to destroy it.
    thank you for all your prayers!

  167. maureen Says:

    Please pray for our financial situation My husband fortunetly does have a job but we have alot of debt were are trying to pay off and it has caused us alot of hardship. I feel satan is attacking us here we should be able to pay our bills but we can’t. We are about a month to 2 months behind on some of our important bills. I have been praying for gods intervension in this area, I feel really hopeless sometimes.

  168. Benjamin Gnanamuthu Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Prayers,

    Praise the Lord in Jesus name,

    I was addicted to liquor since past thirty years and prayed for relief with so many and God relieved me from this addiction from 15th, April.

    Thank God for those who prayed for me and God may bless them lavishly


    Thank you very much for your Prayers awaiting a miracle in Grace of God.

    God Bless You.


  169. surmur Says:

    please pray that i should not be seperated from my husband there are some things tormenting our life so that we are seperated as i have no child pls pray to the lord so that i am not seperated away from him. after so many yrs of marriage i dont want to loose him without him my life is meaningless

  170. joy Says:






  171. Standing Says:

    My wife and I have been separated for 7 months (she moved out). I have recommitted my life to God but my wife’s heart is very hardened towards God. We are still on friendly terms and even “date” now and then but we have not talked about where we are and where we are headed. I am committed to the healing and restoration of our marriage and will not file for divorce. As far as I know there is not a third party involved. Please pray for my wife and her relationship with God and for the healing a restoration of our marriage.



  173. june wood Says:

    I will be ministering the Word of God in Venango County Pennsylvania on Sunday April 19th and Wed. April 22nd. and would like prayer for a mighty outpouring and move of the Spirit to bring people out to these meetings. I pray that the Abundant Life Church will have standing room only as people come to be set free..Also on Wed. 22nd at Calvary Temple we will have a move of the Spirit and the place will be filled with people who need God in their lives,
    In Jesus name,
    June Wood

  174. Julie Asks: Says:

    For prayer, my Mother has been suffering with CLL since 2002. She just had (4/7/09) total left hip replacement surgery @ MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. She can’t maintain blood platelets and her hemoglobin is sproadic. She has been given blood platelets and units of blood prior,during, and after her surgery. We just need to pray that she won’t get any type of infection sa she learns to walk again with the new hip and that her doctors will be able to offer her a form of treatment moving forward for her cancer. …

  175. Bernadette Thomas Says:

    Dear Prayer Partners:
    Today’s prayer, RENEWING YOUR MIND was for me, and moved me to write to you.
    Please pray for my prolonged, clinical depression. Please pray for my healing from lung disease. Please pray for new employment for both me and my husband. Our options are limited due to health issues and our ages.
    Thank you and God bless you, Bernadette

  176. Hephzibah Says:

    For the last five months I dated a pastor and believe God brought us together to be husband and wife. A month ago he broke off our relationship without warning or reason. I was devastated. I’ve been praying since then, and feel it is God’s will for us to be together still. My friend broke off all communication and requested I don’t call or email until he does. I would like you to pray with me for GOD TO MOVE HIS HEART TO RE-OPEN COMMUNICATION WITH ME, TO COME SEEKING AFTER ME, AND FOR US TO BE RECONCILED AND TO GET MARRIED. Please, please pray for me as strength is failing me. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

  177. Judda Says:

    Please pray for my friends overseas, they have been given 24 hrs to leave the home they are renting or come up with the rest of the money. They have paid half the rent and do not have money to pay the remainder about $50. Ask God to intervene in the best way possible. He needs a job. Pray that God will soften the landlord’s heart so that they will not be put out or that the money will come soon!

  178. Elizabeth Says:

    Please pray for my daughter Rachel and my grandchildren Paige and Arthur for salvation. They do not know the Lord, and there are problems in their lives.
    When we know the Lord we handle lifes problems with faith, hope and a heart filled with love. I want them to know the peace and strength than only Jesus can provide and I want them to know to keep their eyes on Jesus not the problems.

  179. Brenda Says:

    Please stand in agreement with me concerning a Sister in Christ. Her name is Tameka Woodis. She has been hurt and wounded by several men and has children by all of them (6). She truly loves the Lord, however, she has become somewhat of a distraction during service. I pray that the soul ties that she has with these men are loosed and she becomes intimate with God. That He may go into her and heal those wounded areas and impregnate her with His Fruits of the Spirit. That she may grow in grace and place God first in all that she does.

  180. Violet Says:

    My oldest daughter, Christine, is expecting a baby around the first of June. Tues night she started having a lot of pain and so went to the ER. She’s hospitalized now as her body is trying to reject the baby. They can keep her in the hospital on bedrest to help with that situation. The big problem is that her blood platelet level has dropped dangerously. The platelets are what cause your blood to clot. She’s in grave danger of hemmoraging. Also the baby has urine backed up into his kidneys so there is something not allowing them to flush thru the umbilical cord properly. as soon as he’s born he will have to go into surgery. They could/should go in and take the baby but with Christine’s platelet count so low she could possibly bleed to death before they could get it stopped. They feel they could take the baby with no problem as he’s far enough along to survive at this point. The problem is with Christine’s condition. They are trying to get the platelet count up enough to do surgery and not lose her in the process. Please pray for her and the doctors that they’ll make the right decisions at the right time so that I don’t lose my daughter.

    Thank you


  181. Renee Turner Says:

    Please stand with me in prayer for John’s salvation, and total deliverance from Satan’s grip through crack cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine. Please pray that God will destroy every yoke of bondage and sever all toxic soul ties.
    Please pray that God will give John a wake-up call that will provoke him to repentance, and that he will seek the help that he desperately needs such as drug rehabilitation, etc. Bind every spirit that’s coming against our relationship to create conflict, strife, and division. Please pray for John to completely surrender his will over to God, and fully embrace his new life in Christ, and remain drug-free. Please pray for John to have a peaceful, teachable, and understanding heart. Please pray that God will improve John’s personality in every area of his life. Please pray that John and I will be on one accord, and that John will be the priest of our home, and love me as Christ loved the church.

  182. Helen Says:

    My little country church is in dire need of prayer. It is about to shut the doors. I do not belive this is what God wants. So please pray for Brannon Mt. Church in Crosses Ar. Also pray for our pastor Bill Roudabush. Thank-you Helen

  183. dwayne Says:

    Please pray in Agreement:
    Heavenly Father,
    Help me to obtain a part time job in Irving,Tx
    I ask in JESUS name

  184. dwayne Says:

    Heavenly Father,
    Grant unto me a part time job. I am behind on bills. My property tax payments. I ask in JESUS name amen
    Thank You Heavenly Father…..

  185. Denise Says:

    Please pray for Devin. He’s in his 20’s and has tried to commit suicide. He’s suffering from many addictions, money problems and a broken heart.

  186. David Weller Says:

    I request prayer for a car and a job.

  187. Caroline Says:

    Please pray for me and my family. I was retrenched in August 2008 and I am battling to find employment. I am deep in debt and the money is just not coming in. I am being summonsed by lawyers for outstanding debt. Please help. I need Gods miracle.

  188. Corina Lozano Says:

    I need prayer for my finances, to keep my home and keep my job for as long as i need to retire. I am a single parent, with lots of worries as to how am i going to pay for bills. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  189. Frankie Navarro Says:


  190. Kristine Davis Says:

    Prayer for my 11 year old daughter. She is struggling in her acdemics and well as her talkative behavior. She’s also easily influenced as well having difficulty staying on task and focusing!!! Her name is Alanni Davis and she knows the Lord and her heart is willing and she admits that she looses focus. She also is being tested for learning disabilities. I pray everyday fr wisdom and knowledge be veiled upon her. I too need prayer for patience and that the Lord strength me to endure this season in my daughters life right now. We have a close realtionship and we know that the devil is trying to sever her relationship with me and independently with her father. We as her parents are not sure even how to punish her anymore!! Your prayers and loving kindness is greaty appreciated. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO INCREASE THIS MINISTY IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

  191. edwin & christine Says:

    Please, pray for us for the perfect will of God for both of us so that God can use us for His pleasure and Glory for His Kingdom. We want to be a mighty blessing for His works and I need a prayer of agreement also to be totally debt-free. Please pray for us also for God to hear our prayers about a favor and a provision from the Lord for a $10,000,000 cash to build His Ministry for the outreach of lost souls for husband and wife cause by divorce. Thank You and God Bless You. Edwin and Christine

  192. info Says:

    For those of you who are interesting in an additional stream of income you can email me at I am David Copeland the son of Germaine Copeland.

  193. Micki Says:

    My husband and I each had 20 years of employment at the same company. Several years ago, we were both laid off the same time and we have not financially recovered. We’ve been blessed to find new jobs but it’s been very difficult to survive in this recession. The current state of our economy has me concerned. I’m most definitely in the same category as millions of people (under-paid or not paid at all). I’ve been praying to God and have cried mountains of tears. I feel that I’m still grieving the layoff as a financial loss but I am ready to receive my next blessings. I hope that this experience will touch someone’s heart that has recently become unemployed or under-employed. Let’s pray together for God to heal our finances.

  194. Nancy Says:

    My dog, Willie is having surgery for cancer on April 1st. This dog means everything to me, as I’m alone and don’t have much contact with people anymore. Please pray for Jesus to heal his body and free it from disease. Please help me with your prayers. Thank you and God bless you.

  195. Michele Says:

    My husband and I both need prayer…he needs prayer to find a job and to stop conversating with all these different women that is causing our marriage problems. I need prayer to give me strength as I go through the psychological stess he is putting me through. I’m truely wanting our marriage to work and it’s not a jealousy things as he says…it’s causing alot of trouble espically when we are out and they are all over him. It just isn’t right. Please pray he gets his head on straight, finds a job and starts thinking about what he may be putting at risk….his family…Thank You and God Bless.

  196. ShangJie Says:

    This is a private prayer request, but I know God is a God who goes beyond healing, and he loves to answer prayer. This is for my future bride. Please pray that God will make my male organs very large—both parts, and in both the length and the width, even when it’s down, and also pray that it’s appearance will be breathtaking. Also, pray that God will make the nerves cover it so it will be very sensitive, and pray that the nerves will connect very well to the sensual part of my brain. Pray that it will put out a powerful scent that will really attract my future wife. Pray that the skin will be vibrantly healthy, and a pleasure to touch and look at. Pray that it will produce a lot of healthy seed that will be able to replenish quickly without wearing me out, and that I will have a lot of endurance. Pray that God will reset my glands that produce male hormones, so they’ll produce a lot more. Pray that God will increase my attraction to the opposite gender.

  197. jackie Says:

    Please pray for my friend, Larry, who is battling liver cancer. I pray that God will heal him and deliver him from this disease. He recently lost his wife to breast cancer less than a month ago. We know that God has the final say in all things, so we are claiming victory in the name of Jesus. Thank you.

  198. Pat Says:

    I would like to say a prayer for everyone specially to those who are going through tough times. God bless.

  199. Pat Says:

    Thank you, Lord for my sons’ healthy health.

  200. Bwambale Ronald Says:


    am asking for a prayer of getting a well paying job and finances to finish my house.

    May God bless you as you pray for me

    Bwambale Ronald
    in Uganda – Africa

  201. David Weller Says:

    I request prayer for a car.

  202. Pam Ellis Says:

    Please pray for my oldest son who has distanced himself from his entire family. We miss his presence in our lives. Pray for his wife that she would encourage him to nuture his relationships. Please pray for my other two sons that God would give them life direction, place good christian people in their path to give them sound counsel and to help set an example. Please pray for our finances. Thanks.

  203. David Weller Says:

    I request prayer for a miracle.


    Please pray for me. I left my husband to leave with my parents with my two kids in 2002 due to difficulties we were encountering, and even financially. We were pastoring a church then. Problems began in the church and ended up affecting the home. After sometime he began to blame me for leaving him. Our relationship became worse. I was blamed by the christian community and was treated like an outcast. My husband was angry with me and begam to blame me too. Instead of us coming together to try to solve our problems especially the financial one. In 2004 he left the country and travel to the United Kingdom. In December 2005 I also left for unted Kingdom to try to work hard and provide for my kids. I had no intention of meeting him there, I wanted to be alone, get a good church and heal up. But I was deeply hurt to leave my kids like that. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. 2008 God began to talk to me about my family and that it was not over with my marriage. In the end I did accept God’s will for my life, Few monthe later I started getting messages from my husband. He wanted us to reconcile. We met and I did agree. Please pray for me, its not easy. We hurt each other so much. We talk over the phone but when im with him I want to cry. I know we have done the right thing. When he mention some people that have hurt me I don’t respond and I don’t want to hear or comment. I have forgiven them but its like I’m facing reality now, my past. Im still in the UK but planning to go back home end of this year.

  205. joshua Says:

    Lord bless my sister Amy with the peace that surpasses all understanding. Your word says that you will supply our every need. And, that when we are weak you are strong …. the joy of the Lord is our strength. Your word says you will perfect that which concerns us. Bless my sister in a special way oh Lord. I come against every hindering spirit to her faith and her seeking you Oh Lord. Send angels to ministering to her and her family. And, bless her to know that you are Author and Finisher of our faith. So, Lord bless her to slide these yokes off of her and take your yoke upon her and learn of You … for your yoke is easy and your burden is light. Where sin abounds grace much more abounds. What the enemy has meant for harm then Lord will turn it around and use it to bless Amy and her family. Lord we know that she believes in you; but restore her and help her unbelief. Jesus, our banner, strong tower, elder Brother and Mighty Saviour … thank you for hearing our prayer. Bless my Sister. In Jesus Name Amen.

  206. JEAN Says:

    My 19 year old daughter was involved with a SATANIST for about a year. I think he still has a demonic hold over her even though she will not admit it. She is married to the sweetest guy now and a baby on the way. She loves the Lord and her husband but is tormented day and night and seems pulled by an unseen power to go toward mutual friends of her and the satanist. She is acting so strange the last few days. She is depressed and acting crazy. We are all drained. I want this to end before the baby comes.Please pray we are all drained.SHE HAS BLINDING HEADACHES TOO>

  207. Pat Says:

    Thank you Jesus, for my family…

  208. Robert Says:

    Please pray the lady and her son in the apartment complex that I have been guided to help. GMAC took her car back the other night. Please for her money issues. She says that I have been of the most positive influence on her teenage son. We both having been working on different issues but complement each other’s strength and weakness. Please for her son to treat his mother respect, quit treating her like she is kid younger than him, and to get out this is all about me stage very quickly. He needs god to touch his mind, heart and eyes on how he treats peoples overall he does not realize what he is doing.

  209. Pam Says:

    My daughter is currently deployed. I have not heard from her in a few days, except an email that asked me to pray for her. I am and also have a prayer chain of friends and family praying for her and her unit and all soldiers who are deployed to end outright foolishness. When people ask me am I afraid for her I tell them no. Why? She is in far greater hands then mine–God’s. I am believing him for a miracle for not only my daughter, but also for my nephew who is deployed for the fourth time.

    I am extending my prayer chain to you.

    God bless you.

  210. Charlo Says:

    Prayers for my husband Steve and our son Steve Jr. They are really having Father/Son issues. My son hates his Dad and threatens him with violence, and vicious back talk. I plead with him and pray during these outbursts of fights and raised voices. I am standing for my family…we are going through hard financial times. I am the major breadwinner at home, and lost my job in January out of state and now I am home on unemployment. I am trusting GOD for a miracle of restoration and love in this household and family. My son does mind me, when his dad is not at home. He is 15 and struggling in school…praying that he won’t drop out. In the name of Jesus, I cover him with the Blood of Jesus and my husband too. Thank you for praying for me and my house.

  211. grace Says:

    I need for you to touch and agree in pray for me. I just had a baby and returned to work. My childs father works from his home and takes care of our baby. We live far away from each other and I don’t get to see my son until the weekends. My heart aches and I CANNOT SLEEP AT night because I miss my son very much. I cry all the time. Please pray that GOD helps me thru this matter. And that he directs me in a way to resolve this long distance matter.

  212. TREVA Says:

    Please pray for me and my husband. We are desperately trying to have a child. We have been married 4 years and we have had 1 failed pregnancy that ended in a eptopic pregnancy. The doctors have told me that I have a slim chance of conceiving, I believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for us.

  213. David Weller Says:

    I request prayer for a car situation.

  214. Bro. Ashish Sharma Says:

    In the name & by the blood of Christ Jesus please pray for fresh annointing upon this family & their ministry:esp. to pull down strongholds against this young & faithful ministry from India. their son is in the hospital, the minister himself has been ill. They have faithfully endured so much persecution & financial poverty. Pray that they a restored 7x that which has been stolen from this beautiful family. May the Mighty hand of Jehovah be upon all prayer requests in this website & the miracles be unceasing in tha name & by the lood of Christ Jesus Amen. Hallelujah.

  215. Karen Says:

    I ask for prayers concerning my score on the AEPA test I missed it by 1 point. This test is needed to complete my teacher certification in Arizonia. I requested a rescore. Please pray that they will find more points when they rescore my test. I have worked really hard to complete my college work and I need this certificatioon to keep my job. Thanks

  216. Hollie Black Says:

    I have been having panic attacks that are starting to interfere with my daily life. It has been going on since Friday Feb 28, 2009. I am very tired and I am very tired of feeling this way. I am already on a (fantastic) medication for depression, I’ve been stable for a year now and I haven’t had to worry about panic attacks in quite some time now so I’m not sure what’s wrong. I am under a lot of stress right now, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle so I don’t understand whats happening or why this is happening to me. It’s happening at work and mostly while I’m driving.
    Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.


  217. Jacqueline Says:

    Please be in prayer for a renewed relationship God has placed a Love in my heart for this man Sergio Israel Galvan and it is beyond my understanding… I have been beliving God for his Salvaton and for his forgivness, to be sanctified and to renew our relationship so that it will a relationship whick serves God and helps others to know God as well. Sergio has become addicted to alcohol and worldly habits that have taken from the path of righteousness. I have been encouraged to continue in prayer for him, and all the trials that have come against me have just strengthend my faith, please be in prayer with me for this! God has been telling me to continue in prayer for him and not to be fearful! Thank you so very much! God Bless You!!!

  218. Susan Says:

    Please pray for my Mother; Janie. She has pneumonia and a horrendous cough to go with it. She will be 81 yrs old on May 2nd. Thanks! Susan

  219. Alvona Armstrong Says:

    Please pray for all of my children Kevin, Craig, Joel and Danielle that the Lord will direct their steps and increase their territories.

  220. Anglea Says:

    My husband and my daughter have bad time and,I need pray for thim to fix
    the problem in the realship and make the realship a great one in the family. In my family lord fix the broken heart of all the childern and all the adult to.Father I need you right now. Thank you and from my heart Lord.

  221. Jiorje Muniz Says:

    Please pray that tha Lord would direct me to a full time job a.s.a.p. I need to get back to work

  222. Robin Says:

    I ask that everyone pray for Von Elliston, she has a colostomy bag from colon cancer and she now has a complete blockage. She has stints running from each kidney into bags that collect her urine. Doctors have yet to find a way to unblock her bowels. Please pray that the doctors find a way to help her through this. Pray that her family and friends are able to find the strength they need to stay strong.

  223. Kim Says:

    Plse pray for restoration in life (financial, good paying job, home, love, pictures lost, marriage). Plse pray for allee & patricia for a job, james to forgive me & restore friendship & a sign if he w/b husband, pray for a stronger walk in God 4 him & preparing for trial, pray for ryan’s salvation & his father’s, acceptance in university & housing, pray for allee & cyndy’s salvation. Bill to finish book & help w/career & he can help me to. Restore pictures & items from storage & convict Lorenzee of lies to me. Pray I won’t owe taxes. Christian boyfriend & marriage soon.

  224. luke Says:

    I ask you to please pray for my friends and family and for all of you out there struggling to find work, trying support their families or just trying to make it through anotherday of life. please keep our faith strong or help us find our way to having faith in the lord. we know that life without the lord is an empty unfulfilled life. Lord we are seeking out your light. guide us almighty father in the lords name we pray. amen

  225. Sonya Williams Says:

    Please pray for me that God will restore my marriage to ‘Junior’. I want my husband to come back home to “us” his family. Thank ya’ll, and God Bless all!

  226. brittany Says:

    I made a mistake in telling someone something my boyfriend told me. This may ruin his reputation, get his job taken from him, and ruin our relationship. Please God let everything be okay. I don’t want him to suffer because of my mistake. He is such a good guy. I love him and I don’t want this to happen to him.
    Please pray for him and us.

  227. Marshal Says:

    Pray for Bob who is leaving for missionary work in India on Sunday(2/22). He will be there 3 weeks. Pray for his safety and the success of his teaching there. There’s a small Bible school where he will be working and helping to train Indian men in the Word and in becoming preachers themselves. Pray for their safety in a country darkened by Hinduism & Islam. Pray the Gospel and the Kingdom will spread throughout that city.

    Pray for Junior who does hospital volunteer and benevolence work. He was diangosed with prostate cancer today. Pray he will be healed of this and continue to work for the Lord.

  228. Shaun Says:

    I would like to present a request for prayer of my Father. The last couple of weeks he has had discomfort in his chest with slight pain and is now at the hospital waiting for tests to be ran to determine the cause. He is one who is rarely ever sick, and has never been in the hospital for anything serious before.

    We know God’s healing power and our faith in his promise will bring my father through. Please pray for the doctors and for God’s healing touch. Thanks

  229. Tina Says:

    I wrote a letter requesting my divorce with my husband not to go through. We are in bad conditions at this moment. Im not ready to call it quits with my marriage, I would like to save my marriage for my family please pray that there will be a stronger marriage than ever instead of divorce. my full name is Ernestina Francis My husband is Michael Francis we were married in 1999 this June would of been ten years.. we have two small sons together. Phillip and Julian Francis, Thank you for youre loving prayers for me and my family,

  230. Amethyst Says:

    I am having some difficulties obtaining strength, peace, faith, instruction, and favor of the Lord. I need gainful employment. These favorable capabilities and knowledge where once extremely well developed. My mind, heart, spirit and body are disconnected, scattered and distressed. I am somewhere inside, but loss in direction. I do not sleep or eat a balance diet, w/o income and now a stable home or living environment the ability to praise the Lord early is diminished by not sleeping, but discomfort, fear, discontent and distraction of the atmosphere. I was studying the word, but w/o confidence and assurance of forgiveness, deliverance, unable to monitor my mind, spirit and condition of health in every area. Help me Lord to come up, come back to you, come alive in spirit.

  231. Lore Says:

    I am requesting prayers to lift me out of a depression. I am also feeling very lonely. I ask that you will pray that God fills my heart with peace and puts the right Christian man in my life to share my life with.

  232. Renee Says:

    Please pray for my mother, Cindy Russell. She was diagnosed with incurrable liver cancer. We are praying for wisdom and healing. Thank you for your prayers.

  233. Cervical Cancer Symptoms Says:

    Thanks for responding and Happy Valentines, also.%d%aNo, I have not seen a doc about the gallbladder issue. Having a secondary bacterial infection was a concern. But, since I am self-emloyed and have no health insurance, having that investigated has been put off. Since my symptoms were not incapacitating, my approach has been to attack any potential infection with natural remedies and have seen improvement. I suppose the possibility of lymphoma just scares me more. But in my research, I haven’t been able to track down symptoms specifically for cancer invading lymph nodes from the cervix.

  234. scott sistare Says:

    I want to request prayer. I’ve been praying to get out of public housing for 10 years. I”ve been tortured for 5 years by the man next door playing rap music. I’ts designed by the devil I’m sure. Nothing can stop that awful bass thump.
    The police have been out once and I have talked to the manager and him. Sometimes I think God is not going to answer me. I’ve prayed word prayers and in the spirit for 10 years. some time I think suicide is the only answer or I might lose my mind and go after him. I’m at my friends house now using the computer. I can’t afford to live anywhere else. I am very offended at God . He said I wouldn’t have to bear more than I’m able to bear. I don’t even call him father anymore. I might as well be homeless. I sure it would be more peaceful.
    scott sistare

  235. Pat Says:

    Thank you,Jesus……

  236. Debra Says:

    Our family has been through a very difficult time the past few years, starting with identity theft which almost destroyed us as a family. We have just started to turn things around and we received a letter stating that we owed 16,000 dollars for a credit card we never owned. The company said it will file a judgment against us if we do not pay off the balance. This is not our debt and we need God¢s help to fight this. We are asking you to pray with us and ask God to turn this situation around so that we are not strapped with a fraudulent bill that will again put us back to fighting to restore our good name and our finances. I am a diabetic and this stress is causing major health problems. We ask God¢s blessing for you and thank you for your prayers.

  237. Alice Says:

    To restore what has been lost to myself and my immediate family excluding old relationships

  238. Cyrena Says:

    I pray that my son makes out in court on 2/25/09. He was cleared on DNA, but they are still trying to hold him and charge him. He is a good kid who has suffered so much depression (1/2 brother murdered 6 years ago), he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, adhd, bipolar. We pray for him everyday for 7 months now, his little sisters and I since this happened that charges are dropped. Also, for the other case that he was involved in back in 2006, in school. It states on the report who did what, but the officer changed the words around to look like my son did this. I/we pray that he gets a good Judge and that charges are dropped and that he will be home actually before the courtdate. We miss him so much. But we are also asking GOD to cleanse him and make him white as snow.

  239. jenifer mitchell Says:

    please God help these females that are blinded by boys who call themselves men! Let these women see that a real man treats you with dignity and respect and never want to put you in a situation where you feel uncomfortable. If you listen to your heart ladies God puts a message there. You may not want to hear it, but its there. you just have to listen . Then pray for strength! not that he change others , change your own heart; don’t try and change theirs!

  240. coleen Says:

    please help me ask God that the dr. I will see next week be the one that can help me! I have gone to so many that couldn’t please let this be the one who can so I can have a life again. praise God

  241. Madre Says:

    I pray for justice in the murder of my beautiful boy who was an innocent victim. Please protect our evidence, witness testimony, and overpower any deceit and corruption from the politically powerful families involved as defendants. Please give us the peace to continue living and to give us all justice. Please bless all people who pray with and for us. AMEN

  242. vee Says:

    I humbly ask for prayers for our family and myself. We are facing many challenges and sometimes they feel completely over whelming. We are livng in an area that is not home. Our move to what is like a foreign land has created much disharmony and many problems.

    We ask for prayers That God will lead us home. To a happy, safe, good place! We ask for the resources to complete our outstanding jobs on our current home with God’s resources, intercession and protection. May he give us the energy and wisdom that we need.

    We have 2 children and they both have special needs. We would be most grateful to have prayers said for them…for healing. To allow us the resources, time, energy and wisdom to know how to manage their education and daily life. May God help us to help them to become good Christians and good citizens. May God send us help with babysitting for us to give ourselves a chance to relax and gather our energy needed to take care of them.

    Please pray for our marriage. It has been strained severly by many outside factors…In laws, money, our childrens special needs and addiction. May God heal us and surround our marriage with his love and healing.
    I myself, have a food addiction. I am seeking God’s help and healing. He is moving me and helping me …I ask for his continued teaching and creating a new being in me.

    God has been very good to us…As you can see from the list, we do have some concerns and needs. I pray that we always remain grateful for all of our blessings and always seek God…in good times and in bad!

    Thank you for prayers for our family and our needs.

  243. Ed D. Kleiman Says:

    Pray for the supernatural outpouring and moving of God’s Spirit!

    Please pray for my time preaching February 15th through and including the 18th at Grace Fellowship Presbyterian (PCA) Church, in Albertville, Alabama. Pray the Holy Spirit brings deep conviction and illumination of exactly what it means to be regenerate, does bring about the new birth in many, and then enables those there to live out Christ-centered & dependant, grace-fueled & Spirit-empowered lives, all to God’s glory.

    Generations ago the Puritan Phillip Brooks said; “Prayer does not change God’s will, it implements it. Prayer is omnipotent; it can do anything that God can do! Prayer is not conquering God’s reluctance, but taking hold of God’s willingness!”

    Thank you so much my dear brothers & sisters in Christ for your prayers. How exceeding abundantly beyond all we ask or imagine the Lord is going to answer them, bringing great glory to Himself and impacting for generations to come the lives of countless people.

    Ed D. Kleiman – Small Cloud Ministries –

  244. jackie Says:

    Please pray for my cousin Clyde who is suffering with kidney disease, my friend Theresa who is battling breast cancer. We pray for healing in their bodies and that the will of God be done in their lives in the name of Jesus. I would also like a prayer of unity and harmony for my sister and my mother.

  245. singlefemale Says:

    pray to break soul ties with Rodney,married coworker,with 4 yr old female twins who gave me his email address,cell phone and wants to move in with me in a two bedroom place so he can bring his girlfriends home for sex. Pray God will get protect me from controlling males. Pray God will protect me from males who do not want me to remain independent,financially, to put a roof over my head. Please pray God will provide me a miracle and all demonic satanic male assignments against me will be snared by their own weaknesses. Pray for my protection against males who do not respect a single females ability to work, provide financially for herself. Pray against all males superiority or domination against me especially in my job. Pray God will provide for me a place to work and earn money for me. Pray I will not be harrassed by males/ Pray males will be snared by their own sexual weaknesses and I will be protected.

  246. Pat Says:

    Thank you, Lord.

  247. Dianna Perkins Says:

    Please pray for my brother Clyde who has kidney disease. This is the first time that he has any type of serious illness. We pray for healing, salvation, and the peace of GOD. I also am asking prayer for my cousin Sarah and my friends (Jean Lewis family).

  248. Sheila Says:

    Please pray for my dad Ed who dementia and my mom Barbara who has to take care of him – that they know Jesus more intimately each day!
    Please pray for to sleep better and for God to heal my spine, joint, jaw and face pain. Please pray that i am able to get good medical insurance this year as I have none. Please pray that I lose 35 pounds safely and get in better and better health each day.
    Thank you all so much! God bless each one of you!

  249. Susu Says:

    Pray for Kristofer R who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. He’s 23, both of his parents are dead and his family on one side is thousands of miles away and on the other side are pretty much estranged from him. He is also suffering from emotional problems, a borderline personality disorder. He needs to truly know God personally. God bless you all!

  250. Melissa James Says:

    Prayer to restore my broken marriage. My husband and I united on August 8, 2008 and we’ve been separated since the second week of our marriage. I communicated to my husband that I wanted our daughter’s carseat installed during my last week of pregnancy and my tone was rude because I told him to do so. Since then our relationship has spiraled into discord. From my husband dog, to his indiscretions on Facebook. Lord if anyone can fix this broken relationship and marriage I trust in you to do so. If there is something within me that is stalling my husband from making a committment I ask that you fix it. Amen


  251. Marshal Says:

    Father God;

    Please help Susan draw close to You and stay close to You. Let her know how much You love her. Give her the strength, encouragement, love, faith, hope, courage, perseverance and resilience she needs.

    Give her the determination to forget about any/all past failures and start anew. Have her remember to confess sins, ask forgiveness of those sins and begin with a fresh start. Because if she asks sincerely for Your forgiveness and help, You will happily forgive her and be with her forever. Many days will present financial challenges for a while, but give her new opportunities and confidence that she can do anything with Your help. Susan can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Philippians 4:13

    I sense that part of the problem is that she has not forgiven herself for past failures and that she spends too much time dwelling on the past which doesn’t matter anymore and not on the future with You as her loving Father and guide. Give her the confidence to seek and get new jobs and the ability to do them, which she can. Because through faith and relying on Your strength instead of her own, she can get a new start and become the person she has always wanted to be. She is a child of the King after all. Help her to know that & remember that. In the name of her Savior, King & Lord, Jesus Christ,


  252. Sister Says:

    I am a single mother of two children. I have been enduring great torment in every area of my life existance. In great effort and determination to protect my adolescence son from the world of sin. But not at the expense of my younger childs innonence, belief, growth and development. I have loss the foundation needed to stand against persecution, ridicule, rejection, covetousness, strife, seperation, division and ever penetrating heartache and betrayal from church members (brethern or tare) wolves in sheeps clothing and the smile of the saint with a whisper behind your face not a prayer of faith, but a look of it’s about time she is not praising the Lord.

    I cried out for help and search every where for help for my angry son, but never aware that this anger came from intruders we call them our Lots in life, unknowingly that eventhough you forgive those that harm you in the past. If allowed or caught with your guard down or not fully fitted in the Full Armour of God you will be attacked w/o preparation.

    I loss my balance trying to provide an balance for my son and daughter, noticing three years later, there is no none else that will carry me, but I have unconsciouslly became accustom to carrying mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, neice, nephews, associates, acquaintance, confidant, coworkers, church members, enemies, envies, etc. Mark 2: 1-15

    Someone need prayer they call me, need a ride home call me, need a place to live, babysitter, pay utility billl, fruit of spirits all nine at times, etc.

    I never knew that you can hand away your power instead of guarding your heart, mind, soul, body.


    I am here, 2 Samuel 22:30

  253. Kathy Lugo Says:

    My prayer requests are that my husband, children and myself will fall in love with Jesus. My husband got laid off about three weeks ago and he is looking for a job. He recently gave his hear to the Lord and I strongly beleive that in the mist of all this that happened with him, God put it in my heart to start tithes as a family. You see I was the only one that was tithes and then I wasn’t really being faithful with the tithes, my desire was that we as a family tithes together. obey and trust in the Lord 100%. So when my husband lost his job God had laid it in my heart to start now and to stick with it. So we did and now we are obeying Jesus and trusting in him to take control of our lives, everything and everything. We are a family of five we do have alot of debts and we are falling behind in everything but we will not stop tithes. We are going to trust in the Lord that he will set us free from our debt and all of our bills will be paid in the name of Jesus. My prayers request is that We would continue to be strong in the Lord, that we obey and be faithful no matter what. My husband is new to all this and he asking the Lord that he would open a door for him where Jesus wants him. So please help us pray that the Lord will open the windows of heaven on us and to all the people that are going through financial hardship. Let’s be prayer warriors and beleive that God will help us and will coudl testify to everyone what the Lord has done and give our Jesus Christ all the Glory!!! Amen!!!! I am so excited because I have no doubt that the Lord is going come through in his time!

  254. Deloris Says:

    Praying for salvation for my son Elijah.

    Thank you for agreeing.

  255. Tobey Says:


    When my son was going through drugs and alcohol, prior to all of us actually knowing, only I suspected, God gave me these words: Choose this day how you see your son. I chose God’s way and my son has been clean for over 20 years. PTL All of my family, including my husband and children, friends all thought I was nuts for I didn’t give in to the pressure of my son. He tried numerous times to take his own life. He spent 3 months in jail awaiting trial. God blessed him there also. I used Germaine’s Prayers that Avail Much and repeated several of them daily. My son was placed on probation for 3 years for a robbery he and his friend did. God is merciful and gracious to all of us. Everything but one has come to pass. It, too, will come to pass.

    The same as your father. He wants to believe the lies of satan only because he was never taught to have faith in God and God will take care of him and the same with your mother.

    I, too, was raised Baptist and when I married, became Methodist. I started searching for a closer relationship with God and became baptised in the Holy Spirit. I was asked to leave my church but my hubby could stay since he was a deacon. He chose to take our family elsewhere. So I know a little of how your mom and dad were taught. We spent many years to find a church home. We are both Baptists now.

    Perhaps it is time for you to choose how you see your parents. healthy, learning more about God’s grace and mercy, walking in God’s ways, trusting Him for their healing, telling satan that he is a defeated foe for Jesus won the victory over him and that we have what Jesus has because of our faith in Him. We are the apple of God’s eyes.

    Keep on praying for them but write out how you see them (not at the moment but how God sees them). Start reading it through everyday (out loud), stand firm and give God the glory for what He is doing, not only in your mom and dad but you too.

    It’s hard but isn’t God great? He knows our weaknesses and still loves us.

    Go to Germaine’s Prayers that Avail Much and start using the healing scriptures for your mom and dad.

    How can this help? You are not alone. Many are praying these prayers and yours is an added smell of truth and faith before God. He loves you. Keep on praying and never, ever give up on God or your parents.

    Tobey Craft

  256. Pat Says:

    Thank you, Jesus!!!

  257. Germaine Copeland Says:

    Dear Hearts,

    Where is your prayer focus? Are you looking at your circumstances — at yourself as a victim of those circumstances? I pray that you will have a hunger to know God. I encourage you to read your Bible and pray each day. Why? Because God will meet you there. The Holy Spirit has been sent to teach you all things — to guide you into all truth. Is your desire to know God or are you looking for a knight in shining armor to rescue you from your present circumstances? I encourage you to read the book of Proverbs — a chapter each day. God’s plans for you are for good and not evil — to give you hope and a future. God loves you and He wants you to come into His presence so that He can minister His love to and for you. As the deer pants for the water brook so may your soul longs for Him, the Most High God. If you could only know how very much He loves you and that He isn’t holding anything against you.

  258. Brad in Texas Says:

    First I would like to thank you for praying for me. I thank God for you.

    I need a financial miracle, plain and simple. 2008 was a very bad year for my finances and I know that only by the grace of God will my family and I make it out of this. I have been reading your prayers, reciting them, staying in the Word, and I have more faith than most people I know. So I thought that maybe if I could get some more prayers on my side, God would answer. Thank you again, and God bless you all.

  259. susan Says:

    As I read Ms. Copeland’s description of her depression in her book “The Road God Walks” [pg 16: “Failure and Depression: A Never-Ending Cycle”] I saw myself in her words… I too have four children, and I have sunk so deep into a state of depression that I cannot see a way out. The doctors say I have “treatment-resistant depression” and “social anxiety disorder”… my extended family tells me I need to pull myself together, while at the same time they tell me I never finish anything I start and they sigh with exasperation everytime I come up with a new idea or plan for pulling myself together and getting my life on track. My husband works fulltime and makes 30k/year, with four children, we are living below the poverty level and have been for years. I need to get to work and help to support our family, but when I have tried to work outside the home in recent years, I always end up suffering from so much anxiety I cannot keep the job. I tried going back to school, but that didn’t work either… we received some public assistance such as housing assistance and food stamps, just to make ends meet, but in recent months I have not been able to face my overwhelming feelings of shame and guilt to even fill out the paperwork – we no longer receive food stamps and now I’ve gone to the food shelf a few times, only once alone, other times I could not get myself to go without either my husband or a friend at my side, due to my extreme feelings of shame and guilt and anxiety.

    I know everyone around me, including the 5 women in my bible study group, are exasperated beyond description in their efforts to help me… and most people outside my husband and children don’t know the half of it. I am so dysfunctional I no longer cook, clean or even, most days, even shower and get dressed. When I look at my kids I feel like such a failure, I cannot stand to spend time with them – so I often lock myself away in my bedroom when they are at home. My husband works evenings, so the kids are fending for themselves for the most part – they are 16, 13, 10 & 8, so they are not babies, but still… I need to be doing better by them. But everything I touch seems to turn to failure – so much so, I am afraid to even wake up and get out of bed most days. So I don’t…

    I was relying on a prescription med to knock me out and put me to sleep for up to 16 hours a day – I flushed what was left in the bottle down the toilet.

    Since the first of the year, I can no longer go to my old doctor due to a change in the medical coverage through my husband’s job, so I need to make an appointment and start with a new doctor… but the thought of properly describing my life to a knew doctor is daunting. I don’t qualify for in patient treatment, because I am not necessarily suicidal… my aunt committed suicide when my cousin was 13 and I have never wanted to do that to my children – I saw what her suicide did to him, and he’s never really gotten over it.

    I need to reach out to God, but I am afraid of putting time and effort into my relationship with Christ and failing at that too… I have failed at so, so, so much in my life… what if I reach out to God with everything I got and fail at that too? What kind of example is that for my kids? Where do I go after being a failure in my attempts to draw close to God? Perhaps it’s better not to know the answer to that question… because I can’t imagine going any deeper than where I’m at right now…

    I am going to work on reading Ms. Copeland’s Book this week – and reading scriptures… please pray for me for I can’t hardly pray for myself right now.

    In less than two weeks I need to have the house in perfect order for a section 8 inspection… this housing assistance helps us with $400 a month. We are already relying almost completely on food shelves to feed our family, we cannot afford to also lose our housing assistance. Right now my house is in such a sorry state that my landlord would likely evict us if he was to see it… Please pray for me to find the strength to clean this place in time for the inspection on February 6th.

    Thank you.

  260. Diane Olive Braun Says:

    Will you please pray for me to lose 100 pounds?

    Thank you so much,

    Diane Olive

  261. luke s. Says:

    dear Lord, I’ve been going through life searching for a purpose. Wondering what it is I’m suppose to be doing with my time here. I pray that I can find that purpose and that It will serve you well. I pray the same for my friends and loved ones. That we may live and breathe in your glory, through the Lords name I pray.

  262. Gin Says:

    Thanks for any prayers about my stressful situtation at work. I spoke to that person first thing the next day, apologized if I was short, and everything was ok.

  263. Pat Says:

    Thank you Jesus for looking after us.

  264. Gin Says:

    I’ve been a little stressed at work lately. I am afraid that I let that stress get to me and might have been a little short or grouchy on a voicemail that I left for someone. It is totally out of my character and I tried to fix it after I realized that the voicemail might come across in the wrong way. It may end up not being anything to worry about but I am afraid this one will come back to me and I will get into big trouble. I know that I was wrong if I had to stress about it in the first place. Like I said it was totally out of character and I tried to correct it as soon as it happened. Please pray that it was nothing and everything will be ok.

  265. Diane Says:

    Please pray for me.I’m really struggling in my relationship with the lord.I need a healing.
    Thank you for your prayers they mean a lot.

  266. Danielle Says:

    Please pray for my husband to receive Christ as his savior.For him to be refreshed with the holyspirit, then I know that he will want to stop the divorce process and focus on God and restoring our marriage.Thank you for your prayers.

  267. Minister Tonja Says:

    My Sister Karen,
    I am only going to give you what is in my heart and the Word of God. Karen, the bible says, “all sickness is not unto death”. But, we must have the faith to be healed. If your father believes in his heart that God has the power to heal him, and that he has given us that power, he will be healed. He must understand that it is our faith, and God’s power that makes us whole.
    When the woman with the issue of blood was healed, Jesus told her that it was her faith that made her whole.
    I don’t think for one minute that you don’t love your parents. It is the love of God’s Word and the truth, that you hold fast to the position you have taken. Yes, we are to live by the truth of His Word. We are not to claim defeat. We are to claim victory over the diseases and sickness that satan tries to defeat us with. Sickness is not our Fathers will! Yes, our flesh must go back to the dust eventually. But, Jesus came that we may have life more abundantly. This is why Jesus healed the sick and diseased during His time on earth. Faith in Him and the power he gave is what will give your father true understanding.
    I pray that you don’t allow this to disrupt your faith. This doubt that comes from your father is just another trick of the enemy to get you to doubt also. Hold fast my Sister to what you know is true.

  268. Monica Turner Says:

    Please pray for my total restoration concerning my right arm. I was shot in the chest by a drive by shooter on New years eve night. The bullet entered my chest and exited by my right under arm. I have fragments from the bullet in my right arm, and I am believing God for restoration in it. Thank you, In Him, Monica Turner

  269. Lisa Says:

    Please pray for myself and my husband as we travel, fly, to Jamaica January 22- 25, 2009. Please pray for our protection and smooth, easy flights. Please also pray that our children, animals and home are protected while we are gone. Thank you! Lisa and Rex

  270. Pat Says:

    Please pray for my wife’s cousin Lisa who we just found out she has cancer. Please pray for her… thank you Jesus!

  271. beverly Says:


    I thought I wanted this marriage to work, I love my husband, but he dont love me. My husband is violent towards me, he fights me and the police wont help me
    I tried to put him out of my house but he will break in my door..
    about three days ago he was stop by the police, and he is in jail now 1-19-09 for violation of his
    parole, for missing court, and for domestic abuse.
    I’m scared when he gets out because, he is fighting me..and the police wont help, because were married.. I don’t know what to do..
    he’s No help around the house, wont put food in the house, don’t pay any bills
    stay out all day and most of the nite, and fights me..I don’t need this ..I need prayer
    The originations they have out here are no help at all, just people behind a name..Police,
    no help at all. women abuse places, no help at all, just people behind a name.
    I found a paper he wrote, writing his thoughts out..It reads turning a monster into a man.
    God help me..he was abused and he hates his mother

    He goes to court Tuesday and I pray they keep him in there while I plan a get away
    I only get paid every 2 wk.

    I’m having the same kind of trouble on my Job, It like a hostile spirit on and around me..Lord Jesus help me
    a spirit of strife, confusion, hate , destruction..I pray I don’t lose THIS Job,

    Then, and my car was ran into while I sitting at a red lite by an milk truck, got hit in the back of my car,
    I couldn’t do anything because, I didn’t want to go to jail, I would not have any home with my handicap brother
    I would have went to jail because, I had warrants on me for tickets that I had not paid. Now my car is un drivable
    and this driver should pay for the damage.,.Now I need to find a way how …Please, pray for me

  272. LI Says:

    Subject : May God can help me to further my job contract because my contract will be due on 28 Feb 2009

    Thank God for that I can submit my prayer request here, and thank you for your prayer, may God bless you.
    Firstly, please pray for that my mother was cheated by Mr. Kwong, Mr Ho, Hin Chai and Anna years before, she went to a company and worked as an Office assistant, but they cheated my mother, and compelled my mother to give her money out to them(they cheated my mother that the money was used for investment, and the investment was failured), and went away, thank God for that the policemen arrested Mr. Kwong now, but the Mr. Ho , Hin Chai and Anna were still not arrested, please pray for that God can help the policemen in the investigation, and find the evidence to accuse the Mr. Kwong and his helper in the judiciary court, thank God for that the policemen sent us several letters till now about that the investigation is in the progressing, please pray for that God can move their heart, Mr. Kwong , Mr. Ho, Hin Chai and Anna will regret about that they cheated my mother, and they can have pity on my mother , and return the money back to my mother , thank you.
    Secondly, (1) Please pray for that I can improve my working efficiency, and please pray for and thank God for that God can protect my family members and I will not to be hurt by my workmates and supervisors in order that I can have psychological health during working and I will have a stable job to preach the gospel after my contract due, and pray for and thank God for that I will not be suffered in the marital problems in my job, please pray for that I can further my contract, please pray for that God can help me to make my every effort in keeping my job, please pray for that God can protect my job – which is as a Contract Office Support Assistant, I need this job very much, please pray for that God can have mercy upon me, please pray for that God can help me to tackle with the wrong I make in my job, include (a)I break a pen when I feel very stressed and I hit on my head on 24 OCT 2007 when I feel stressed(please pray for that God can keep the health of my head), (b)I touch on a circuit , (c)I write on attendance book late , (d) They say that I use a sharp things to cut into my skin in order that I can keep on pray, (e) They said that I had not eat rice during lunch hour and eat in the toilet room, (f)I distribute the gospel pamphlets, (g)I knee down & stand up to pray in the office, (h)I carelessly damage a machine used to cut paper , (i)My colleague said that she will accuse me in the court if I do not keep on eat psychological medicines on 1 March 2008, (j)My mistake in handling telephone call, (k) I carelessly hurt my colleague and myself while working, and other wrongs I made during working hours, etc., please pray for that God will forgive my fault and will not punish me about my fault, and I will not make this wrong or others again whole life times, and help me to keep the job after the end of my contract and further my contract for one more year, and please pray for and thank God for that I can have talent to do a job if I will not further the contract later, because I want to earn living for my family members, thank God for that now I have taken in the psychological medicines, please pray for that God can protect me from the side effect of psychological medicines, my mother will not place the psychological medicines into my food, I can forgive my family members if they place the psychological medicines into my food, and please pray for that my family members and I will not hurt by my bosses, and will not suffer a loss at the judgement day. and please pray for that my mother and I can use all our spare time (holidays) to study bible, distribute the gospel pamphlets and pray, so that we can have spiritual growth up and I can further my contract. (2)Please pray for that my mother, brother , sister and I can have safety during working hour, please pray for that God can protect my family members and I to have a job , my brother will no feel ashame about his current job so that leave his job, please pray for that he can accept his current job. (3)Please pray for that my parents could have goood relationship between each other; (4) Please pray for that I now use a sharp things to cut into my skin in order that I can keep on praying, (5)Please pray for that I can restore my psychological health, because I am always blame myself about the sins I committed before, I am afraid that God will punish me about the sins I committed before, please pray for that I can have biblical mind to know will God punish me one day or not, so that I can live out good witnesses and have peace to face the punishment from God one day, and please pray for that God can forgive me. (6) Please pray for and thank God for that I will not be suffered in the marital problems, so that I can seek the kingdom and the righteousness of God first, and have a spiritual growth up, and I will not regret about the decision I made in this marriage this life, that I will only choose the Christian girlfriend that was arranged by God, please pray for that if God had not prepare a Christian girlfriend for me, help me to keep alone whole life, so that I will not be hurt again in order that I can restore my psychological health and have a spiritual growth up. (7)Please pray for that the son of my brother will not hurt himself, my brother and my sister will not be suffered in the marital problems , my sister can have good psychological health, and we can maintain a good relationship, we will not be hurt by the husband of my sister and the wife of my brother, so that my mother and I can help my sister and my brother to accept the Jesus. (8)Please pray for that my computer can run well , and I can continue submit my prayer requests and study bible from the net, so that my mother and I can firmly believe in the bible ,and we can have assurance of the salvation. And please pray for that we will not suffer a loss in the Lord’s Judgement Day, thank God for that I can keep on use mind or mouth to pray in the office , please pray for that God can keep my stomach health if I pray with fasting for too long time, and please pray for that God can keep me not to hurt myself if I undergo stress because I found some blood come out of my body nowadays, please pray for that God can keep me if I need to see a doctor, please pray for that God can help me not to bleeding inside my body and I can restore my health, and please pray for that I can not only keep on use mouth to pray in the office but also in the whole life time, God can keep my health when I pray too vigorous, and I can pray at mid-night , and my mother and I can go to the church where God prepared for us and donate our money there in the will of God, so that we can have spiritual growth up , please pray for that I can maintain a good psychological and body health, and can keep on pray with heart this life, and please pray for that I will not suffer from disease ( such as heart disease) if I pray too vigorous. (9)Please pray for that my family members and I can have place to live and food to eat and we can have safety in using electricity and fire, pray for my sister that she want to born a baby, please keep her health and baby’s health, and please pray for that we can apply for compassionate rehousing in God’s will, may God have mercy upon my family members. (10) Please pray for that when I distributing the gospel pamphlets in the mainland China, the policemen come to me, and write down my Identity Card number, please pray for that God can help me to tackle with it. (11) Please pray for that I hurt my skin in order to keep on praying, please pray for that I can keep on pray with hurt my skin and will not infected by the SARS or other viruses.(12)Please pray for that my brother will not go on drinking the wine and gambling, and please pray for that when his wife want to divorce with him, he will not have some irrational thoughts, such as commit suicide or hurt himself or do some hurtful things . so that he will not be arrested by the policemen. (13)Please pray for that my mother hurt her feet and she can restore her health; (14)Please pray for that God can add my pain, so that I can be purified, and help me to have spiritual growth up, and please pray for that my family members and I will not be hurt by my colleagues, classmates, church members and friends include Christian colleagues, so that they can be helpful for me to live out a good witness before my family members, my grandmother, my father, my sister, my brother and my relatives can all accept the Jesus Christ, and my mother and I can have a spiritual growth up and can strenghthen our faith.
    And I am sorry for any inconvience I made to submit my prayer request here. Pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, a-men.

  273. dana Says:

    I want to thank the Lord for my job and request prayer that I would do an excellent job and be of honoring work ethic. Please pray protection over me at my job and that I will bess others. Thank you and God Bless!

  274. Jay Says:

    At this point in my life I am convinced that Christ lives inside me and I have been called to do something special for him. God has shown me so many signs and wonders, just in the last six months to let me know he is real and cares for me. I have a stable job and planned to attend college this month; however, my associations of the past returned. I am now in jail for probation violation, charged with a crime I did not commit and don’t even know about. Just by accident, I found there was a warrant for my arrest and I turned myself in to clear my name. I have a court appointed attorney but I don’t she believes cares. Please earnestly intercede in prayer for me in all areas and that I will be cleared of charges brought against me, for favor, grace, mercy, that my attorney has wisdom concerning what to do in my case and is truly concerned about me, and that I am quickly released from jail. The old has passed away and all things are new. God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

  275. mary Says:

    I need prayers to cover my family .
    my children josh & koky with my husband Oscar that this year the lord will be in control of our lives.
    My mum Agnes need prayers for opposition at her place of work by a work comrade who is coming against her for being a strong believer in the lord.

    I need an open door in my life am out of work now for a while and have been experiencing setbacks and attacks in the dream.
    Pray for my total deliverance from the powers of witchcraft that have been sent to destroy my prosperity and going forward in life.
    I have a sister who has been single for a long while I pray for her to settle down in marriage and that the lord will take away all the shame and turn it around to the glory of his name in jesus name.
    pray for my niece latifa to be completly set free from any generation curse that she will grow up as a normal child.

    thanks & regards

  276. Monica Turner Says:

    The enemy tried to kill me on New Years Eve night. A car pulled up to the expedition that we were riding in and shot. The bullet entered my chest and exited beside my underarm. I lived, and I am getting better each day. Please agree with me in prayer that I recover quickly and supernaturally in the name of Jesus. The Lord told me that is was a “gang Iniation Act”. I have witnessed to many people about the power of GOd that sustained my life. Then a week later, someone ran a red light and almost HIT my side of the car.I feel that an angel thrust our car on through the green light. I know that I am in a spiritual battle, but I am not afraid. We have bound the enemy from his tricks, and I will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.
    Thank you so much for your prayers.

  277. Luke S. Says:

    dear lord, please help me to know how to serve you better. I ask you for forgiveness and relief. i pray to you to allow me to be able to continue to help my loved ones, but if i can not due to circumstances i pray that good fortune comes there way. I send praise to you with all my heart. keep my faith strong and resilient through the lords name i pray, amen

  278. Germaine Copeland Says:

    Item #1. To anyone desiring to receive our Daily Prayers, it is necessary that you go to our website and sign up.

    Item #2. A note to anyone dealing with feelings and attitudes that are hurting them: God has given you the power to make choices. If you feel hatred toward others, make a decision to pray for them. Choose to forgive, to walk in the love of God, to be at peace. There are prayers in my books that will help you turn your focus away from hating someone to loving as Jesus would love. This takes time alone with God. He will help you in this time of turmoil.

    It is my prayer that you will receive the grace to forgive and let go of hatred. It’s a New Year — let go of the past and receive the good things God has prepared for you for 2009.

    Loving in Jesus’ Name,

    Germaine Copeland

  279. Marina Says:

    Respected people,

    Thank you for all your prayers and MAY GOD ABUNDANTLY BLESS YOU! Year 2008 was quite heavy for Kacha and difficult in some things for me, Marina.. So, would like to ask you for support in prayer for few things: THAT SADNESS AND DISAPPOINTING STAY BEHIND in previous years! And wish you the same!

    We are 39 years old and, of course, WE WOULD LIKE TO GET MARRIED and TO BE LOVED, UNDERSTOOD AND APPRECIATED, to have children… We are attractive, but gentle, so please pray that we GET MARRIED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    Also, please, for Kacha’s reconciliation with her Nebojsa, that NEBOJSA UNDERSTANDS HE UNDERESTIMATED HER, was too harsh and broke up in a hurry – That THEY MEET AND HIS FEELINGS SHOW UP, and that GOD work out peace between them, healing of old hurts, RECONCILIATION and NEW BEGINNING!

    And for me, Marina, Christian and girl in a ministry:



    SO, That this New Year BRING MANY NEW MARRIAGES, specially of course, for us that wasn’t ever in marriage! FOR GOD’S BLESSINGS AND REWARDS – MAY HE GIVE THAT TO YOU AND US that are waiting on His move and blessings! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY and thank you very much

    Your sister in Christ, MARINA

  280. Pat Says:

    thank you Jesus! thank you Jesus! thank you Jesus! I would also like to everyone who said a prayer for my son, prayers answered………thank you Jesus…………….

  281. Pat Says:

    Thank you for all the prayers…god bless…

  282. maryann Says:

    there are two people in my life that I hate. I know this is counterprodtuctive. give me strenghth to remove this
    sin of my soul.

  283. Michaela P Says:

    I recently was involved in dating some from another relgiion, he was raised Muslim. I expected just to casually date and somehow after more than a year lter we decided ot get engaged. Now I had been feeling the yoke of being unequally yoked so i broke off the the engagement with him currently.
    I still have the desire to get married and I just broke off teh engement with a man i loved because he was not saved. I tried to do the right thing, though it was my fault for lettign it go so far anyhow. Now however I am still wanted to get married to a saved man, please pray that God allow me to meet the right Christian man and get married and that our marriage be completely protected from divorce and infidelity.
    I pray that all of you be blessed and know that “Jesus is the friend who sticks closer than a brother”
    Peace and Love

  284. John Says:

    Please pray for the restoration of a relationship of John And Edy. They were going together for 17 years and through many misunderstandings of both and the failture of noticeing of the problems of being a man keeping to much and not storing it the right way. and thinking you were doing the right thing by going to church functions and getting home late and not spending enough time with the other party. and waiting to long to do any thing until it being to late. I believe in what Mark 11:22 – 24 says about believing and expecting without a doubt when you pray. God knows my hart and I Still love her and always will. I never cheeted on her. Was having a hard time of life after mother died and dog died. Please pray that she will call me and come back and see the new person in christ that I am now. Since this happened I have broken my wrist and arm in 3 places and am bleeding internally in the arm. Have not gone to get it repaired cause now I have no one. As before we were a team. I have asked god for foregiveness but still feel like a loser without her. If it takes for me to die to show her what I have and will feel for her forever. I will di that. Please pray that she will call today and give me a second chanch. Thank you for your time.

  285. Jo Says:

    I am in need of full time employment that wil meet my financial needs and that will lead into a career. I am also in need of the peace that Jesus gives and emotional healing.

  286. Marshal Says:

    Pray for Tatum B, a 4 yr old boy with cancer who has only been given about 2 weeks to live. Pray for a miracle. But if it is not God’s will to heal his body, that at least he will come to know God and Jesus. I believe he does because this information was relayed to our church from a friend of his family. Pray for his family regardless. Pray for God to grant them strength, and rock solid faith through it all.

    Pray also for James W, who will be 4 in March. He has an agrressive, malignant brain tumor and has already started chemo treatments and will begin radiation soon. This is just too young an age for anyone to have to go through this! Pray for James and his family also.

  287. Germaine Copeland Says:

    Here at the close of 2008 let us unite in prayer. If you don’t know how to pray I encourage you to go to “Prayer Search” on our home page and follow through to the very prayer that you need for your situation. There are many prayers listed that will encourage you. Also, remember the Holy Spirit will help you pray when you don’t even know what to pray for. I encourage you to take time to pray, read the Bible and meditate on the unconditional love, mercy and grace of a Father who has great things in store for you.

    A big thank you to everyone who is praying for others and sending words of encouragement, even writing prayers. You are not alone — God said that He would never forsake you or leave you without support.

    We have a new book, Prayers That Avail Much for Leaders, that is helping build character and giving wisdom to those who are reading and praying the powerful Scriptural prayers. Visit our book store for purchasing information.

    May you grow and grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ during 2009.

    Happy New Year!

    Loving in Jesus’ Name,


  288. min. cheryl owens Says:

    I thank GOD for you sister, for at least 10 yrs. i’ve been blessed thur Prayers That Avail. Much prayer books GOD has truly blessed the Prayer Team & myself as well as others whom I introduced the book to. thanks Sis. Copland i’d like to recieve THE DAILY PRAYER PLEASE! My email is: cowens0994@KNOLOGY.NET.
    THANKS, Cheryl O.

  289. Marshal Says:


    Your pain is obvious, is tangible and I am and will pray for you. I hope and pray you will get a new job soon so you can move out of that bad environment and also be able to make all your payments. And to also be able to put the past behind you. You need a fresh start and I pray God will give you one in the coming year.

    Father God,

    Please hear our many prayers to You right now for Abbie and everyone else here. We are hurting in this imperfect world and as we await the return of Your Son, Jesus we ask that You shower us with Your love & mercy and compassion. The apostle John said in 1 John 4:8 that You God are Love. Please help Abbie here who is suffering from abuse and problems not of her making. The economy is bad right now and many people have lost their jobs. Compounding those problems for her is the abuse she has received from others. Even in her very home. Please grant her deliverance from the cruel judgment of those around her. It is unfair that she is going through this. There’s so much injustice in this world marred by sin, Father God. Please be her strong tower, and rock of refuge and deliverer. Give her a real sense of Your peace and love and hope. Brighten Abbie’s future Lord God. Ease her burdens please Father.

    Provide her a new job so she can get out of her bad living environment into a new place. Soften the judgmental nature of those living around her. Have them and any/all others forgive her of sins not of her doing. She never asked to be abused Father God.

    We ask this hoping that for her sake, but also Your mercy’s sake and Your Name’s sake. We ask these things in the name of Your Son, Jesus.


  290. melissa williams Says:

    Pray for God to bless me with a husband

  291. Marshal Says:

    Father God,

    Like Abbie, Wendy, Janet, Valerie, and many others we have pain and worry in our lives for loved ones and difficulties we face. Yet Jesus told us You will provide for us and come through for us. All who wait on You. We see that in the Psalms(25,27 et al, & Isaiah 40:27-31) and in the Gospels. We also know that You are willing to forgive us and want to forgive us. That You are waiting for us to turn to You as the prodigal son returned to his father who was so eager and happy to see him return home. We know from what David said that You will not refuse one with a contrite heart(Psalm 34:18 & 51:17). And even though David sinned too, You knew that despite his failings he would return to you. He had enough insight & character to face up to his sins and repent of them.

    Please show us the grace, mercy and healing we need from You. Not that we deserve it, but that we need it and since You can see into our hearts, You can recognize a true contrite heart. We need so many things in this imperfect world that sin spoiled. Delivery from addictions, bad thoughts, illness(physical, mental, spiritual)of all kinds. We know this: Sin and its creator Satan is the real disease, the greatest enemy. And Jesus and His grace & mercy IS the cure. Physical death is not as much of an enemy as sin which if allowed brings about spiritual death. However, Hearing, Believing, Confessing, Repenting, and Baptism into Jesus make up the antidote. And continuing to walk with Jesus throughout our life.

    So we come to You with all our heartaches, tears, anxieties and turmoil asking for your help, deliverance, strength, mercy and love. There are storms in our lives and inner spiritual battles we face that feel like Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Many of these people here are facing their own Hurricane Katrina in their very homes and they don’t know if they’ll get through it. Show us the way Lord. Jesus calmed the waves on the stormy seas. We need something like that in our own lives. The Bible tells us that You will not forsake Your children if they come to You with a sincere, contrite heart.

    Our Father in Heaven
    Holy is Your Name.
    Your kingdom come,
    Your will be done.
    On Earth as it is in Heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our sins as we forgive
    those who have sinned against us.

    And do not lead us into temptation
    but deliver us from evil
    For Yours is the kingdom
    and the power
    and the glory forever. Amen.

    So we hold Mark 11:22-26 in expectation. And 1 John 3:18-24, And 1 John 5:14-15.

    You have been too merciful to me Lord. But I will never complain, because i need it more than most. I thank You Lord God(Father, Son & Holy Spirit)for rescuing me from despair. My faith has always been weak, but you showed me compassion, love, mercy & grace. Profuse grace when I came to you desperate and begging. Grace I should never take for granted lest I sin. Romans 6:1, 15-16, 20-23.

    And help us remember that although Jesus’ birth was very important, it was what happened 33 years later that was THE most important.

    Rescue us from torments within and around us. And my dear friend C####. Save us I pray as we call on You. Be our strong tower, our shelter, our rock in which we need refuge. Be our deliverer. Shepherd us. Heal us. Cleanse us.

    Thank You Lord.

  292. Abbie Says:

    I am hurting so much right now. I was recently let go from a job that I had worked so hard for. I am also dealing with my past and the sesxual abuse that I endured, I had been cutting and drinking to escape the pain. I moved back home and am put down on a daily basis. Its just a constant battle for me and I cant handle it anymore. My relationship with the lord is suffering and I don’t know what to do anymore. I am reaching out in hopes that this will help me.

  293. wendy Says:

    Please help me with my job I love my job but I need help to make sales and have the energy to go on to make good money for my son for college and please pray that my parent who are good to everyone and leave little for themselves. Please allow them to get riches like they always give to others. They are easily used and please make them for aware of users and please keep bad people out of their lives they are too good. May they be happy healthy and prosperous. amen, amen, amen. Please keep bad people out of my life as well. I only want good and to have the ability to help others give me the tools. Please make me and my husband happy and content and heal our bodies of pain in our neck and back and my breast. We have a young 8 year old boy and we need to be healthy for him. May he be happy, healthy and wealthy prosperous.

  294. Janet Says:

    Please pray for my father’s health. He is at the hospital with an infection on his leg, but he has congestive heart failure and kidney failure along with Diabetes. The docotrs tell us he won’t recover from this one and he doesn’t have much time. I want it to be what God’s will is, but I also won’t give up on my father. God never does either so I pray for God’s healing hands to touch my dad and save him. I pray that at least one doctor be touched by God and be willing to take a chance on my dad who has a strong will to live and see his family grow. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  295. Valerie Says:

    I stand in the gap with you and believe that your Father in healed completely by the stripes of Jesus Christ. May the peace of the Lord be with you as His glorious miracles unfold before your very eyes! May God bless your enduring faith through this difficult time in your life.Please stand with me believing that I too am totally miraculously healed by the hand of God as well in Jesus precious name.
    Blessings dear friend in Christ!

  296. Eddie & Annette Says:

    Eddie & Annette Cruz – please pray for financial blessings and good health.

  297. Michelle Says:

    Hello – please pray for me. I feel in deep grief over a relationship that I have with my partner, best friend, and boyfriend. We looked at each other as future marriage partners. Now, he is wavering with doubt and feels the need to date other women without a commitment. but he says he can’t make up his mind with what he wants to do. He keeps going back and forth. I have given him opportunity to leave and he hasn’t. Then, just a month ago he said he is definitely committed to me. Now he is wavering again and thinks he wants to date other women. I am so hurt and it’s right during the holidays that we spend with each other and our families. The thought of losing him is so painful. I feel so broken. My greatest desire is to marry and have children… and I was believing to have that with him. Please pray for our situation. I really love him and he says he loves me. Thank you so much.

  298. Leon balmaceda Says:

    I have prayers for myself and my family, I need to pray for this request that may change our lives and I have many cares of my family to be prayed for….I do believe God hears all our prayers… It just came to my mind to surf/seek for prayers of good people like you that more attuned to God’s frequency.. well that is true for sure… but I was able to read three prayers, that of Raymond (I think he’s still young) that of Ms. weary and torn and that of Ms Karen Britton. Karen is a very strong person, praise God, God works on her, really we should thank and praise God for her… Ms. Weary’s is depressed we should pray for her… I would I promise… but as an advise to Ms. weary please think positive learn to smile off away all your cares, TRUST God, 4get ur neighbors and establish your relationship with Him…always say “I don’t have to worry cos God is with me”! This is true I promise…believe God in the name of Jesus! and He will be with you… and to Raymond, I think our only difference is that your young and Im older… but we have the same prayers and that is to pass the exam… I’ll add u in my prayers…May God bless us all….Noel

  299. Priscilla Lopez Says:

    I ask for your prayers for my son Tay Salas, he’s 12 years old. He’s starting to rebel & give me alot of problems with his behavior and with school. He’s failing most of his classes & his teachers aren’t able to reach him. I don’t know what to do or how to approach him. I’m starting to feel anger & resentment toward him and I know that isn’t right. The school thinks that he might have ADHD so I’m starting the process for that.
    I ask for prayers for me as well to give me strength on dealing with him. I know screaming at him doesn’t help but he gets me so frustrated, I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

  300. Janet F. Powers Says:

    Pray for Kelly who was recently laid off from her job. Her husband is in jail. She has 5 children and received an eviction notice yesterday. Ask God to provide for her so that she can keep her home and her children.

  301. Kimberly Says:

    Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favors. This time, I ask you for this very special one.
    Please bring Phillip back into my life, just as you did when you first brought us together and opened my eyes to him. Please correct all issues keeping him away from me and all mistakes that have been made. Line up the cicumstances and emotions to let him restore communication with me. Please have him call and eventually bring me up to Washington to be with him again. Please this request be answered by December 15th – you know why this date is special. Please straighten his mind out, lift all anger, annoyance, fear, misunderstanding, miscommunication, influences, doubt and anything else that is creating this situation. Open his eyes and make his mind clear towards me and let him realize he’s made a mistake in letting me go and give him the will and want to restore our communication and relationship. Please let him come knocking and calling to me. I want to be a part of his life again and his career.

    Take this Dear Jesus and place it within your own broken heart, where your Father sees it. Then, in your mindful eyes, it will become your favor, not mine.

    I pray for your powerful intercession and know that this can and will be done. I know that you alone can do this and I promise to not take this into my own hands and will not contact him and make this worse as I have done. Please forgive me for this. Hear my prayer and divinely intervene and answer.


  302. dee Says:

    Please pray that the thyroid growth that they found will not turn into cancer and that my growth under my arm, that will be removed on wednesday will not have complication.

  303. mrs Says:

    Please pray for the personal salvation through Jesus Christ, of Seth Meyers.

    I sense this is a pressing need and am asking everyone to place this into
    your prayer groups for regular prayers.


  304. Marshal Says:

    Monday night I was weak and gave into temptation. To say I was weak is really just a lame excuse though. I ask you to pray God will forgive me. I don’t deserve His forgiveness, and shouldn’t even ask for it. But I want to be back in a good relationship with Him again. If for no other reason than that He will listen to my prayers for other people who need and deserve His help more than I. If He will hear my prayers for their sakes, that alone will be worth it.

    Thanks for praying for Ted S who was badly burned in a leaf fire a week ago. He is recovering better than expected and will get to go home Saturday according to the doctors. They had to do some skin grafts on his arms & face and scrubbing the skin is painful, but he is recovering better than they ever expected a week ago today, which was Thanksgiving. So they have something to be thankful for. Philippians 4:6 says we should be thankful always and we should be. I will be thankful once again if God will forgive me of all my sins and flaws.

  305. jenardregan Says:

    plz pray for me my life &family i must go to germany to seek a verry good job

  306. V Says:

    My husband was recently laid off from DHL and we are really having a hard time paying our bills. God knows the amount we need to pay what we have. Please pray in agreement with us that during this hard time, He provide for these bills.

  307. Dona Price Says:

    Greetings my name is Donna I would like to request prayer in receiving God’s favor in getting a job I have interviewed for this position twice, and have conferred back and forth with the hiring managers. I just have not received and offer. I am lifting this up to God and would greatly appreciate a person of God to agree and declare this job is mine or that he would supply me with a job that would more than supply my needs in The Name of Jesus. Thank you kindly, God Bless You

  308. Stevie's Mom Says:

    Prayers for our son, Stevie F., Jr–who is 15 years old. He says there is no GOD and hates church, won’t go…and calls it a ‘fairytale’. He has been trained up in the Way of the Lord, since a small boy. He has been going through hard times at school, academically. He has been physically attacked at school, very hard to deal with as I am working out of state and his Dad is handling it all. Have made heavy prayers to the Father and Jesus, covering him with the Blood of Jesus on a daily basis. Praying for him to rededicate his life to the Lord Jesus. Praying for godly friends and associates. Rebuking the enemy of his soul, and negative influences…through media and music. I pray great favor for him, and that the angels will encamp round about him. That he is blessed going in and coming out! That he is the head and not the tail! That he will have the tongue of the learned and excel in his studies, wisdom and understanding.
    I rebuke unfruitful words, negative seeds and statements, and render a crop failure to those ugly words spoken to us his parents. Please agree in prayer for his deliverance, healing and soul salvation. The Word of GOD says, that the hearts of the children will be turned toward the father ( parents). We need a breakthrough for him in this season. Thank you Jesus for your power manifested in our son’s life. God is no respecter of persons, what He does for me, HE WILL DO FOR YOU!! AMEN!!!

  309. allen a Says:

    Karen, it is very very difficult to change one’s beliefs at any age into maturity. I fully understand your parents position as it is the same understanding that I have been given. I have prayed for healing for others as well as myself. This I have I have done daily for a number of years all the while trying to believe as you do. So far, things have not gotten better, in fact, they have slowly gotten worse. I castigate myself for not having enough faith, yet preachers say that we have all been given the measure of faith. If this is so what prevents healing from being accomplished?At the same time I have been hard pressed to believe that all this evil that is forced upon us has anything to do with God’s will. I do believe though, that what you are doing is right. In spite of all obstacles your determination to trust in the Lord cannot possibly be anything but endearing you to our saviour. Do Not Stop. I pray that God will bless you very very soon.

  310. Danielle Says:

    Please join me in prayer for my marriage.My husband is picking up the first set of divorce papers today from the layer.I do not wish to have a divorce, I am praying for his heart to change and realize we have something that can and will work out if we try and put God first.Our children deserve a family under one roof.Please pray that God will open his eyes,ears, and he obeys what he hears.Thank you for your prayers, God can do anything!

  311. Karien Says:

    Hi there

    We as a family urgently need your prayers. Financial difficulties is starting to cripple our family. My dad just got a fine for not paying his levies on time. We are talking here of R3000.00 in South African rands. For our family its a lot of money as we went through a huge crisis not long ago during October 2008. I was in an accident and my car was totally written-off. My dad had to help me fixing my old car that broke down during February 2008 this year. And now it seems the financial stability we had, is slipping away.

    Thank you in advance for all your prayers!

    Warm regards
    Karien Sadie
    South Africa

  312. Marshal Says:

    Please keep praying for Ted who was severely burned in a fire Thursday. Yes, that was Thanksgiving. He has 2nd & 3rd degree burns on his face & arms. Got this update just today, well yesterday now:

    “Shirley called at about 3 PM today…Ted has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face and ears and 3rd degree burns on his arms and will require grafts on both of them…surgery is scheduled tomorrow…he will be at Vandy at least until Thursday while the doctors observe his post-op status…if everything is OK, he may be able to come home Thursday, although it is obviously too early to know for sure.

    That’s all I know now.”

    So keep him & his family in your continued prayers.

  313. Mark Says:

    I’m over 3,000.00 in debt. I have an online business and I would like it to be blessed and grow so I can do the kind of helping and giving that I want to do. I need customers and I need my business to grow

  314. Rod Says:

    Please pray for Patsie M., in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is a wonderful Christian lady who is extremely ill and weak with congestive heart failure. She has severe swelling in her upper body. Her doctors think that she may pass away soon, so this is quite drastic. Please pray that God will miraculously and powerfully heal and strengthen Patsie’s entire body, especially her heart, lungs, brain, and the infection in her leg and foot. Please pray also that God will give great peace, comfort, hope, and strength to her children, Annie and John. Thank you very much for your prayers.

  315. Marshal Says:

    Pray for Ted who received 3rd degree burns on his face yesterday while burning leaves in his backyard. Ther was some kind of backfire or backdraft which sent the flames directly back towards him and got him right in the face. He’s currently in serious condition in the hospital’s burn unit. Keep him and his wife(Shirley)in your prayers.

  316. Chad Says:

    Please pray for the restoration of our marriage. My wife and I recently got back together after several months “split up”. She dated and slept w/ another guy during this time and doesn’t see it as cheating because we were “split up”. Now we are trying to work things out but it is really tough.

  317. Christopher and SarahAnn Says:

    I am a pastor in training but my beloved lives far from me. we need prayers that we would be married and their would be no distance between us. And while we want to be married here on earth Christopher and Aarah-Ann want to be married by Father God and Jesus Christ.

  318. Ikin Says:

    Karen, you are right in standing firm on God’s word regarding your father’s illness. Your father’s life is in God’s hands, and I encourage you to continue to intercede through prayer on his behalf for not just a healing in your father’s body, but in his mind.

    I once heard a man of God giving an interview about the aggressive form of cancer he had just been diagnosed with, and he told the interviewer that although he had just been diagnosed with the grim news, he already considered himself healed. He said that God has already healed him, and he was just waiting for the manifestation of that healing: either he’d been loosed of his sick body, and be in heaven with God, or his sick body would be healed here on Earth. He was smiling and rejoicing the whole time he told the story. Either way he was already healed.

    I pray your father will exercise the faith God has given him and trust God for his own healing. For by HIS stripes we all are already healed.

    Praying your strength in Jesus Christ.

  319. ivan dela cruz Says:

    I have a friend who really needs help.. she is very depressed because of a broken relationship. and now, she wants to be alone and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. she’s asking for prayers and hopes those prayers will make her feel better. i would like to ask for your prayers so my friend will make it through her problem.. thank you very much and God bless you all..

  320. Pam Ewing Says:

    Please pray that I am healed from agoraphobia and from high blood pressure and diabetes.

  321. Pam Ewing Says:

    Please pray that my fiance’ Steve E. is healed completely of the flu and strep throat.

  322. ATV Says:

    Ecc2:26 For God giveth to the sinner; he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that is good before God.Proverbs 13:22 the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just
    1 Chronicles 4:10 “Oh that Thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that Thine hand might be with me, and that Thou wouldest keep me from evil.Numbers 27:4:6:7 Give unto us therefore a possession among the brethren.Deut 8:18 And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.Isaiah 60:4-6 Then you shall see and become radiant, And your heart shall swell with joy; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.

  323. Joy Says:

    I would like to request a prayer for all the people in this world especially the needy people that Jesus will help everybody who are suffering different situations in life, those patients who are confined in the hospital Lord pls help everybody, forgive our sins Lord. God is always with us. Dont stop praying. Pls help me pray that I will pass my Nclex soon I would like to be a nurse here in USA if Gods permit. I took the Nclex Pn last April I failed I was depressed bec. they thought that I was suffffering from a communicable dse Thanks God that wasnt true. I didnt work for about 2 months. I didnt concentrate to my exam I was overwhelmed, I felt so down. I have no relatives in this country. Its hard to be alone.I suddenly got a job after they found out that my health condition was fine. Lord I hope my petition to my husband will get approve so we will be together. God bless us…God is awesome

  324. Mary Says:

    Please pray for Robert and Mary-Rob has been secretly planning to abandon me again. Last night we had a huge blow up again….no food, money, cigarettes….satan had so much fun in or home last night. I am living in fear 24/7 of his abandonment and although God has shown me time and again that He’s here, Rob is STILL allowed to do this. He’s got his stuff packed, hid and now we are physically fighting over the phone (if I give it to him, he’ll call the people who joined the cult groups he was in — they’re the ones who tore us apart in the first place)…

    anyway….I was going to run away last night….it was so cold and I prayed for God to speak to us, nothing…..Rob is FAKING being asleep as I type this.

    Please…we have no food, money…nothing….if he calls these ‘freinds’…that’s the final straw of my home, after last nights’ fight, he wants to never love me, nothing….for the rest of his life…..

    please, take my prayer request to your friends and family…please… me!!!

  325. Rick Says:

    Hello, my name is Rick. I have so many areas of needed prayer that I don’t know where to begin. I will start with a court battle that my son (16) will be going up against Dec 8. He acted out of self defense and because of falsehoods, he ended up being the one that was charged. Next, I am in need of rest from all the uncertainties of the future. I put up a stickie where I can see it everytime I set down at my desk. The note is “Matthew 11:28” “I will give you rest” and I pray to God about this continually. Where I am at right now is a crossroads and I am very uncertain on which way to go. I pray about this. Next, like everyone else, I am in financial need. I live from paycheck to paycheck and with retirement looming around the corner, I am afraid that that my retirement won’t cover my needs as I am a single person with no additional income. Basically, I am at a point where I don’t know what to do. With all the recent activities, I am continually getting depressed on a daily basis. I constantly ask God for help on everything but I am at a point where I need additional prayer help. Yours in Christ Rick

  326. Katarina Says:

    Please, fervently pray:

    That TODAY OR TOMORROW NEBOJSA makes new steps toward me (call, approach, apologize) and that WE COMPLETE RECONCILE

    That God keep us in His care and help us to work out all problems

    For God’s protection of our love and future

    That God keep evil influences and envy and jealous opinions and people away from our relationship, that all negative TEMPTATIONS, STUBBORNESS, UNFORGIVENNES AND BITTERNESS be lifted away

    Thank you very much.





  327. Ed D. Kleiman Says:

    Please pray fervently for Ed Kleiman’s time participating in the “Going On” all day seminar for any in Iowa and Minnesota who’ve already been on a short-term missions trip — at 1st E-Free Church, Maplewood, MN (out of Minneapolis) on Nov. 22nd. Pray for a great supernatural outpouring and working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those attending that training.

    Please pray also for Ed’s time in Libby, MT from Nov. 23rd through Dec. 1st. Pray for his teaching on prayer to the missionary students at International Messengers Mountainside Training Center Nov. 24th through 28th, preaching at Faith Bible Church on Nov. 30th, and other things still being determined. Pray for the work of God’s Spirit to radically change hearts and lives, enabling people to live out Christ-centered & dependant, grace-fueled & Spirit-empowered lives, all to God’s glory.

    Remember the words of the great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor; “Since the days of Pentecost, has the whole church ever put aside every other work and waited upon Him for ten days, that the Spirit’s power might be manifested? We give too much attention to method and machinery and resources, and too little to the source of power.”

    Thank you so much my dear brothers & sisters in Christ for your prayers. How exceeding abundantly beyond all we ask or imagine the Lord is going to answer them, bringing great glory to Himself and impacting for generations to come the lives of countless people.
    Ed D. Kleiman
    Small Cloud Ministries

  328. Manuel Says:

    I need prayer. I have been falling into the trap of drinking. I need God’s help as I attend court dates and or pay fines.

    I have asked for forgiveness. I feel the shame and the embrassment.

    I need God’s strength and His grace.

    Thank you for prayer for me and with me in this situations.

  329. isaac Says:

    4 Apply blood of JESUS every day and as many atimes you can by faith in prayer do it.ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM THAT BELIEVE

  330. Penny Says:

    Lord, I have been strapped for financial funds to rennovate the remainder of my parents home. All we like are the kitchen, two bathrooms, and touch up on the paint. I use my funds appropriately by supporting my family, paying the bills, and helping with the needy. I normally do not pray for such, since the poor and the sick are in much greater need and since I do help the needy, I understand if it goes unnoticed a little longer. But, just know that I am still waiting and hoping to obtian the proper, good honest people/person for the job. I thank you for listing and reading….Amen.

  331. Penny Says:

    I currently have a young w/m child spending the week-end with me. He comes from a very broken home. mother with little to no education, in and out of relationships, brother very abusive, father that doesn’t reconize or support him and lot of family members that do not want anything to do with them. It saddens my heart since he come for the week-end with just the clothes on his back, pants too little, shoes too little and possibly a bladder problem.
    I immediately took to his situation, sorted my sons clothing and presented him with them clothing, purchased new shoes, and purchaed long/sleeve winter clothing. He was so gratful, respectful and very, very appreciative.
    He ask to stay the week-end and I agreed. As I was departing for work, I gave my son a hugg and kiss goodnight, he immediately jumped up and ask if he could have one. I hugged and kissed them both and told them that I must go.
    In my situation, I would love for him to stay longer, but, I know that his mother would declined…
    I am asking for prayers that is Mother will go to work, keep a roof over his head, see him through school, and feed him properly. I know that it may be a bit too much, but, he really needs prayers before he goes astray into the criminal world. I have invited him for the next weekend and can hardly wait to ask his Mother. He is 11 and has five years before he can actually work and once he begins working, he will give up on school since the system has given up on him. I know that I can’t save the world, but, with the prayers at hand, he will have a chance.
    Please pray for the little fellow for I do hate to see something terrible happen to such an innocent child. We will call him Riley. My father, please allow your many people to come into his life and help see him through in his name we pray, amen.

  332. Marshal Says:

    Father God,

    I haven’t been here in a while, but I was very moved by Felicia, the 14 yr old girl (from October 22nd)who’s living in a very bad situation. Her dad is on drugs but the worst of it is that her mom’s ex is a pervert and all around abusive. Please help this young girl Lord! Things are awful for her! Help her find good people to turn to! Maybe Social Services or some govt dept or people perhaps at a local church who will rescue her from her family and take her out of there and give her a better home! Children should not have to live this way! So please help Lord God. I know you can and hope you will. So I’m going to take a step of faith and trust that you will. This young child is counting on You Lord and needs Your help! Deliver her from evil and give her a better home to live in. And then she can praise You and witness of Your great delivarance and help.

    Help my friend Candy in China also please Father. You know her situation also. I will not give up in praying for her. I will be like the persistent widow in Luke 18 who continually took her pleaas for justice before the unjust judge. The big difference of course is that You Lord are perfectly just, yet merciful and loving. So I bring these requests before You Lord. Hoping and trusting in You. Thank You Lord God. I ask these things in the Name of Your Son, Jesus.

  333. ronnie Says:

    please pray that finances will come in getting behind on some bills work has been very slow,but i’am standing on his word that these finances will come in,please pray for tommy my brother who stays in constant pain from arthiritis and lupus,pray that god will heal him totally he has had a cold for 2 weeks now, pray that i can get 2 wall mount heaters,i’am believing for everything to be okay, pray customers will come in by the dozens, i thank you for praying for me.

  334. kim Says:

    My husband and I are trying to become pregnant. Please pray that God will bless us with a child.

  335. Ana DelNegri Says:

    Please pray for the following people:
    Sean/Dana – Sean just got laid off from his job; they have 2 babies; please pray for divine intervention for their lives, that their needs be met and for guidance and direction for his next place of employment. Pray for Dana to trust God and feel his holy presence.

    Rick N. – He too just got laid off – he asked for prayer for guidance and direction for next place of employment, and financial needs met.

    For me and my husband – God knows the details, but mostly that we continue to draw close to the Lord and towards each other and have right priorties.

  336. Sophia Says:

    My husband and i have been separated since may. I have been standing for my marriage, drawing closer to God and staying in prayer for my home and my husbands salvation. In this time I have become pregnant with our third child, I am now soon to be moving, and my husband has been unfaithful. He seeks me only to ask favors, then leaves me alone again with the children. This last time he did this, i felt so broken. I wonder if God loves me, and why someone could take pleasure in hurting me. I love my husband and i want my marriage healed. can you please pray for the healing of my marriage and my own heart?

  337. Karen Sanders Says:

    my prayer request is my Health is not good I feel loss and spend to much time at the doctor , my House payment are to high and I am prayer to get them lower, I loss my job last Sept and make a lot less Money . now I need a better job. I work with Senior with Alzheimer’s Diseases. please help me I feel like a failures, the devil is trying to take me down, I need your prayer.
    Thank you for all you do . Karen

  338. Sonia Says:

    I was diagnosed in 1993 with Multiple Sclerosis, it has progressed, please pray that God will heal me and my left leg will stay strong.
    Pray that any anger my 14 year old son,Moises has will be set free in Jesus’ name.Pray for healing for Joshua my 9 year old son and for my husband,Yuahin.
    Thank you and God bless you all.

  339. CHARLOTTE Says:

    my brother Willie is having a operation this morning on his head from tumor. PLEASE PRAY OPERATION IS A SUCCESS. i pray that he will be fine and God direct the doctors and nurses to do their job effective. I pray that God gets the victory. May God bless this ministry.

  340. Wendy Mench Says:

    God Bless you

    I love GOD with all that is within me. I love praying for others, now I find that I am in need of prayer myself. My husband is German, we met in Africa where we got married and returned to Germany where we have been living since 2001 after Septermber 11.

    By God’s grace I went to Beauty therapy School , despite the language, worked for two years in a five star hotel, and in June I opened my own beauty salon. I did all the necessary things needed to open a business. Now I have had financial pressure, I stood on the word of GOD for him to bring more customers, I have fasted and prayed and done all that I could and I am still standing. I have combined the salon with art gallery as I also paint oil on canvas.

    At the same time, an opportunity has arisen in my home country Zimbabwe for me to open a wellness day spa in a Premium lodge, beginning of next year! I got to know about this only by some miracle.

    You see my husband and I have been wanting to go back to Africa, since three years. I know in my spirit that it’s time for us to go back to Africa. That’s our desire.

    Please pray for, Finances for this venture, relocating, house, miraculous capital for my new business in Zimbabwe i need about €20,000.00, an excellent job for my husband, God’s favour with the lease for the wellness spa premises. And for us to leave Germany in peace. With GOD all things are possible.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU abundantly.


  341. Diane Says:

    Father, you are El Elyon, You alone are God and we acknowledge You as Lord and Savior of our lives this day. Father I lift up this family to you and I pray that You direct their steps to a church family that will meet their individual and “corporate” needs. Father Your word says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by You and I pray Lord that You lead them to the church You have ordained for them at this time. Father I pray that You send laborers across their paths to minister to them individually. Lord, I pray that you open doors for them that man cannot shut and You shut the doors that You do not want them to go through. Father, Your word says that whatsoever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatsoever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven and in the name of Jesus the Christ, I bind that spirit of depression that is on this young lady, satan, you take your hands off of her in the name of Jesus Christ..and Father I loose the Holy Spirit of God to comfort her and to speak the words that He hears from Your throne to her spirit to strengthen and encourage her in everything she does. Lord allow her to hear Your words and remind her of who she is in You…that she is more than a conqueror, through You, that she is the head and not the tail, that she is above only and not beneath. Father, reach her spirit that she may be strengthened at this time in Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Amen (So be it).

  342. Beth Wildsmith Says:

    What lead me to your website is a need for prayer for my 17 year old daughter. She tries very hard to be responsible and focused, but mostly she is listless and depressed. Please pray that God will compel her into a lifestyle where she can experience true Joy and freedom from the bondage and pain she has suffered for most of her childhood. Please pray I will have wisdom to encourage God’s plan for her life. And please pray God will lead our whole family to a church we all want to attend. Thank you, in Jesus’ Name.

  343. Shea Says:

    I would like to pray for everyone on this site. Father I ask that you bless everyone that is in need on this site and to give them understanding that we don’t have answers, “Only you” know the outcome of our situations. God I ask that you come in and take over these people lives spiritually, mentally, financially, and physically. I asked that you help people to understand that just because they are alone that they don’t have to be lonely. There are too many of your people in this world to be lonely. Let your followers know that you are always with them know matter how difficult the situation may seem. Let them know that a “Recession” does not exist for “God’s People”. Children of God can be blessed in the dessert. So a recession should be their least concern. God you are a wonderful God and we thank you for all the heavenly and earthly blessings that are bestowed upon us daily. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  344. Shea Says:

    Please pray for God to give me strength and wisdom with my business. I am asking the lord to help me be a good employer and a sucessful business. I not only want my business to be blessed but I want everyone involved to be blessed as well. I ask that the lord use this business as an umbrella for so many other things that need to be launched. I asked the Lord keeps me humble as he blesses me and my business. And most of all I ask God to use for his purpose thru this business.

  345. william austin Says:

    please help me lord. restore my marriage to lisa according to your divine will. allow us to find the love together for one another. bring us closer to each other in unity as you designed. lord do a mighty work in lisa’s heart that she will see me with the love she once had for me . she will accept the love from me . she will have a desire to return home and see that our marriage is worth saving.
    lord give me your strength to endure this trial . give me your peace and understanding to know what to do. allow me to move when only you want me to . stand fast in you when your taking care of it. lord bind my words if they wont help. but use my mouth to speak as you would have do so. lord I hold true to your word. lord break lisa’s heart of stone and make it flesh. she will look only to you and your word for guidance. lord move us out of the valley today and upwards to the high place that you are preparing for us . lord make me the husband you want me to be ,make lisa the wife you want her to be and make us a family with you at the head. lord I need your help and i trust your will. i surrender this whole situation to your divine will, it can only be done be you and your guidance I love you lord . I thank you lord for all you have given me seen and unseen . thank you for all you are preparing for me . in jesus holy name I pray, amen

    thank you and god bless you,billy

    lord i pray that you keep the enemy from lisa, lord work in her heart
    tonight . allow her to feel the anointing and accept you totally in her
    life . change her heart o lord. take ungodly council from her. let her
    recognize evil in her life and turn from it. lord mold her to be a godly
    women and wife. in pray this in jesus mighty name ,amen amen and amen

  346. Deneese Says:

    I need prayer for my teenage son Andrew… for the past two years Andrew has been stricken by the sin (rebellion) He has been ditching school,partying,getting high and sleeping around with girls. He has also been in and out of juvinile detention for not going to school and violating curfew…Last week he was sentenced to nine months in a juvinile camp and he has already served 3 months in juvinile detention so he will be detained until April 2009 when he turns 18. I need for the holy spirit to work a miracle on him while he is doing his time and to save him from the distruction in the streets. I need for God to lead him in the right direction and show him salvation. I am a true woman of god and I worship my god every day and I attend godly functions a few times a week so I will surly do my part in praying and bringing Andrew to Christ. Thank you so much for being available to me and others who need special prayers. God loves you and so do I. BE BLESSED!

  347. Tina Says:

    I’m not sure if my prayer request went through a couple of days ago but I am re-writing in case it didn’t. My husband recently went on a layoff a few weekds ago and as of today, does not have a job. Please pray that God direct him to the job He wants him at and that God continue to watch over our finances and provide for all of our needs. We have had to pay bills belonging to another person and we really need to be released from this burden. It has not allowed us to set any money aside and we were just making our bills. This person has stolen and lied and we are asking God to restore what has been taken.

  348. Robert Says:

    Please pray for reconciliation with Angie, and restoration of our relationship so that we can together begin to serve God.

  349. FELICIA Says:

    hi!well im a 14 yr old with too much to deal with!my father is big in drugs so all i have is my mother.she has been getting back with her ex and he is no good!ive prayed for him and i try to give him chances but he just isnt right for my mom.he is a lier a perve(i cant have female friends around because he touches himself when they are there) he is also a felone and i could go on forever about how horrible he is!!he doesnt like me either he kicked me out when i was 12!i have my moments but im not a “bad” kid.when she is with him she leaves me all alone with no food no money and no phone.and i live far away from any one i know!!basicly i need prayers for my mom to see what she is doing to me!im very hurt by the way she is acting and she has been freaking out!when she is with him she will get really mad for no reson!she is always in a bad mood and its making me missarble!!trust me i could go on but im going to stop myself!sorry for my typos!!thank you for your help!!

  350. V. Says:

    Hi, my husband was recently laid off from his job and we are really hurting financial. For the past few years we have been saddled with another persons bills and we haven’t had a lot of money to put away so at this moment we are really struggling. He has been out making applications and interviews but hasn’t had any answers yet. We are believing that God will open a door for a new job. We are also praying that we will be released from the other financial burdens that we’ve had. We continue to pray protection for our family, finances and ask God to meet our needs. Please join with us in agreement for these needs.

  351. Nina Says:

    I pray that the peace (shalom) of God which passes all understanding shall pour over you like a welcome wave of warmth. He will perfect that which concerns you as you relinquish all thoughts, words spoken, and deeds over to Him Whom serves as our burden bearer. Mountain moving faith will be your testimony when you exchange your weaknesses for His strength. His strength is everpresent, overpowering, and omni-present. Nothing and no one can overcome His ability to help you overcome if you do not allow it! “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the words of their testimony.”

  352. Shanita Evans Says:

    Please pray about Shanita’s need:

    $100.00 HSBC visa
    $100.00 HSBC mastercard
    $100.00 SAFE pop fund payback
    $104.94 MCNB Banks loan payment
    $150.00 Waterbill
    $200.00 Wal-mart credit card payment
    $200.00 JC Penny Credit card payment
    $250.00 owe to friend
    $352.00 car payment
    $400.00 house payment
    $400.00 cell payment
    $2257.00 Total

    I need to pay these debts and I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    Please pray about Jeorge’s need:
    $400.00 Sandy
    $1083.08 Tickets for flight
    $3000.00 Travel
    $4483.08 Total

  353. flor Says:

    Pray for Jennie who still struggles with alcohol abuse. Part of her problem is her drinking partner (not a friend), “Mike”, and other individuals (drinking buddies) who are constantly calling her and talking about going to parties and drinking activities. Mike, who has an alcohol problem, is always enticing her to go to bars, or drink. Prays that the relationship (drinking) between Mike and Jennie ends and he is transfer to another location. Because this relationship it is creating problems for Jennie at work, home, a personally, and may cause her a divorce. Also, pray that she stop drinking (daily, Wednesday, Friday, and week end). Stop drinking at home, setting a bad example for her ten children. Pray for Mike too!

  354. Fredrick Washington Says:

    Please pray that the Lord would manifest His healing power inside of my 9 yr. old son and I. We believe that we are healed from diabetes but are just waiting for it to be manifested in us. Thank you so much and may God bless you richly for your faithfulness!!! Fred and Isiah

  355. Tanya Says:

    I ask you to pray that God will restore my marriage & change my spouses heart and that he will learned to turn to God for all his needs.

  356. Justin Says:

    Can you Pray for my Friend blanca’s Brother.. I bearly friends with him.. we new.. and i don’t even know his name 😦

    anyways.. Help Me Pray. .:)

    He’s in Desparte need of JESUS CHRIST>

    not saved or set free. :*(… don’t want to see Him complete that wrong path. :*(

    i don’t want to see no one in that path. 😦

  357. Simone Says:

    Please pray that my beloved will stop resisting prayers on his behalf. I ask that you pray with me that our Lord God soften his heart and his mind, so that he will be receptive to our prayers for reconciliation of our relationship in God’s Holy Name. Grant that the Holy Spirit will pour His light into my beloved’s heart, his soul and his mind. Please remove all obstacles that separate us, so that together, we can live a holy life and grow in God’s goodness and grace.

  358. Judy Birdsong Says:

    Father God I come to you broken and faint. I have lost my health, my job, my home, my car and all finances. I am dependent only on you through my faith. I am old now, alone, cold, broke and hungry with nobody to help me. Please, I ask for deliverance from this spirit of poverty that has come upon me and stolen all that I have. Father I pray that you will have a word for me soon. I put all my trust and my faith in you Father as their is not a soul on earth that really cares about me or will help me. It seems that all just want to judge me in my tragedies and failures. I pray Father that I will no longer fail you on a daily basis. I love you Father, I love you Jesus. I love you Holy Spirit, please come, fill me and lead me in the way you would have me go. I ask much Lord and I ask this in Jesus name…. Amen

  359. Valerie Schulze Says:

    Dear friends in Christ, Please lift up our friends Amy, Chad, Miley, and newborn baby Acey Faith. She was born 2 mos premature. Many complications. Believing for supernatural intervention. Let there be life abundant in this little child dear Lord. In jesus sweet name.

  360. Valerie Says:

    Dear Friends In Christ, Join me in believing that our Dear Father in heaven continues shining His loving mercy and grace towards our friends Chad , Amy, and Miley, and newborn baby girl Acey Faith. She was born 2 mos premature , 2lbs 8 oz, born still-born until given transfusion. She is doing so much better, still on breathing machine. Believing for a miracle that she will have no brain damage, fast recovery, etc. Thank you Father for your supernatural intervention in this precious family’s lives. In Jesus Sweet Name. Amen

  361. Patricia Hinds Says:

    please stand in the gap for my child and i for family reconciliation & restoration for my daughter to come back to the Lord and for renewining of her mind.For her well being and to know that God sill care about the small things also.

  362. tammy Says:

    please plead the blood of jesus over me ,my children, pray god will bring my husband to his knees, give him a repentful heart, and god will place his hand over this mans mouth, over his voicebox, he has been yelling at me for everything and he is not showing no signs of wanting to change. pray jesus will come in show that he is in charge and that god will show him how to speak to me . also pray god will take away whatever is provoking this behavior.

  363. Christy Says:

    Pray, for my marriage that God will restore, repair, build and become the very foundation of it. Pray that he saves my husband and children. Pray that God moves in my husband’s life in such a way that my husband opens up his heart to God and to me, that he seeks God with everything that is within him. Pray that God covers us in his prescious blood. Pray that God gives us Godly friends to go out with and pray that he put good people in my children life and my life as we start our business and as my children began college and work on their 1st jobs. Pray for sucess and prosperity in our lives. Pray that God will remove us from poverty to financial stability and financial overflow. Pray that God will increase my walk with him and that he brings my prophetic gift of office out to help build up his Kingdom. Pray that as the Holy Spirit leads me that I will prophesy the truth to his people. Pray that God will open up my womb to have a child. Pray that God will bless me with my own home. In Jesus Name I declare all these things done!!!!!!

  364. Patrick Says:

    Please pray for my finances. My hours were cut back at work and several of my bills coincidentally went up. I am getting the hours back, but I need money now for several bills. Please pray for wisdom and favor as I deal with my creditors and pray for direction in my finances.

  365. Renee Says:

    Please pray for my mother, Cindy. She has been diagnosed with liver cancer and will be going for additional tests to see how advanced. It has been described as all over the liver. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  366. Belinda Says:

    I need wisdom, guidance and discernment in finding a new school for my two young sons. Please agree with me in prayer. I pray they will be in a safe, secure learning enviroment.

  367. kathylou meehan Says:

    give Thomas J. Green the desire, faith and knowledge to change situations in his life so he can devote himself to his relationship with Kathylou Meehan. That thru this all their children will learn of real love and respect and have it for their some day to be spouses. That all who know Tom and Kathy will learn to believe in prayer and the blessings of God and Tom and Kathy may become stewards of the Lord

  368. Susan Says:

    Please pray for June. She is in intensive care; recently had quadruple heart bypass surgery; mitro valves repaired along with irregular heartbeat. She is not yet able to breathe on her own and is scheduled to be sent to a nursing home for therapy and recovery. Please pray for a supernatural healing and recovery.

  369. Teddy Hall, Jr. Says:

    I am requesting prayer for employment. I’m a music educator/performer. I am in transition b/t jobs b/c my former place of employment had a derease in the enrollment of students which cancelled my classes. I have used up all of my available resources and because of this I’m back at home with my parents. I have great financial needs. I have a passion and desire to serve in minstry and develop a community music school. I want to utilize all of the gifts and talents that God has given me to the fullest and live a life w/o limits. I’m believing for the blessing of Ephesians 3:20.

    Thank You!!!

  370. chreen broussard Says:

    I am broken hearted please pray that harry calls me. He said some very hurtful things to me that really hurts. I love him so much. I am real;;y hurt.Please pray that we get back together

  371. Denise Katz Says:

    I am praying for a miracle. I have made a vow to all the people who have already prayed for Tonia, my life partner, that I would do whatever I could to thank Jesus for this gift of good health for her. Tonia is waiting to hear news from the hospital that may determine her future. I pray that she is cancer free and lives a long healthy life with her two kids and me. Thank you for your kind thoughts, let there be a miracle for her at this time.
    Sincerely, Denise

  372. kathylou meehan Says:

    give Thomas J. Green the strength to change situations in his life so he can devote himself to his relationship with his true love, Kathylou Meehan. That thru this their children will learn of real love and respect and have it for their some day to be spouses. That all who know Tom and Kathy will learn to believe in prayer and the blessings of God and Tom and Kathy may become stewards of the Lord

  373. nancy Says:

    Please pray for healing for my Beagle. His name is Riley and he was injured Friday night causing some neurological damage. His back legs are partially paralyzed. Please pray that God will heal him completely and all paralysis and pain will disappear! Thank you.

  374. Deborah Franke Says:

    Please pray for God to fully heal my uterus and my womb and for my marriage to rescued from the thresh hold of separation. Pray also for my colon to be cleansed and healed. Pray that my husband and I will be given wisdom and guidance and discernment concerning the decisions we make for our marriage. Pray that my entire body will be healed from the crown of my head to the soul of my feet.

  375. veronica Says:

    Please pray for me and my husband.that God will restore our marriage and save my husband. that GOD will give me the strength. to go through this trial.and bless with with a full time job with benefits.please lift me up in prayer

  376. june wood Says:

    Please agree with me for the success of a live radio program taking prayer request “live on the air” every Tuesday from 5 AM-6 AM at WAPN, Holly Hill, Florida, WAPB Madison, Florida. The station itself has a financial need to update equipment for 7,000.00. Please agree with me for an out pouring of phone call during the early morning hour each Tuesday at 5 AM, This is a great opportunity not only for people in Florida but you can hear this from your computer anywhere in the world., click “live on the air”….

  377. Julia Says:

    Please, please join me in praying for my 21 year old daughter. She has given her life to Christ but has become “sucked” into a sexual relationship with a much older man. She lived with him for a while and he beat her mercilessly. She left him but he has been pursuing her over and over till now she is planning to go back with him. She seems to be encompassed in some ‘evil’ in which she is unable to make right decisions. She has recently given birth to a baby from another relationship. I have prayed and prayed and tried to guide her but it seems to be of no avail. I prayer to God that this unhealthy relationship with this older man who seems perverted (he keeps asking her for sex using very offensive and perverted terminology) ends. Dear God please help.

  378. Renee Says:

    My pastor is under a personal attack right now and it is gaining public awareness. Please bathe him in prayer that God will use all of this for His glory. I ask for prayer for my church as I know our church will be put under a microscope as this situation becomes more public. I love my pastor and believe he is a godly man and I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around him, his family and our church.

  379. Erin Says:

    Hello, I would like to make a prayer request for selling my home. My husband and I have decided to put our house on the market so that we can better follow the will of God on our lives. We plan to move in January 2009 to Tulsa, OK to work with John Smithwick Ministries International, which is focused on raising up harvesters to reach the lost of this world. We know that this is the next step that God wants us to take, but we HAVE to sell our house before we will be able to move accross country,(we are currently in Alabama). Thank you all for standing in agreement with us! I call our house sold in Jesus name!!

  380. Raymond Says:

    please pray for my sexual purity. Please pray that strongholds and walls to be broken in my life and that the greatness of God and his fie will fill and overwhelm my life for his glory. please pray for my heart. please pray for me ray to be more Christlike. Please pray that I will pass my assignments and exams this month and that the presence of God will always be visible in my life for the Glory of God. Please pray that I will get my drivers licence and that I will shine the light of Jesus to the world around me. Please also pray what holyspirit leads you to pray for me and send this request to your friends ,family or church so that many can agree over my prayer request amen.

  381. Susan Says:

    My husband, Douglas, is scheduled for hernia surgery on Friday, the 5th of Sept. This is not a laproscopic procedure. He is scheduled to remain in hosp. for 2 days on IV. Please pray that God will give the surgeon the mind of Christ concerning all that is altered and repaired; also for a successful surgery and supernatural recovery.

  382. Maria Says:

    Matthew Marks is 26 years old. He has only been married a short time and has a little girl. He has a cancerous brain tumor. He needs healing!

  383. Salome Says:

    my brother and i are need of delieveranc prayer so join us interssed on our behalf God will reward you

  384. Elsie Says:

    Please pray for my baby niece Jana Wael, she was born August 26, 2008 and has a brain hemerage, due to negligance. Doctors in Egypt say that she will probably die but I know that only God knows this. The mom Ansaam is not doing well also. Please pray for them. May God bless all of you that care and thank you.

  385. Marian Says:

    Please pray for God’s protection and His blessings for Marian, Stephen, Carl, Robert, Florence & Frank. Thank you for your powerful prayers during this time of need. God’s blessings upon all of you.

  386. Elisabeth Says:

    Praise Report!

    Thank you all for agreeing with me in prayer for my 8yr old to pass the CRCT test given earlier this year. Thank God she passed all areas. She now understands that God hears and answers prayers. Thank you all for covering us in prayer

  387. Earl and Mary Says:

    I ask God to touch Mary`s heart and let her truly see my love for her and her love to grow again for me. I want Mary to be my wife and serve God. I give praise to You God for my life and everything in it. I know You will answer my prayer and every prayer that is said to You through Your Sons name of Jesus. God please open her eyes and let her see what she an I could have together I ask this and Thank You for it being done in the name of Your one and only Son of Jesus Amen amen.

  388. Debbie Groce Says:

    Please be in agreement with us that we will sell our house very soon. We continue to believe that God will send us a buyer and relieve our financial burdens. I know the world says the market is not good however we serve an awesome God who is in control of the situation and is going to send us a buyer. Thank you and God Bless
    Debbie :o)

  389. Chrissy Says:

    Please pray that God would restore friendship with a special lady in my life. She is a wonderful friend and I don’t want to lose her friendship! Please pray for me and her. Her name is Norma

  390. Bobbee Says:

    I believe that the Lord is making prayer my ministry. I am 66 and healthy and keep looking for something to do as a ministry, but I think is is prayer.

    Please pray with me that God will confirm His will for me and give me peace in the work he has for me.

  391. iris baez Says:

    please pray for me newly divorced and praying i can manage financially
    and i need peace,wisdom,knowledge.

  392. mischelle shelley Says:

    i would like prayer for my health. i struggle with overeating and i would like deliverance. also i struggle with depression and i need healing from that. my family needs salvation,including my three children. my mom needs healing as she is doing cancer treatment.

  393. Mark Says:

    Please Pray for my best friend Bobby Woodyard to recover from a massive heart attack. Saturday he was fine laughing and being himself, then suddenly he was struck without warning!! Bobby is in the cardiac intensive care unit in Boston where he’s on life support due to infection, high temp, and high blood pressure. we ask that you pray for his speedy recovery. God Bless Mark

  394. Lori Says:

    Please pray for the reconciliation of my marriage that ended in divorce almost three years ago. My husband is planning to move home next week and be with me, (Praise the Lord) but he is struggling with mixed emotions after ending a relationship with another women just this week. He was unfaithful in our marriage and I ask that you please pray for his faithfulness, love, and loyalty this time around. My husband is also not saved so please pray for his salvation and that he comes to Jesus.
    God Bless!!

  395. Van Says:

    3 Requests

    Please pray for my friend Val. She is pregnant and people are trying to convince her to have an abortion. Please pray the Lord’s protection and provision on her and her baby, and that she would choose life for both of them. She is having a hard time financially, and that is why she is considering an abortion. She lost her job today, and the father of the baby left her. She also has a six year old. She is not saved.

    Please pray for my cousin Matthew.
    He has been in trouble with the law, and needs to give his heart to the Lord. His mom is stressed because she needs a liver transplant and the stress of this is overwhelming and already stressful situation. I am asking that God intervenes and turns all their lives around for His glory.

    Please also pray for my dad, who has heart problems and they say he might need a heart transplant. That he is stronger, saved and can live life for God. Thanks and God bless

  396. TBrown Says:

    Injured my back on-the-job. Out of work. Wife and three kids to support. Please pray that God would give my wife and I creative ideas and success in operating our own Home-based business. And that His will be done in our lives.


  397. Jeanne Says:

    I do hope you get this email. I have attended your meetings before and have been so blessed. I do wish you would come back to Grand Junction, CO again. About 2 years ago I contacted your office for prayer after I had heard about the many weight loss miracles your ministry had experienced. I lost 80 lbs over the next several months. I had no trouble maintaining the loss for many months. I never have changed my eating habits after the loss since I have a healthy diet. According to the Doctors my thyroid problem had stabilized. In the last 8 months suddenly my weight began to go up again. I have not changed any eating habits. I think gained about 8-9 lbs a month. I went to by DR and she said my thryoid was low again but I cannot tolerate the medicine. As my weight continues to climb I am nearing the 400 lb mark again. I have felt odd the last week like my blood pressure and heart my be being effected. I do not have insurance at this time. I am afraid for my health I am 50 and still have teenagers who need me. I have been careful to watch what I eat and still the weight comes on. It may even be water weight but I do not know. I kind of feel like my body is shutting down. I need your prayers. I do not feel well enough to walk much I get light headed , shaky and odd feeling in my chest. I know God knows that I am not a glutten and have always watched my diet. Please Pray For A Miracle. for this problem. THANKS SO MUCH

  398. roxana Says:

    please,prayer for Kani,GOD salvation him soul, and open the eys of him soul, and too come back too me, bee a family tougether.IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMIN. Thenk you and GOD blessyou.

  399. carol Says:

    Am feeling such stress. The IRS has made false claims against us – taking our money by doing an unknown tax audit two years ago & now stating they notified us (which they never did). It has put us in a hardship & we were already there, because two years ago we LOST everything – absolutely everything. Now with our health failing and very little money, we find ourselves arguing over little stuff – that we never used to ever argue about. Now I cannot sleep nights for fear tomorrow I will not even have the love of my husband any longer and will be cast off into the streets with no place to go, no money and no place to stay. He has made himself QUITE clear, after 35 years of marriage, that I AM TO BLAME for us losing everything and if anything else happens – well – I am outta here. Our credit is ruined. We have no savings. It takes both our income to just pay rent, utilities & buy some groceries – and I am handicapped & cannot work more than a 40 hour work week…….I just ask for the love of my husband back, our credit restored, our credibility and financial fortitude once again. At least then we could purchase a vehicle and eventually our own home again. Am so very, very tired. Truly I wonder why God puts up with me. I am such a mess. Hurting financially is the absolute pits when back pain is included.

  400. Lynn Says:

    Please pray for my son Daniel. He suffers with Depression and low self esteem despite high intelligence and many talents and abilties.

  401. Marie Says:

    Need prayers for finances to come in and straighten out for school and medical expenses plus regular expenses. Need creative abilities to show through. Need person trying to take credit for work to be stopped and their lack of ability to show through for the sake of others, so they don’t waste others time or energy with false promises. Need mind games & thought control from certain people to be stopped. Need to find joy in life and children to do well for their sake.

  402. Henry Fields Says:

    I would like to request prayer for my brother Aaron Patrick Fields. He has been experiencing seizures for over five years. His medical team do not know nor have they been able to properly diagnose its cause. However, through the stripes of Jesus, I declare Aaron healed now in the spirit, and his body will line up with the Word of God and manifest healing in the natural. I thank God in advance for this miracle.

    Thank you prayer warriors,
    Henry Fields III

  403. Alethea Says:

    I would like to request a prayer for clarity.

    I am in a very…difficult situation with my current job. I have an opportunity for a new position in the art field serving the community. I would ask for prayers that if this is the next step on my path that it happyen quickly, smoothly and without trouble. If not let that also happen quickly smoothly an decisively so I can seek the next step God has for me.

    thank you

  404. gemma Says:

    Please include us in your prayes. I need a prayer for my husband that had been laid off from Army Reserve. I pray to God will allow my husband to do what he wanna do in joining the active army and to be deploy again, which he believes will help our financial problems. May God will take away our anxiety, depression and worries in our daily life instead he will showers us blessings in good faith, courage, seek solution in every step of challenges we face everyday. Please pray also for my husband alcoholic problem that he will recover it in enduring his life to God’s. I am thanking and offering my life to God that he will continue to shower his blessings, understanding, wisdom, knowledge and mercy in every thing i do in my life. Please pray for my daugther in her class that will begin this year for she is japanese and just starting to learn english. That her teacher will have patience to teach her inside the class. I thank God also, for people and friends i’ve met in this new place and every people who help me. In Christ name, i offer this prayer. Amen…Thank you

  405. Cyndi and Mark Sanderson Says:

    We need immediate prayer for several financial situations: monney needed
    1. heat pump repaired today and the funds to repair it and that it will not be to costly
    2. car repair and money to for the repairs and to find the right mechanic that will do right
    3. money to catch up bills asap
    4. money for school supplies for my 3 kids
    5. their father will pay up his child support asap
    6. my college classses will work out and I will have enough credit hours to attend and receive enough financial aid to help me in my fianances.
    7. that our marriage bonds will be closer than ever and restoration of my kids relations with their step-dad..healing of hearts
    8. restoration of fianances……

  406. Susan Says:

    My manager, Sam, is scheduled for knee surgery on the 27th of August. He will be having a complete knee replacement in one knee and a scoping done to the other. Please pray that any prior surgery, medications or present physical conditions will not interfere with the success of this surgery. Touch and agree that his doctors will have the mind of Christ concerning each procedure and everything that is altered. Pray for a supernatural recovery and for everything to function perfectly as God designed. That God will be glorified in this situation. Jeremiah 33:3.

  407. Susan Says:

    Please pray for my Mother, Janie, 80 yrs old: She hasn’t been feeling good of late; went to the doctor yesterday and her blood pressure was 200 over 110…..the doctor upped her medication…..that takes a few days to take effect…..her shoulders and her joints are hurting her also.

  408. Nancy Says:

    Need pray for my husband to be delivered from sexual sins & stop flirting with other women. Pray the Holy Spirit will bring his heart under conviction and stop lying. May the Lord touch my husband heart to repent from living a worldly lifestyle. May the Lord heal and restore our marriage after 2 years of separation. Also pray I will trust in the Lord and keep my eyes on Him. Thank you and God Bless

  409. romary Says:

    please pray for me that i can get a house and afford the notes. the load office is checking over my app. now i do not have anywhere to go. the owner want to cell the house.

  410. Patricia Says:

    I am in of employment and am suffering with panic attack because of the stress of not working.

    I really need some money that is owing to me please that it comes in quickly and that my mom is able to get some money backdated to her from non-payment housing benefits from a tenant.

    Please for more financial breakthrough in my life

  411. Art Says:

    Please continue to pray for my heart and mind for deliverance from condemnation and guilt and mental spiritual warfare.

  412. Art Says:

    I am requesting prayer during a time of spiritual warfare. I am experiencing guilt and condemnation after falling sexually. I have repented and confessed my sin to my Pastor. I have been removed from leadership and I am experiencing depression and such overwhelming mental attacks. To the point that I feel as though I am going to lose my mind. I have been confessing the Word and holding on to the covenant promises of God concerning my life and ministry and call. I have been having trouble walking out what the Lord has spoken to me telling me that I am now already forgiven by him. I have been asking God for brokenness and purity of heart and life. Thank you in Advance……and I know that Lord will NOT fail me.

  413. Earl Says:

    Father I come before You in the name of Jesus. I am asking You to keep talk to Mary`s heart,mind,and spirit. I am asking You for her hand in marriage. I promise I will take great care of her and put no other women before her. I know You will do this and I thank You. I ask this of You Father and give You thanks and praise for this prayer being answered and Mary being my wife in the name of Jesus Your one and only son Amen amen.

  414. N J Says:

    Please pray for Gracie. She is 11 years old and has respiratory problems and possible heart difficulties. Please pray for her healing and restoration and increase of appetite. Gracie has lost too much weight.
    God Bless the prayer Warriors,
    N J Davis

  415. Trina Says:

    I am seeking for prayer my heart. I have been dating a wonderful christian man for 2 1/2 years . He is 48 divorced and I am 44 and a widow of 7 yrs. He has 2 sons ages 17 and 18 and I have 2 children ages 9 and 11. The problem is I am ready to be in a convenant martial relationship and he is scared because he feels his boys will feel second . I need to hear form God as to what to do. I love him so much but how long do I wait? Another difficultly is that we live in seperate states. We do purpose to see each other regularly and we commuicate through out the day via the phone. Please pray for me. I am so hurt .

  416. Vernessie Joseph Says:

    Pray for me, I am a compulsive debtor/spender, and I hid the problem from my family for 23 years. By doing so my life has spiraled out of control,until now I am on the verge of losing my home. My other sin is that I have been a relationship with my partner for 23years not married.

    My question is will God continue to bless me, because I am a born again christian, but I have lived this hypocrite life style for 23yrs. So does that make me a hypocrite even tho I believe in God Word and I am trying to walk by faith in areas of my life?

  417. Jeanne Says:

    Satanist! My daughter was involved with one unbeknownst to her, and has battled the spiritual warfare for a year and a half. I have warned and warned her about obedience. The Lord has told her that satan has desired to take her where the Lord does not want her to go. She even got at word last week that the Lord asked her to be obedient. This evil man and his friends have stalked her and had voodoo dolls of her. She recently got married to a christian man whom she adores but the enemy has continued to torment her in every way. Last week she called me at 11:00pm terrified and I prayed and prayed, she felt like she was dying. Next morning she noticed the bushes knocked down in front of their bedroom window AS THOUGH SOMEONE WAS STANDING OUTSIDE. Here is my concern. She has been warned and warned. She keeps going back to friends who were also his friend. She has been talking to one of them recently. She may have told this girl where she lived or even had her over. She has been talking to this girl about moving over to work at the store of this girl. I know the Lord does not want her around these people and has warned her to break it off many times. If she is out of the will of God I am not sure she will be safe.She has not seen him for over a year and a half. but in that time she has tried to kill herself 3 times last year, I looked in her eyes today and I saw the look I saw the look she gets when satan is tormenting her. I only see that look when she has had some contact with the old crowd. I am truly afraid for her life. She is up for a manager position and she works with her husband at that job she is safe but if she does NOT GET the position , then she says she will quit since she is the most qualified. If she does that then she says she will try to get on with the Satanists friend. PLEASE PRAY HER LIFE IS AT RISK!!!!!PRAY FOR HER OBEDIENCE IT MAY ME LIFE OR DEATH…

  418. Alisha Says:

    Well, my life is over. My husband hates me and my two beatiful children have been removed from our home. My family is my heart- my life. It is all my fault. I have a deamon; alcohol. My liver is in disrepair and I am desperate. I need a miracle and forgiveness. I love my kids, my husband and God. Please pray that this nightmare will end. If things don’t get better I’m affraid of what I might do to myself. I know God ment more for my life than this. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

  419. Gwethyn Says:

    I want to thank everyone for praying for myself and my daughter(Jedidiah and Bithiah). Jedidiah has committed herself and is attending midweek bible study. I’m taking a co-dependency class @ my church. I’m geting a better understanding of my daughter. My daughter Bithiah was given some state mandated accommodation in college to help her study and pass testing. Also, one of the Youth Pastor’s has volunteered to give Jedidiah pastoring counseling to her under herself when she is ready. As I go over the pray request list I am in agreement for the deliverance and wholeness for your families as well. I believe God that all of your needs are met and that all your store houses (bank accounts gas tanks,refrigerators, homes, etc) so that you lend and do not borrow. Your marriages are blessed with the rewards of fidelity, those that are married confine themselves to their own husband and wife. That in the marriage bed that their hearts are transported with delight as they ravish one another. They are so completely satified there is no desire for anyone else. Your children are the head and not the tail. Your children do not want or lack any good thing. They are the seen of the righteous

  420. MARIE Says:


  421. michelle boyce Says:

    i pray because i have endiometriosis. i don’t care about spelling right now. the problem is i am 18 years old and the doctors don’t want to do a hysterectomy. i have gained 20 pounds in a month. they are giving me birth control pills and depro shots. i am still having my period. the pain is horrible. i am losing bone density. my eggs can be preserved. the guy i’m dating already has a son and can barely afford child support. the only thing a hysterectomy will do is send me into menopause. i can handle that. i pray that God bring me healing whether supernaturally or through a hysterectomy.

  422. nelson fox Says:

    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    Not Pride goes before a fall, which is stated in todays email, july 22nd, 2008

    proverbs 18:12 says t he same
    Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

  423. maj Says:

    Please pray for my daughter to see the light and know that her family will always be there for her. Pray that she will relaize that something is wrong with her husband he should not try to keep her away from her family…pray that she will see the light and come home to us, pray that if this relationship is good for her that she will be treated right, pray that this relationship is not abusive. If this relationship is not good for her pray that she will let go and be at peace with it. Please pray that a light is shined and and easy, safe and blessed way is open for her, pray that she overcome all obsticles and keep in touch with her family…………………

  424. Jeanne Says:

    My daughter is in a scary relationship, with a married man who is 7 years older than her. She got raped last year and then got involved with the babys dad because he was a con man and took advatage of her. He was 13 years older than her, Now this new man is in her life. He has 3 ex women who gave him 4 kids, he has had 2 failed marriages, and meets my beautiful 24 year old daughter and snags her up. He has a mocking and disrespectful spirit. She began to have doubts when he yelled at her and has been fasting for 10 days to seek the will of God. She is constantly defending him out of one side of her mouth but I think she lies to me about wanting him gone. But she is fasting. She told me if the Lord gave her a dream or 2 she would leave him. I am asking the Lord to do that. Today in church, even though she has made it clear that she is just wanting to be friends he would not let go of her hand even though he saw me looking at them and she kept trying to get away and looking nervously at me. But rather than make a scene she let him and just kept getting up and walking around But then she still went out with him after church! He is a scary and abusive person but my daughter does not see it or does not want to. Please pray she sees all God has for her. I want the Lord to bring the true husband she has been praying for since she was 16.

  425. LORI Says:

    I would like to pray about my daughters eating disorder she needs to get better from this disorder and second my unstable marriage.

  426. LaChelle Says:

    Please pray for me to remain encouraged during this process and that the Lord will avenge me of my adversaries because I have been discriminated against and it needs to end. That I endure to the end and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

    Please pray for the witnesses to tell and that the investigators and attorney(s) discover the truth. Most importantly that it ends so that I can do my job.

    I am standing on God’s word that Proverbs 29:26 “Many seek the ruler’s favor but every man’s judgment comes from God” and

    1 John 4:4 “Ye are of God little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

    And also the story of the unjust judge (Luke 18:6), that even though there are those who have deafened their ears to right and judgment, that justice can still be done if we trust in the Lord and do not give up.

    Finally I am believing this Proverbs 21:1 that “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he willeth. I know that means that God can touch the hearts of individuals to be toward us and take compassion on us (just as he did many times in the bible like with Joseph and the jailer or Ruth with Boaz and even the good Samaritan) and he can turn the direction of a person’s heart to answer our prayers. He can also give them insight to see the truth and allow them to make the right decisions.

    Thank you for standing with me in prayer. I will return here with the praise report when it is all over. God bless you all. {All quotes are from King James Version)

  427. RATHNA Says:

    THE LORD IS MY HOPE JESUS FILM SERVICE PRAYER REQUEST Dear Beloved Prayers Partners , Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is M.Rathna kumar. I am working as a God’s servant. I am praying for one of the service. I want to buy a Digital projector and I will go to some of the villages and will show the films of Jesus Christ for weekly 2 times that too the people will divert with their minds and come near to the Jesus Christ. Please pray for me the god will do this and I have hope in this. I am waiting for so many days for this one, the digital projector will cost approximately Rs.46, 000/- and the other equipments of Rs. 14,000/- (Screen and boxes etc.,) I hope god will gi! ve to me and I have hope and trust. I will do the service of my restless life for the people who don’t know about Jesus Christ. Thanking you, Yours Brother, M.Rathna Kumar
    Mission Compound PUTTUR – 517583 Chittoor DT AP INDIA

  428. Pamela E. Says:

    Please pray that I hear from Steven M. I haven’t heard from him in over a week. I’m very worried.

  429. Deloris Says:

    Please pray for my daughter, Tammy, who is takig a college entrance test right now and really needs to pass…

    Also, pray for my son Elijah who needs to find his way back to God; needs a career with good income so that he can be a blessing to his daughter…

    Pray for my complete restoration…especially in health…

    Thank you and God bless!

  430. Tammy Says:

    Please pray for my daughter, Tammy, who is taking a college entrance test right now, she needs to pass….thank you and God bless!

  431. pamela Says:

    Let me please start off by saying I believe GOD is real! But over the last few months it seems that everything that can go wrong has.And what really put me at rock bottom is that on July 8th my 15 year old daughter ran away from home I have not seen or heard from her since I continue to pray but it seems as if no one is hearing me I feel so alone. My babys name is Natalie please pray for us and also for some break through in my life thank you very much. (Pamela)

  432. donna johnson Says:


  433. Cynthia Says:

    Please add us to your prayer list. We need prayer to gain custody of our son.
    We are asking for God’s favor in this and would appreciate it if you could have the prayer partners to pray for us.
    Help us get our son back in our Godly home. He is not in a good home right now and needs to be with his 2 other siblings. Please help us with this request
    Please allow the people who have our son to realize and surrender their fight and know that he does not belong with them and belongs with his true family who loves
    and misses him more than anything in the world.

  434. Jeanne Says:

    My daughter is finally trying to obey the Lord. She has been seeing a married man who is still not legally divorced for 5 months. We have told her that we did not feel good about it all and now finally she is listening. The Lord used 3 dreams to wake her up. She is so depressed due to trying to break up with him. Everyone who meets hims says something is wrong but no one is sure what it is. I am concerned for my daughters mental health and my granddaughters well being. He has 4 kids from 3 woman.

  435. Tracy Says:

    Pleae pray that I carry my baby fullterm, and that my baby will be healthy. I have had a scarey first couple of weeks of my pregnancy. My pregnancy hormone numbers have not been increasing like they are supposed to. Also, I have had some bleeding and spotting. I having been praying the prayer for the unborn child. I would love it if others would also pray this prayer for me. I am a strong believer in prayer. I would also ask that everyone pray for my marriage. About the time that I became pregnant my husband has been going through emotional changes. He does not know what he wants in regards to our marriage. He told me yesterday that he does not want to be married anymore. I love my husband, and this hurts very bad to hear this. He seems to be miserable lately. Please pray that my husband will once again be happy. Please pray that Satan will take his hands off our marriage and my husband. Please pray that my husband will return to our marriage and make it a priority in his life. Right now his priority is going to bars and staying out all night on his nights off. I need my husband back and I need him to be a father to our baby. I have been praying the prayer of the troubled marriage. Please pray this prayer for me and my family. Or if you have any additional prayers that you think would be helpful, please let me know. Thanks and God Bless You to everyone.

  436. Evelyn Says:

    Mike, 37 years old, for deliverance from negative influences of non-believers in his life and from depression abd akcohol, and a return to the church and singing in the choir again.

  437. shirley ledet Says:

    I think prayer was submitted, however I wish continued pray for Thaddeus Ledet as he battled the enemy to become a warrior for God, Satan has a trap and I am standing in prayer that Thaddeus continues to prevail and live out his true calling for God…In Jesus Name Amen……
    Shirley Ledet


    i am praying for God to see me through on my Finacial strain it is on the way so that i will claim it his name Amen. i promised him that i will also use it for the better the life of the poor and less privilage in our society

  439. Garry Rivers Says:

    Please pray for me to get out of debt,i have been in debt for 7 or 8 years
    now,and i am still struggling to make ends meet and little money left for
    food and gas in my car,debt has got me in bondage,and its taking its toll
    on me spiritually,physically,emotionally,mentally,even financially too.I get
    depress and stress many times because of financial hardships.Creditors,
    collection agencies are calling me at home and my job waiting to pay them
    back or take legal action against me and i don’t want that to happen to me.
    PLEASE I NEED YOUR PRAYERS,please pray for me to be debt free and
    financially prosper again,pray for a financial blessings,increase my finances
    pray for God’s Supernatural Miracle to help me get out of this situation i’m
    going through right now in Jesus’name!


    Just found your lovely and refreshing words via looking for one of my favorites tonight, Charles Capps. I listen to some of his tapes online almost every evening.
    Keeps great company.
    I need you to agree to pray for my company, The Charleston Mint, we have been around for 35 years now, we need to grow and replace some of the customers that are not with us any longer. The Lord has always been merciful to myself and The Charleston Mint.
    We are a Custom hours, we make beautiful collectables………
    Thank you, Elizabeth Anne

  441. Susan Says:

    Randy had by-pass surgery last Tue. morn. He had 2-95%
    blockages, one on each side of his heart. Years ago he had his legs stripped, so there was nothing there to use, and the arteries were too small in his arms, so they had to find something in his chest. All is going well, so far. He still can’t eat solid foods, liquid diet only, not by doc’s orders….he just can’t get it down. it seems to stick in his throat.

    Please pray for total healing and complete recovery.

  442. ReadyWriter Says:

    Please pray for LuLu’s grandchild…premature infant with underveloped lungs.

  443. ReadyWriter Says:

    Please pray for my Godmother, BJ…discovered cancerous cells in her throat.

  444. Ruth Says:

    Please pray for me
    My heart is heavy
    faith is low
    future is dark
    Thank you

  445. Sister Says:

    Good afternoon:
    I am striving to obtained a new career opportunity with benefits. I have been without gainful employment for a little over five weeks. But never without faith and confidence in the Lord to administered wisdom, directions, provision, favor, and courage. Even now being over 74 days delinquent on my auto loan, when needed food, gas to get to fellowship at church or interviews, or just simply toiletries it took great faith in Jehovah Jireh, Lord that will provide. Jehovah Shammah, Lord that is present. Even-though, my current level is not my preference my latitude is heavenly minded above the temporary situation and fully persuaded that He, my Lord & Savior is truly aware of my current circumstances and count it temporal. I choose to rejoice in the Lord, count it all joy, not some. Don’t know the way, but believe the promises of GOD and take Him at His word it all and only and everything in my life existence. It takes faith to not wonder if the car will be out there in the morning. Apply for new positions, after accidentally destroying my usb key drive. I am a sower, lender and not a borrower, must keep my vows and repray my debtors.
    My adolescent son wants to see Christ deliver me from these little crisis including 3500 negative bank account. Behind on every other account we all have w/o medical coverage, but Jehovah Rophi is my Lord that healeth thee. I need over 8200 dental work 980 for root canals on pivotal cavities in pain, not as bad as a couple week ago. My little girl says the Lord will provide, “Mommy go get you new challenge and work for the Lord”.
    Everyone be blessed at whatever level your faith is at this moment, little faith, mustard seed faith, we have a measure of faith…. Let’s not allow it to be taken and used against us, others need to hear and see Revelation 12:11.

  446. Gwethlyn Neill Says:

    Eighteen years ago I was at a Kenneth Copeland meeting, when Gloria Copeland call out that there was such an abundance of drugs babies, that God was going to raise up people in the body of Christ to take care of these children. I ask God to give me the heart I needed to be a mother to one of these children. I had been searching the scriptures for some time to prepare myself to become pregnant, I had suffered two miscarriages. I adopted Jedidiah when she was five days old, and at the same time I adopted Jedidiah I became pregnant with Bithiah. As Jedidiah when through withdrawl, God was faithful as always to give me the heart to deal with her perching screams. When she would scream out, God told me to tell that mommy loves you. When I did so, Jedidiah would stop screaming instantly. The child I was carring Bithiah was born 3 months early. weighting 1lb.5oz. she lived. Jedidiah thrived, but she always hated Bithiah eventhough she was the family favorite. My whole family walked the floor with Jedidiah. Bithiah was in an incubator for 2 months. She came home 1 month before her due date. My daughters are as different as day and night. I raised my daughters in the church. My ex-husband and I made no difference between them. However Jedidiah began acting out. At the time I could’nt understand why. But she later told me. Mother didn’t you think that I might be like my biological parents. She was acting like them, drugs and then prositition. Please pray with me for my daughters to be close, and help Bithiah to remember what she hears in class and for Jedidiah to be delivered from drugs and sexual addiction. Jedidiah has returned home for her pimp, but she says that giving up sex is hard to do. Bithiah acts unforgiving towards her sister and wants nothing to do with her. She is living home and going to live at the dorms at college. Jedidiah didn’t finish high school, even though she has a photographic memory which is automatically transfered to learn term memory and reads at a master degree level. Both of my daughters have been tested. Bithiah on the other hand has to fight to remember what is said to her, and have repeated classes. She is a visual learner. Jedidiah went to alter at church to rededicated her life. Christ need to become alive in her, to become rooted in her intermost being. Thank you, yours in Christ Gwethlyn

  447. donna johnson Says:




  448. Vicki Says:

    Greetings in the Name of Jesus! I am a prayer warrior, but as a result, have been physically attacked for years. I’m becoming so weary due to constant ongoing pain. I always give Praise to the Lord. Particularly, headaches. I know God is able, so pray that He delivers me from this pain or find the ANSWER! I want to live to the Glory of My God — I’m by myself —- I need people with Jesus Skin. No one seems to care any more, but YOU DO! Amen and God Fill You To Overflowing….Sister Vicki

  449. Ruth Says:

    Please pray for me my heart is heavy faith is low future is dark.
    Thank you for praying

  450. Guadalupe Says:

    Dear Kimberly Allstun:
    I can feel you heart in dispair… I will pray for you. It’s God’s will for your marriage to be saved and restored.

    I am not married but my fiancee, after 2.5 years of constant re-assurance of his love and committment to me, panicked 1 month before the wedding… after the Lord had confirmed and answered with words of encouragement and support to continue with our wedding plans.
    We are in a “waiting period” which is about to expire, and there are no signs that things are going to turn around, at least not physical sings, but I trust our God!! I trust that if our God said Yes and Amen, then it will come to pass and I haven’t stopped praying that the Lord will clear his confusions and guide him back to me and we can go forward with our wedding.
    So maybe we can pray for eachother!!

  451. Steve VM Says:

    Pray for hedge of protection for me and my family.

    That the Lord open the doors he would like me to walk through regarding minstry and music.

    Pray against individuals and spiritual darkness that would like to impede Gods calling and destiny for my life.

    Pray for the Lord’s provision to come forth and pray that the spirit of debt be broken.

    I thank God for the prayers of his Saints

  452. info Says:

    Dear April if you husband chooses to go and help this “friend” out then God could be trying to show you something. Sit down, be still, pray and listen. Set your desires aside and see what GOd is saying about this situation. It sounds to me that God is trying to show you something through this but I am not sure that you want to hear it.

  453. April P. Says:

    Hi. My ex husband and I have been trying to restore our marriage and just over the past 2 wks. a former girlfriend he had after our divorce has resurfaced. She is flying into town and wants him to pick her up at the airport and drive her 2 hours to her mother’s. I think that it is wrong and he is insisting that he needs to help a friend. He said I can come along, but I don’t understand why she needs to be a part of his life at all. He and I were married for 7 yrs and we’ve been divorced for 3. He and her only dated for 4 months back in Oct. 06 to Feb. 07. So please help me pray that God will stop this trip. And to put a wedge between he and this woman permanently.

  454. Cynthia Says:

    Please add us to your prayer list. We need prayer to gain custody of our son.
    We are asking for God’s favor in this and would appreciate it if you could have the prayer partners to pray for us.
    Help us get our son back in our Godly home. He is not in a good home right now and needs to be with his 2 other siblings. Please help us with this request

  455. Kimberly Allstun Says:

    for restoration of my marriage,my husbands name is Ryan Allstun. He is with another woman, although we have been seperated for 4 years, I miss him so much and would love it if he would come by and see me some time. I would love to start over with him. I think of him everyday. I pray that he will not file for divorce.I pray that he will take a good postive look at our marriage. I pray that he will feel free to exspress his honest opinons to me about how he feels, I pray that when that time comes that I will be able to calmly accept how he feels, how he felt or how I made him feel. I pray that God will give both of us the tools right now to work out our marriage. I bind Satan away from me and my family so that we can be happy again. I pray that God will put his will into my husbands heart like he has mine. I pray that good christian examples will surround my husband and children and the rest of my family.I pray that my husband will come and see me soon or call me. Make he have a Spiritual Awakening so that we will have the same beliefs and be a good blessed Christian family. I pray that Ryan will come back to me, rather he is a Christian or not. May I be able to be a good example to him and my children and may he come closer to the Lord through my leading and examples. I pray for Strength to be a good wife and mother. I pray that I will get to see my kids soon. I pray that the letters that I am sending to my children and to my husband will touch their hearts deeply and lead all of them closer to Jesus and closer to me. I pray that I will be close enough to Jesus, to get the desire of wanting my husband to come back to me will happen. I pray that Ryan will come back to me soon, I pray that he will leave the party life that he is living and come to his senses that he has a beautiful wife, who has never stopped waiting on him, who has never stopped loving him, who wants to be what he neeeds and that he will come home. I pray that the even though he may not be a Christian, that the Lord, will put a strong conviction on his heart to try and work things out with me, that God will send his mind and soul good feelings about me. I pray that God will step in his life and interfere and take all the negative thoughts that he has about me and over ride them with pure love. May my husband come home soon.I pray that I will remain strong, no matter what the world says, or what the world calls me, or any other thing, may none of the words of the world bring me down or make me give up on my husband, Ryan Allstun. I also pray for his salvation. I pray that the letters that I have been writing him will make him do nothing but fall back in love with me. I pray that Ryans love can be safe with me and that I will give it all to the Lord for him. I will be what Jesus wants me to be. I will be a good influence on him. I will try to win him to the Lord and do everything that the Lord tells me. Holy!HOly!HOlY! Lord, bring this wonderful man home to his “new” “reborn” wife. Father, I ask you to let me be the one to bring Jesus into the life of my children, Devon,Kymberli,Katelynn, and to my husband Ryan Allstun. Father may I water the seeds that others have planted in his heart. Father, help me to reach him. Father, I believe in you. Heavenly Father, take Ryans worries and fears away. Father, live in his heart as you do mine. You are HOly! You control the world. Father, please bring Ryan back to me. Father, I will continue to grow, I will take my children to church with me, Lord I will try to get Ryan in church. Father, If Ryan and I have difficulties, I will pray to you. Father, I will not be ashamed to pray to you in front of my kids or in front of Ryan. Father, if I have troubles with the children I will pray and call prayer warriors or call others who know alot about parenting or send prayer requests onlind. Father, thank you for comming into my life so that I can be a good example for my family, Lord, I cant quote the verse, but I know that in the bible it says that the household will be saved. HOly are you Oh great Lord, you will save my husband. Holy is the Lord. Lord, let me not loose faith.Some people are so mean. Help me to not be as mean and rude and greedy and mouthy as others Lord, I have seen what they do and it turns me away and even closer to you. Father, thank you for comming into my life. Holy! Holy are you. Your mighty presence feels so good to me, my heart longs for you. Father help me to find the words and actions to make Ryan return to me. Father, I want to have true love with Ryan Allstun. Lord, let Ryan find this on the internet and may it lead us closer together.In Jesus holy most wonderful name, I pray and send my prayer request to this ministry and all over the internet. Amen.

  456. Jacqueline Harvey Says:

    Request a prayer for renewal with my Lord and Saviour. I joined church several months ago and I have been working so much lately that I have not been to church. I have prayed to God and asked him to give me strength and guidance to lead me back to church. I want to walk in faith and get back into the word of God. I have recently started back reading my Bible. I feel good again, but I am still not where I know I should be. please lift me in prayer. And I ask that you pray for my husband; as he needs to renew his spirtuality and to make his journey with God.

  457. Jeanne Says:

    My daughter ,18, needs deliverance. She has not been the same since she dated a man that she later found out that he was a satanist. I am afraid since she is moving out in 2 weeks. She is no longer with him but she keeps in contact with his friends. I want the blinders to be removed to see the danger in that.I fear for her safety that if he finds out where she lives he or his friends will harm her. PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO REMOVE ALL REBELLION AND PRIDE AND ANTICHRIST>AND REMOVE ANY SOUL TIES OR SPELLS HE MAY HAVE USED AGAINST HER OR US> Also that the Lord will show her to use great wisdom in revealing to others where she is moving.THANKS

  458. Charlo Says:

    Trena! GOD will bring all things to your remembrance and show you things you will need to know for this test. You have everything you need, and so in the Name of Jesus, I agree as touching on earth for you to totally ACE the test, and pass with high marks! Lord I thank you for TRENA and praise YOU for giving her the tongue of the learned, and that deep secrets are revealed and that the angels of the Lord have gone before her to prepare the way! Thank you Father for covering her in the Precious BLOOD OF JESUS. Thanks be to GOD who always causes her to TRIUMPH in CHRIST! AMEN.
    God Bless, Charlo F.

  459. Charlo Says:

    Please agree with me in prayer for my 14 year old son, STEVIE Jr. He has failed the 9th grade, most likely and will have to repeat it. PRAY for him to have a strong interest in his studies. Pray that he will not reject JESUS CHRIST any more, but will return to his first love from when he was a small boy who loved to pray and praise and talk about Jesus! HE is very talented musically and intelligent. He is going to summer school and I pray that the Lord will send him GODLY friends ( he has been homeschooled and in a Christian school before that); The Blood of Jesus covers him as his protection. Pray too, that his overall appearance will improve ( needs a haircut badly!). That the Spirit of the Lord will change his ‘want to’. I am believing GOD for a supernatural turnaround for my child, in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS, all who pray and post prayers here!

  460. Gina Says:

    Dear Prayer Partners, last year I submitted a prayer request for my brother to come to Christ. He was hooked on drugs and had been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Last November he was incarcerated with 12 felony charges, potentially many years in prison. While in jail he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, no longer uses drugs, attends weekly NA meetings and LOVES THE LORD SO MUCH. Through much prayer, 11 of the 12 charges have been dropped. He is scheduled for sentencing on July 11th and of course our entire family will be present with bells on. Just recently he was asked by the DA what he wanted to do with his life and his answer was to get out of jail, go to school to study theology and focus on prison ministry and troubled youth. I strongly believe that your support in praying for him has allowed this all to come to pass. We are so proud of him because of his commitment to Christ and his obedience to his calling to the ministry. Please continue to pray for our family and for my brother. I ask that you all pray that he will continue to be a man of integrity and ultimately a strong man in Jesus Christ. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! He has come to give life to the dead. I praise you Jesus for your AWESOME POWER!!!!


  461. steve VM Says:

    Please pray against the darkness that is trying to keep me from fulfilling Gods call in my life.

    Pray for one of the girls staying at our house (we are resource parents and use this as a ministry)..she is oppressed and is often very deceptive in words and actions. Please pray that the enemy be thwarted in his attempts to use her to bring confusion and pray that she be brought into alignment with the Word and light.

    Steve VM

  462. TRENA Says:

    Please partner with me in prayer. I will take the Praxis Teacher’s Exam on Saturday, June 14. Pray that the Lord will keep me clothed in my right mind and give me the knowledge to pass this test.

  463. Gary Says:

    Request prayer for a summer 2009 internship at Pittsburgh office of KPMG LLP that would lead to a full time audit/tax position after graduating from the Masters in Accountancy program



  464. Sandra Barnes Says:

    My girlfriend of over 20 years, Cynthia Johnson, called today to tell me that she has stage 2 breast cancer. We have no idea what this really means, except recommendations for a double masectomy and chemotherapy. The good news is that we both believe in Divine healing. We’re scared a little. At least I believe I am, but God has proven Himself faithful in our lives over and over again. Our faith is now being tested. Please pray for the cancer to vanish from her body—no signs of existence! Please send me words & scriptures to pray and stand on. Whatever God’s will in this situation, let Cyndi feel His love and peace. Thank you!

  465. Michael Vines Says:

    My wife and I were divorced on May 15, 2007. I stood for nearly two years as she left in August 13, 2005. I became angry with God for a year and backslid. However, God has brought me back and has led me to continue to stand, teach our 4 year old daughter about God, lead her to Christ and to stand for the restoration of the family. My wife is backslidden. This is most definitely a spiritual warfare. Please join me in prayer for the breaking of the strong holds, removal of the unsaved people in her life (and their salvation), removal of the married man (his salvation and his wife’s) from her life that satan has conviced her that she loves, and that God would free her (give her a new heart, mind and soul).

    God bless,


  466. Paul Says:

    Please keep praying with me about this spiritual warfare…drive 2 or 3 miles west of here and you drive right out from under it…2Sa 22:2-4….Paul, loving husband of Mary Lou

  467. Carla Says:

    For Amy W. that the Lord touch her in a special way. I pray for deliverance & repentence. For the Lord to take her off of drugs, alcohol and clear her mind, body soul & spirit! Also to remove all negative people & resources out of her way. To protect her mentally, physically & spiritually.

  468. Steve Van Matre Says:

    Prayer for transitions. Recently lost my position at brokerage firm and am in process of working out severance package etc. Pray for a quick resolution so that I can move on from here.

    Pray that the Lord make clear to me what my next steps are to be. Have been desiring to get back into full time ministry
    and am looking at several possibilities.

  469. Darryl Crawford, Says:

    Prayer for Audrey, Darryl, Steve, Katina, Courtney, Asia, Keyonda, Zion & our other friends & associates for favorable connections, breakthrough contacts of the Music, Art & Film industry. We have ideas we need to get seen & heard & get the best deals for God’s work through us & for us to have the time and advances to make more good works helping the matters of the heart and spirit through our crafts and talent. We need the time and resources and advances, (money to take care of our needs) so we can really bless others with our ability. Thank you.
    God is LOVE. Jesus is LORD. Pray that we all are at the right place, time to attract the right people for the best favorable deals to take place so that we can make a difference in the world of Art, music, film and bless more people with our ability, to share our work and to get compensated for our work well. For everyone we work with to be blessed as well. Thank you for your added faith in our time of need. That our new careers in advance will support us well in Jesus name. Some of us have been desiring this for over 10 years and working at this for free and we need to receive payment now because we didn’t come this far to stop now.

  470. Bayanda Says:

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I are experiencing many attacks from the devil and God is able to help us overcome all of these obstacles through prayer. I ask God for a blessing financially and Pray a hedge of protection over my family and myself. I pray that the lord will restore my marriage grounded with Godly principles and helping us to seek his presence and to hear his voice to direct us. I claim the victory over these storms and I know that God hears and answers prayers. Be blessed.

  471. Jane Murphy Says:

    Can anybody help me to know better how to pray? Not very knowable about breaking generational curse/ My 22 year oil daughter is very close with her un registered sex offender father who showed her prn and inappropiate touching at age 13. 4 years prior to this she wanted nothing to do with him. At the age of 18 she moved in with him for 3 years until she got married. She remains close to him, but treats me as if I was the offender. I don’t know why this is and its so hurtful. I dont even see my 1st grand daughter either, Any info re: this please fax me at 1.402.721.1649 or email me, If there are prayers to be said if someone can shead any light on this for me please, Thanks and God Bless, also please pray for this situation aswell. thanks again jane

  472. Gary Says:

    Request for new Senior Accountant in Finance Department of UPMC Health Systems, break the spirit of debt, and God’s positioning me for the CFO position at our company. Also,favour for a new spouse this year of 2008.

  473. Sue Says:

    Please pray that I do well on my new job. I am feeling completely overwhelmed by all my new job duties – I feel I cannot do them all or do them well. I pray that I will learn all my duties and learn them very well. Please help me not to give up or give in. Your prayers will be appreciated.
    God Bless you all.

  474. Alan & Maree Bray Says:

    Maree and I use the keys of the Kingdom when we pray and feel honoured to be joined with this prayer ministry. Thankyou

  475. Gabriel Alvarez Says:

    Hello, my name is Gabriel Alvarez. I am going through a tough joint custody battle over my 8 month old child Isaiah Alvarez. I ask if you could PLEASE put me and my son on your church prayer list. I am trying so hard to change my life and do the right thing. I really don’t know who turn to for help, but God. For a prayer request: I ask to pray for me son Isaiah Alvarez that he be bless with good health, to be safe and also in good care hands at all times. I ask that Isaiah be bless with his father and family. For my prayer request: I ask to be blessed with good health, financially, salvation, and with the courage and strength to be a strong father. I ask to be blessed with my child along with guidance and strong faith with God and Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You And God Bless you.

  476. Gabriel Alvarez Says:

    Hello, my name is Gabriel Alvarez. I am going through a tough joint custody battle over my 8 month old child Isaiah Alvarez. I ask if you could PLEASE put me and my son on your church prayer list. I am trying so hard to change my life and do the right thing. I really don’t know who turn to for help, but God. For a prayer request: I ask to pray for me son Isaiah Alvarez that he be bless with good health, to be safe and also in good care hands at all times. I ask that Isaiah be bless with his father and family. For my prayer request: I ask to be blessed with good health, financially, salvation, and with the courage and strength to be a strong father. I ask to be blessed with my child along with guidance and strong faith with God and Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You And God Bless.

  477. Marshal Says:

    Continue to pray for the people of China and that the earthquakes and aftershocks will END.

    Pray the people, including my friend Candy will be able to start anew, and move on with their lives. Pray that their nerves will be calmed and that they can get adequate sleep & rest. Something they have had so little of in the last 10 days.

  478. Jeanne Says:

    Pray for my daughter Kristyn, she needs the Lord to show her not to go back but forward. She is being drawn by satan to go back to a crowd of friends that never were friends. Pray today that when she goes to her old place of employment the Lord will will be done AND those whom she is seeking will not be there and that HE will order her steps. One of the men at that old job was into voodoo and he stalked her for 1 1/2 years. I do not understand why she can not move on with her life and she needs to get her schooling done but instead she keeps looking back. My other daughter is interested in a married man. He has 4 kids from 3 other women. He was raised in the church but He has made such a mess of his life ( he claims to be the victim of bad women) that am not sure she should be seeing him till his divorce is final.They are not intimate but emotionally they are. I am so stressed for her. PRAY FOR HER THAT EVERYTHING HE IS HIDING WILL BE MANIFEST> And TRUTH OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER REVEALED TO HER>

  479. Charlo Says:

    Prayers for my son, Steven Jr. He is 14, says there is no God. He is our son of promise from the LORD. I plead the blood of Jesus as his protection over him. I praise GOD for keeping him safe and delivering him out of every snare of the enemy.
    In the name of Jesus! We need wisdom and discernment in this matter. God is able, and we are counting on His strength and the manifested power to transform the life of our son, STevie Jr.

  480. mischelle Says:

    hearts mended, family born again, relationships healed, financial needs met, and people restored to health that about sums up every request for prayer that i have. so please pray for those areas in my life. mischelle

  481. Kris Says:

    Lord, please help Cori through this situation. Help him thru these hard teen years. PLease protect him from himself and his peers. some how in this situation, cause cori to glorify you, fall in love with you, live for you and set his heart on fire for you and your word. Whatever you are doing in this help cori to see understand and run with it for your glory. Peace be with his heart. Peace be with his emotions. Use Cori some how some way in this situation to change lives giving you glory. I trust you only want the best for Cori and succeed all he does thinks and says and bless all that he touches.

  482. Monique Says:

    God lift up my spirits oh Lord. I have left my heart on your door steps. My heart is overwhelmed. Please God give me a sign so I will know everything will be ok in Jesus name. My heart is heavy God with all of lifes struggles, Lord. Sometimes I don’t know if I will make it, but everytime I call on you, it’s ok. I will not loose faith in you Jesus, I just have to stand strong on your word, Amen.

  483. melissa Says:

    (As the Holy Spirit leads)
    For wisdom, counsel and the people to direct. That the Lord would close the necessary doors, the faithfulness to provide what is needed. For the Lord to stay by my side, the flame that burns. His Hedge protection dwell in mind and heart , peace and multiple blessings, encouragement and envelop in His arms. That His will be done and that the Almighty and powerful God would remove the scales and for the veil to be lifted. (Psalm 92; 127; 142, philipians 2:25-30, numbers 6:25,genesis 25, john 7:8; 15:12, 1 & 2 & 3 John, )

  484. Marshal Says:


  485. Marshal Says:


  486. Bernadine Says:

    Please prayer for me and my family. I am in great financial difficulty. PLease let us be a family again. Please let us stay away from sin and rebuke satan and his devilish ways.
    PLease pray for my mother and brother and sister and their family as they are also in financial difficult. THis is to thank God for everying and all the blessings bestowed upon each and every one. We are all blessed in Jesus Name. Thank you

  487. Mark Says:

    Pray for Christians imprisoned for their faith around the world.

  488. BDL & Family Says:

    My mother is VERY sick and in so much pain all the time. She has MANY serious health issues. We are praying for God to heal her. She is to have surgical procedures but is too weak to have them done. Lowered immunity and seems to catch everything that is going around. Kidneys, renal arteries, chronic high blood pressure that goes way too high, and serious digestive issues. Sick whether she eats or not. She is always tired, fatigued and not feeling well. Doctors don’t have any answers. Nothing seems to help. She is a godly, loving and wonderful praying soul. Always caring for others even when so very sick. Dad seems to be an agitator and picking at her.

    My whole family has significant health, financial and other problems. It is overwhelming.

    I am so weary, weak and I don’t like living. I haven’t been able to work for several years. I get no assistance and am flat broke. I have been praying for God’s blessings and favor for my family and me. Parents are broke from having to help me and their own medical and other large expenses.

    People have lied about me and spread gossip. My life has been ruined because of it. I am so tired of everything. Nothing seems to ever get better, but worse. I have no money, don’t know how I will live. I got no friends. Nobody really cares. I pray that Jesus does. I struggle with major depression, anxiety and constant bad thoughts and ugly dreams. My life has been filled with much trauma and heartache.

    I am afraid I might do something that I really don’t want to that would be harmful to myself – if things keep getting worse. The enemy is at work overtime.

    We have been believing for miracles, healing and favor for years. We areborn-again believers and followers of Christ. I pray with all my heart that Jesus would return soon.

  489. Mark Says:

    Pray for my friend Cindy to do well on her final project before graduation. And also for her to get a good job in a good place. Pray for God to give her encouragement, confidence, strength, protection, hope, faith, love and all that she truly needs. Physical needs, but most importantly spiritual needs. The body is temporal, but the soul is eternal.

    Pray also that God will forgive her of any/all sins she has committed, those she knows of and those she does not. May she always remember to confess sins to God, ask for forgiveness, repent, and forgive others when wronged. For the Holy Spirit to intercede for her with those unutterable groanings(Romans 8:26).

    And for God to guide and abide with her always.

  490. Joseph Kobole Says:

    I request that you pray for my sister Mpho. I want her to get married to her Godly spouse. May you pray for her that the spouse be revealed to her. Anything that comes masquerading as her spouse must go in the name of Jesus.

    I thank you for your prayers in advance.
    Love In Christ Jesus.

  491. omar and edolia heinemann Says:

    pray lord jesus jahweh , help me to find a house for my wife and me and a job that can support our needs . pray lord for money today for gas and provisions and for this good job in northrop that my heart desires. pray lord to bless this side buisness with becky. praise and thank you jesus. amen

  492. kitty Land Says:

    I am about to be put out on the street. I live on SSI and can find no work at my age. I am a Christian. I know the Lord hears me but I also know prayers in agreement really help. It’s terrible with this hanging over my head. Please pray for me. thank you, Kitty

  493. Eileen Says:

    My son is coming home from jail this saterday. He was in jail for 8 months on drugs, meth an coccaine an did big time embezelment. He was suppoosed to be awaybv for 4 yrs, but the judge was easy on him, but no more. I get scared becuase i feel when he comes home he well go to drugs. He wants t o get a house an live with me. He is not going to rehab. I just get nervous.

  494. Jo Anne Says:

    Please pray for me on my job – First that I’m in the right place! Second that God help me learn it, do it, succeed. I need wisdom and to hear clearly from God what to do. Third I’m asking God for money – I want to make sales and I also want the same percentage per sale as everyone else in the company (2% or 3% per house sold depending on if another agent is involved). I also want the $1600 a month for setting up the model home to continue as I will still be doing builder job duties. Thanks

  495. Anither Says:

    Dear greg, i strongly asking God to give you strong faith and Grant your wish i pray your wife should understand and come back to you very soon. In Jesus name i pray,Amen.

  496. Marshal Says:

    Please pray for my friend, Candy in China. She has been struggling with her faith and living in a country that mostly doesn’t believe in God. She’s a Christian in a big city but feels very alone at times. She struggles to understand about her future and her life and God.

    She’s been very discouraged and depressed lately. There’s a virus spreading in a nearby province that has infected & killed many small children. She has a very soft heart and is often emotionally fragile.

    Candy needs prayers for encouragement, courage, strength, hope, faith, peace and every other good thing necessary for her circumstances. PLEASE PRAY FOR CANDY. She’s a real sweet person going through some hard times. Please pray.

  497. Tricia Says:

    There is so very much going on in our lives, mine and yours. To make my prayer request right to the point. My husband Buddy and I need to repair our marriage, income, and our families. I pray for blessings both for you and me. Thank you everyone. Love Tricia

  498. geeta Says:

    Pl pray for my son, SUNNY’S HSMP VISA to be issued speedily & w/o any hindrances.
    pray also for his perfect health & breakthru in his career, his marriage wth Shweta.

  499. Pamela Ewing Says:

    Please pray that Steven Menagh forgive me and give me and our relationship another chance.

  500. Ed D. Kleiman Says:

    Please pray expectantly and fervently for Ed Kleiman’s work in Libby, Montana May 11th-18th ; teaching at International Messengers Mountainside Training Center (Missionary School), preaching & teaching at three of the area churches, & leading a Men’s Conference in the evenings. Pray for a great outpouring, illuminating, convicting, saving, and transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

    Remember, (Puritan) Thomas Watson said; “The angel fetched Peter out of prison, but it was prayer fetched the angel” and; “Prayer delights God’s ear; it melts His heart; and opens His hand. God cannot deny a praying soul.” Thank you dear friends for your faithful prayers!

    Ed D. Kleiman
    Small Cloud Ministries

  501. Roseanna Cannaday Says:

    Please pray that God will keep His hand over James and me and our relationship. Please pray that God will watch over us and bring us closer and stronger together and that God will heal our relationship. Please pray that God will keep His provision over our upcoming marriage and wedding.Please also pray that God will heal and restore the relationship between me and my mother and that we will grow closer and stronger.

  502. Josie Says:

    Please pray for healing for my emotional wounds that are preventing me to be happy and trust in the man I love.
    Also please pray for complete healing and restoration of my relationship with Paul,that he may forgive me for saying things that hurt him.

    Thanks and God bless you,


  503. Marah Says:

    In the Name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer and Healing I rebuke all the works of Satan ! We bind satan’s works in the lives of our brothers and sisters.
    That there will be HEALING! That there will be DELIVERANCE ! In the Precious NAME of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH !

    Thank you my God for Your Blessings Your Love for us. !!

    Thank YOU My God for the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!!!! AMEN

  504. Vedrana Says:

    Please, please pray for me that man who God has chosen to be my husband come into my life and that nothing can stop us to get married soon. Because I am alone for many years and it is big problem for me and I really need God’s intervention in this. And please pray for my friend Zoran to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior.
    Thank you very much! God bless you!

  505. Rod Says:

    Please pray for Patsie M., in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is severely ill with congestive heart failure. Please pray that God will powerfully heal and strengthen Patsie’s heart, lungs, and her entire body. Thank you very much.

  506. Mariellen Says:

    Please pray for 18 yr. old Amanda. She has battled cancer for 4 years. Recently the doctor saw spots on her lungs. Surgery is scheduled in about 6 weeks. (2 weeks after Amanda graduates High School) The doctor had already told them if the cancer goes to her lungs there is nothing that can be done for her (because she has an aggressive rare cancer). Amanda is her Mother’s only child.
    Amanda and Mother are worried, scared, angry, all in one. Amanda says if there is a God He will heal her. Pray the spots are Not cancer and that she lives a long healthy life.

  507. carla Says:

    please pray for guidance for me to know direction to go for a church home and for weight loss.M y name is carla and the Lord has been good to me.

  508. Alan Says:

    Please continue to pray for my family, my wife and I are still on talking terms at the moment but I can’t get the doubt out of my head that she is just using me to get everything her own way. I have an appointment with my lawyer today, please pray I receive some good news for a change. I miss my family so much and am trying my best to weather the storm and keep my faith. Please help me sort out this mess my life is in and reunite me with my family. Please remove any unforgiveness from all our hearts and let our family unit be restored to live a happy and peaceful life. Amen

    Please continue to pray for my family, my wife and I are now on talking terms and we have even managed a cuddle. My step daughter won’t speak my name and is very unforgiving, please soften her heart. Today my wife has mets with lawyers, please make everything turn out ok.

    Dear Lord, please help me in my time of trouble, please forgive all my sins and give me the love and support I need to carry on. I miss my wife and 2 daughters so much and I will do anything to be with them always. Please help me to be back where I belong, with my family, I love them dearly. Please remove all unforgiveness from all our hearts and make all the bad things happening at the moment to turn out ok. Please grant me a miracle and allow us to be once more together for always. I promise I will live a pure and clean life and always be kind to all and be the best father/stepfather + husband I can be – Please, please help me and grant me this miracle . In Jesus Christ Name, Amen

  509. chris Says:

    please pray that i am successful at my new job… it pays well and there are so many chances for advancement, and it took me 7 months to find one- i dont want to squalor this opportunity… also pray that a legal matter involving me is in my favor, i have truly learned my lesson, and if i lose the loss could cost me a lot of money of which im still just trying to get back on my feet and also want a place of my own, so please pray for that as well… also pray that i am out of harm’s way as i moved recently and am lonely and not to sure of my future…please pray that a matter concerning my previous job also gets handled in my favor too QUICKLY. that situation with my previous job has caused quite a bit of heart ache, and i just want it to be closed now as it feels like an open sore…please pray that the rest of my life opens up to something special and i become happy again… pray that i stay on top of all my financial endeavors and am not given more than i can handle…i suffered for 7 months, and learned the error of my ways- i just want to be happy again.. i can do it, but need His divine help to see me through…

  510. Bronwyn Says:

    Please could you pray for God to give me a husband. My desire it to be married. I want God’s perfect plan for my life and that he would bring the person he has planned for me.

  511. P. Huish Says:

    Pray for my family.My husband is threatening divorce.I don’t want a divorce.He’s mentally & emotionally abusive to me & our kids.He’s never been religious.God, enter his heart, heal his anger towards us & heal our marriage
    We’re also in need of a lot of money.I’ve got a lot of health problems & can’t work. I’ve been unable to qualify for disability due to not working in recent years.God, send us a lot of money; enough to help others, buy us a bigger/newer home & never have to worry about not having money again.

  512. Mary Says:

    Please Pray for the ” Repentance & deliverance ” of Tabitha Nicole Trimble aka Nikki Williams her freinds Marilyn, laura, Heidi, Kim , Martin Walt, Spiritoflight01 aka Kathy Cook and I pray for the WILL of God Of Abraham,Jacob & Isaac for them and the Judgement Of Lord Jesus Christ for the Spirits operating through them In Jesus name. Please pray Lord Jesus will break & erase all assignments of witchcraft, voodoo, voodoo dolls, santaria, shamanic drumming, necromancy, sorcery works, Indian witchcraft, Caldron works, Black magic, symbols drawn from there hands with intent, candle magic, potion magic, Root works, wiccan works, curses,animal/blood possibly human sacrafices, psychically thought up weapons & devices, Indian/shamanic/occult rituals done using the moon phase, 12 strand dna meditations, covenants, dedications, altar curses they have done to harm others In Jesus name Amen. please pray for the Salvation & protection of those they have tricked & brought harm too In Jesus name Amen… Thank You ” God Bless “

  513. DAVID SMITH Says:



  514. Thea Says:

    I have thoroughbred horses. My mare is in foal and the vet has seen a few melanoma’s. It is possible to stop the blood supply to the tumour and hence stop the growth. I am praying God will stop the tumours. If we opt for surgical excision it may result in an ulcerating non-healing wound. The mare is due to foal in November. We have the attitude that we look after our animals until such time as the Lord elects to take them “all life comes from God and all life returns to Him.” I need consistent assistance to manage both our horses. My daughter is at the age where she doesnt see a need to assist me. Rather than stress out I have paid a horsewhisperer to assist me with the ground work. The filly is doing quite well. But in nest few weeks he will no longer be able to assist me. So I need to bring both mare and filly into the yards to care for them. I need assistance. There is a lass at church who currently doesnt have a horse but who is skilled in horses. I am thinking of asking her. Can we pray that the Lord will help me with the horses?
    Ideally I would like to be able to achieve a nice house on acreage which is securely and safely fenced and to bring the horses to live with us. This way I can care for them on the daily basis. Currently we pay for agistment. The people we pay for agistment have taken over our horsewhisperer – and alienated him from us. It was done gradually. If possible I would like to achieve another trainer who is gentle and who will be willing to start the filly on long rein work. They must not be able to be alienated from us.
    Our filly needs her legs strengthened and able to mature to be very strong and powerful. I know God is good. He is helping me. It is a bit hard when you are trying to do all this yourself. Many thanks for your prayers.

  515. Darryl Says:

    General prayer for wisdom, favor, protection and being at the right place at the right time with the right people for breakthrough and deliverance for Darryl, Steve, Katina, Courtney, Audrey, Keyonda, Zion, Asia, Adia and our families. Prayer for peace and healing and for our best to be made known and for us to impact people with our music where they are needing to hear it and wanting to add us with there companies. We’ve been at this for years and we really need a break. Prayer works. Works every time when we all pray for one another and I add that whoever prays for us, by faith I agree in the spirit that their needs and desires be met in Jesus name that you’ll claim it and receive now. Thank you so much. Prayer works. God is Love, Jesus is Lord!

  516. Marshal Says:

    to Single but Desiring…:

    Those are all good scriptures you have listed. But then all scripture is good isn’t it? The quote that your oldest sister Joyce really likes is Psalm 118:24. The Psalms are really heartfelt and I can completely relate to what is said in so many of them. When the situation looks bad I often cling to those prayers, and cries for help found in so many of the Psalms. Many times David cried out to God for help and He delivered him.

    I will pray for her and you and your family. In the New Testament I also cling(often tenaciously)to Matthew 28:20 and Hebrews 13:5. God has delivered me and someone close to me time and time again. He has not let me down. He is my best Friend; unfortunately I often do not treat Him the same way, of which I am deeply ashamed. He has been a better friend to me than I to Him. Oh if only I could be like Abraham or David or the apostle Paul! But then even they were not perfect.

    I feel very alone at times. I often think to myself that that dear someone “completes me.” But yet it is God who we really need completion in. I know that, but yet it doesn’t take away the painful longing in my heart for this girl now many miles away. We still communicate or have often in the 16 months since she moved away.

    She has been going through some struggles herself and lives in a land dangerous to Christians. I last heard from her 11 days ago and this time the feeling is different. I don’t want to put into words the dread and fear in my heart. I pray for her, but fear that my flaws and sins brought on by the devil have driven a wedge between God and I which scares me. I need Him to hear my prayers for other people, especially her. I don’t have the courage I need more often than not. I feel very cowardly even though I remind myself that I should not. Yes I know about that verse in 2nd Timothy 1. But for me it’s easier said than done. I don’t want anything to come between God and I! But my sins have and a simple prayer asking for forgiveness doesn’t seem to work. I am tormented by thoughts I so badly want to stop. I wish God would just surgically remove those thoughts from my brain and leave the rest of me okay. Then He and I could be close again and I could pray with confidence that He heard me and was protecting my loved one.

    I feel so alone at times, like now. It’s good that God is with me, or so they say. But there’s nothing quite like the physical, tangible touch of someone to put her arms around me. I’m starving for a hug from my loved one. God is only Spirit, not a physical being anymore. He hasn’t been since the day Jesus ascended to Heaven outside Jerusalem. There’s nothing like the touch of a flesh and bones human being who loves me and who I can hear saying, “I love you Marshal.”

    No, she never hung on a cross for me and took my sins on herself. Only Jesus did that. Only Jesus. But I hope He will have mercy and understand my longing for physical touch. I believe that’s the reason why He touched a leper who said to Him “Lord if You are willing, You can make me clean.” And Jesus said to him, “I am willing; be cleansed”(Matthew 8:2-3). He knew of not only that leper’s desire to be healed, but also his desperate longing for someone to touch him instead of being repulsed by him.

    It is not good for man to be alone. Or woman. She is currently living in a city where there are few if any Christians. Spiritually, my loved one feels very alone. And because of the government there, she has to be very careful in communicating with me. Me, waaaaaaaaaay over here, on the other side of the world. She has been stressed. I have been and am very de-pressed.

    Please Lord God, please deliver us from darkness and bring us into the safety and love of Your marvelous, glorious light! Show me, show us Your mercy please! Certainly i do not deserve it, but please forgive me and accept my prayers Lord God for the sake of those I love. And for Your mercy’s sake.

  517. Evelyn Phillips Says:

    I am a Christian I have been my whole life and God and my faith is something that is very important to me. I have recently been dating the man of my dreams he is truly everything I have prayed for in a man for a husband my whole life, the only thing is he is afraid of my religion he believes in God, but does not have the relationship I have depended on my whole life. Please pray that God touches him and opens up doors to make him hungry for him and that his heart is softend. Also pray that if this is not the man I am to marry I am strong enough to turn away. I want him to experience God and the Holy Spirit. Pray also that we are surround with people that are in our industry the fashion industry that can make a point that it is possible to work in our industry and also live a Godly lifestlye. Most of all to soften his heart and open up to the idea of God. Amen

  518. Lisa Says:

    My daughter, Victoria, is in an abusive lesbian relationship. We have witness’ to this. Please pray she comes to her senses and that she accepts help from her family and the friends who have witnessed this abuse. We need God to move NOW! Please pray for those of us helping her, we have the right words to say,etc.

    Thank you!

  519. marianne vangalio Says:

    Please pray for travel Mercies as I travel alone by car from Arizona to New York. Also for the Lord’s Divine and Glorious Healing Power in my Life. Also for me to know His Will and to how best Serve Him. For protection and for strength. Thank you! Marianne Vangalio P.O. Box 3761 Prescott, Az. 86302 928 759 0059

  520. mark weatherman Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my marriage. My wife, Meghan, and I are currently seperated and have three children. Pray that she will attend the christian counceling that I have set up and that neither one of will hearden our hearts toward the Lord or each other but allow him to speak to us and hearken unto his voice and convictions.

  521. Pat Says:

    Please pray for my business. I have recently opened my business and believe that God has allowed me to be in business although under difficulty circumstances for a purpose which is to be a blessing to others and the Ministry.

    Thank You and God Bless

  522. Sarah Ramoroka Says:

    Greetings in powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Single mother aged 30 and a guardian mother to my two minor siblings. We all live in our late parents’ house with my other brother who is two years younger than me. I wasn’t working when my parents died. I started working at Siemens as a temporary employee since 2005 as a trainee IT learner earning little money and i have moved from department to department still temporary because it came to a point where my contract was to be terminated and whenever i face that situation i look for a job in other departments where i will be doing something totally different to what i have studied, but because of being the bread winner at home i would take the job to be able to put food on the table. i am now working in the commercial department as a business adminitrator, it is also temporary and i started in FEB this year. Now a friend of mine recommended me for a position opened in the other department, it is almost what i have studied and they also need someone with IT background and it is permanent. i would love to get this positions and i feel that it is what i have been waiting for. i believe that God closed all the doors that i wanted to go in for a purpose because he wanted to bring this opportunity before me. Please pray hard for me that i get this job and would be able to support my siblings. I need intersessors to pray with me. The Bible say by faith we can move mountains, pray for me that i am able to keep my faith and never doubt and move this mountain of unemployment and temporary employment in my life. God Bless!!

  523. Single, but desiring to be made whole Says:

    I am a single mother with a past that was generational, but I have been adopted by Abba Father. He is my only true Father, I must
    trust HIM to be Daddy. I need favor in the court room on May 9th @ 9am with my family. Favor in the interview, online applica> tion
    for University of Medicine, Exec & Administrative position, that I am more than qualified, but the trials and storms are knocking the wind word out. Constantly, I have to eat, speak, declare, fight, stand and can’t catch my breath. I desire to apply, but thoughts of rejection, instead of favor, then works and intellect try to creep in. I cast them down, over and over, fasting, just loose weight need deliverance in my finances, family healing, restoration. Advocacy in life, health, counsel and court room. Temping is a prison, not a palace. Faith to step out and do it while I can’t see the end choosing to believe and not wavery or change my confession of faith and not fear.Overcome fear, distress, oppression, alienation, discrimination, prejudice, deception (corporate arena). Daily provision for dubstance, utilities gas 1247, high interest car note w/o warranty coverage
    and insurance. Legal representation cost 3500. Peace to stand andcount myself blessed. Strength,support, discernment and joy of my
    salvation. I need the real strength and courage to just ask and receive by faith.

  524. Single, but desiring to be made whole Says:

    I am a single mother with a past that was generational, but I have been adopted by Abba Father. He is my only true Father, I must trust HIM to be Daddy. I need favor in the court room on May 9th @ 9am with my family. Favor in the interview, online application for University of Medicine, Exec & Administrative position, that I am more than qualified, but the trials and storms are knocking the wind word out. Constantly, I have to eat, speak, declare, fight, stand and can’t catch my breath. I desire to apply, but thoughts of rejection, instead of favor, then works and intellect try to creep in. I cast them down, over and over, fasting, just loose weight need deliverance in my finances, family healing, restoration. Advocacy in life, health, counsel and court room. Temping is a prison, not a palace. Faith to step out and do it while I can’t see the end choosing to believe and not wavery or change my confession of faith and not fear.Overcome fear, distress, oppression, alienation, discrimination, prejudice, deception (corporate arena). Daily provision for substance, utilities gas 1247, high interest car note w/o warranty coverage and insurance. Legal representation cost 3500. Peace to stand and count myself blessed. Strength,support, discernment and joy of my salvation. I need the real strength and courage

  525. Marcela Says:

    Please, pray for me because I feel I am getting away of God I am Christian I baptized on August 2007, but I don’t know why I am like that, I feel weak, I have not went back to the world thanks God but I feel away from him because I don’t read the bible like I used to do it every day, I don’t prat more often like before I don’t bend my knees, please pray for me and my family Jorge, Anahi, Katherine and Fiorella specially for my husband Jorge that he is not in Gods word, he knows a lot but he doeen’t want to continue I want his salvation so my daughters too. thank you very much for the time on reading this.
    I am hispnaic by the way.
    God Bless you all

  526. rev p daniel Says:

    pray for the protection of the ministry in india.
    beloved brother.
    please pray for our ministry karnataka india. we are getting some oppose in ministry by anti people. we need all you brothers and sisters support and prayer that the god should protect and send his holy spirit upon the ministry and guide. also for the protection of pastor p. kalavathi and pastor daniel NAD FOR THE FINANCIAL SUPPORT VERY URGENTLY NEEDED. IF GOD TOUCH YOUR HEART PLEASE CONTACT US. and all women ministry and children ministry will protect and met all needs of the ministry. pleas please pray and encourage us. to spread the gospel. in india.
    god bless you all amen
    pastor daniel india.
    hubli karnatak india.

  527. Ruthana Oakes Says:

    I am also in need of protection Prayers for our children “young adults” here in Red Bluff CA the gang kids around here are jumping my family because they refuse to join a gang, and have even threatened the lives of my son middle daughter and grandkids. When two or more gather in His Name we shall be heard. Thank you Ruthana

  528. Ruthana Oakes Says:

    I am so discouraged my sister whom is a Christian for about 7 yrs has fallen way down, I can’t seem to reach her, with her drinking and smoking weed. I too am a Christian of 3 yrs and she is so far from the ways of the “Good Life” that I can’t seem to reach her she is very verbally volgur and I am tired.
    I am lost and feel that I am out of my element here, I always used to look up to her and now I don’t know what to even Pray for. She is the one who brought me to the Lord. Please Please Help. Lost in California

  529. Single, but desiring to be made whole Says:

    Good morning:

    I am single mother of two beutiful children son (17) angry and looking for his mirror, the shoes to wear that walks him out of boyhood into manhood. Pretty-girl (9) loves the Lord, whom she has not seen, but carries in her heart. Loves everyone and puts everyone before herself, always in the shadow. I want to be in godly relationship w/brethern that walk upright even when times are hard. Prayer partners that laugh at diversity and ignore the adversary and acknowledge the Protector, Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior. We as believers are not loss anymore we have been found. Answering the call, cry our hearts to come home, close in the wings of Angel of the Lord. I have need to be loved like Christ, accepted in the beloved, approved and covered, showered with favor and peace of GOD.

    It is trying to stand and not have anyone in aggreement with your victory instead of agreeing with the victimization or test of trial. I want to be restored, transformed, placed above lack, unemployment, temporary employment and high interest ragedy car. My son wants to see the manifestation of my faith. I am going to stay on the wall like Nehimah and not come down. Sit at the feet of Jesus, vast in the Holy Spirit and not waver or look away from the promise of the Lord. For I need Him to carry me through, but first I must choose whoose voice do I hear?

    I desire to work in an enviroment that provides me room to grow, for my gift and talents are from the Annointing. God wants my children and I to have our needs met. I have come to recall that HE feels my joy and pain.

    I need health benefits, vision to replace broken glasses, dental coverage for both children braces, my bridge, women health, and insurance. New car and good trade to cover the loss and replace the damage. Credit and increase in wages without being deceived and jilted.

    I am not fretting or doubting, but sometimes moments come that are unbearable, yesterday was a test of my hope, belief, faith and confidence in Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Nissi, El Elyon, Jehovah Shammah, and Jehovah Gibor. I need the Lord to rest upon me. I will not go back or halt between two opinions. Jesus is real. jesus is real in me, Lord forgive me for any door that I may have open, forgive me for any negative thought or confession.

    I lift up every thought unto, I cast my cares upon your shoulders, lay myself at your feet, I submit and commit this day unto you. Deliver me Lord unto comission and calling of devine destination w/o delay, detour or destruction in Jesus Name, I pray by faith and thank you in advance, I decree and declare that this too shall pass. Amen.

  530. Lori Says:

    I need someone to pray about my present situation about IVF and a 1% chance of conception when God operates in 0%.

  531. Single, but desiring to be made whole Says:

    ( DEUTERONOMY 31:8 *NKJV )

    Dear A,
    There are times when we are fearful of current events or
    even the future, for fear is a tool that satan uses to attack
    our faith in our Heavenly Father. After all fear causes worry,
    and what is worry and fear anyway, but the opposite of faith!

    Now it is important for a Child of God to remember that:
    ( 2 TIMOTHY 1:7 ) And God has made us this promise:
    ( ISAIAH 41:13 )

    So A, the next time that fear strikes you remember to
    hold fast to your faith! After all you can always: CAST ALL
    MOVED. ( PSALM 55:22 )


    Therefore A, have a great day today filled with
    peace, and remember that “Worry is the darkroom in which
    negatives are developed.” Amen.

  532. Single, but desiring to be made whole Says:

    This is the day the Lord has made. I rejoice and I am glad in it!

    This is one of my oldest sister’s favorite scriptures (she is an evangelist) this is actually on her answering machine. Please keep Joyce in your prayers, my sister is a breast cancer survivor, the chemotherapy/radiation has damaged her heart and she had heart surgery on yesterday and it is a strain on the family we are worried. My concentration is off today.

  533. alan Says:

    Dear Lord, please help me in my time of trouble, give me the love and support I need to carry on. I miss my wife and 2 daughters so much and I would do anything to be with them always. Please help me to be back where I belong, with my family, I love them dearly. Please remove all unforgiveness from all our hearts and make all the bad things happening at the moment to turn out ok. Please grant me a miracle and allow us to be once more together for always. I promise I will live a pure and clean life and always be kind to all and be the best father/stepfather + husband I can be – Please, please help me and grant me this miracle . Amen

  534. Lori Says:

    Please pray that my husband and I make the right decision concerning our IVF process. We only have a 1% chance of conception. With God we have a 100% chance.

  535. Noelene Says:

    My mother has recently found out that my dad has been unfaithful for the pass 3 1/2 years and she needs all the help she can get to get her through this troubling time. God knows her heart and the hearts of her loved ones. She is a very strong person but I think she will not be able to cope without prayer

  536. Lisa Says:

    Please pray for my daughter, Victoria. She is bound in an emotionally abusive/controlling/manipulative relationship. Please pray she is healed from sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Pray she leaves the lesbian lifestyle behind and all homosexual friends and that God would bring the perfect man into her life.

    Thank you.

  537. Mike Says:

    I am thankful to God that my wife and I are healthy and happy. I pray that He leads me to find a job to support my family, and that He guides the thoughts and actions of the people that held my last interview to make the right decision.

  538. gwen relf Says:

    Please pray that God stretch his hand from above and deliver William Gibson from his “Internet dating scams.” That our Lord and Savior show Himself strong in Williams life and reveal to him the law of sin and death. Please pray for my friend William to be delivered from lying, cheating, and taking advantage of people and help him to put forth his energy in building a better relationship with the Lord. Turn William Gibson’s heart from sin and place it in the right moral state, help him come into true salvation and accomplish the wonderful plans the Father has for his life that will bring glory and honor to Jesus.

  539. ammanuel temesgen Says:

    -dear please pray about me god as he give me peace,love,joy,happiness,love from people,good work,healing.blessing and protection for me and for my family

  540. LaKingdria Smith Says:

    I have been praying that GOD heals my marriage and i have been asking others to do the same but I want to change that prayer request i want everyone to pray that GOD comes into my husbands life not so that I’ll marriage will be healed but so his soul will no longer be lost and so that our son is raised by two GOD fearing parents, and will be raised Loveing and following GODs will. And so he will walk the right path, I thank you so much for your prayers.

  541. day and will Says:

    my husband to get a job

  542. Apostle Tarrance Darmon Austin Sr.(Terry Austin Ministries & Productions) Says:

    I’m in Total agreement.Amen.

  543. Leonard Says:

    Please pray for my co-worker Lenda And her marriage.Please pay that her husband has an understanding of gods will.

  544. tammy Says:

    please pray for god to bless our household and god will open doors of opportunity on my job for god to heal hearts health marriage and god will provide meet every need also pray god will bring salvation to my husband and will use whatever necessary to get his attention to go with gods ways and live a godly life

  545. Susan Says:

    Emergency prayer request!! Arrived to visit my parents to find my mother in bad shape. She has dementia and I believe is demonically oppressed. Refuses to bathe, wash her hair, wears the same filthy clothes every day. When Dad attempts to do laundry she flies into a rage, threatens to cut up the clothes if they are washed. The smell is so horrible. Dad is at his wits end and this is affecting his health. He has arranged to place her in a care facility but when the people came to take her she would not go. My dad is afraid of her. Please agree with me that satan and his forces are released from all assignments against both my parents, that my mother will be calm today, that I will have favor with her when I do the laundry. And that she will bathe and let me wash her hair.She knows all about Jesus, don’t know if He is her personal Savior. We need supernatural peace! Thanks!

  546. Single, but desiring to be made whole Says:

    This pass week has been filled with peace and revelation. Eventhough there needs I am thankful. It is truly a blessing to have a ministry avaliable at your fingertips to extend your faith to obtain the promises of the Lord. Also the faith to boldly with confidence to ask. I am learning to ask, believe, thank Him in advance and receive in now w/o any delay or hesitation. Restoration is Mine!!!!! In Jesus Name, I declare, Amen
    Have a blessed day in the Lord.

  547. Roxy Says:

    Please pray for our A.C.T.S. Brother, Brian Blacketer and his family as they continue their journey through this storm. We pray for good results for Brian’s CT scan. All things are possible to those who believe in Him.

    The bible verses are from Exodus 23:25; 3 John 2; taken from Prayers That Avail Much website; with variation personalized especially for Brian…

    “In the name of Jesus, Brian’s purpose is to serve the LORD His God, and may your blessing be on his food and water. You promised to take sickness from the midst of Brian. We pray that Brian be flooded with new life and vitality — spirit, soul and body. Depression that opposes soundness of mind has to leave him. Spiritual weakness and inferiority has no place in Brian’s life. May Brian’s life prosper and be in health even as his soul prospers in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.”


    Roxy and Allen Pruski

    Could you get the prayer warriors to pray for great results on Brian’s CT Scans? We get the results tomorrow, he also have chemo tomorrow.

    Thanks so much, and as always, thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless,

    Jo Ann Blacketer

  548. Alan Says:

    Please pray for my healing from depression. In the past few months I have cut myself numerous times, attempted suicide, and pierced my arms with nails. My exgirlfriend, whom I wanted to marry ended our relationship because she could not handle her own struggles. Please pray that I have the strength against temptation to hurt myself again. Please pray that I be able to reconcile with my exgirlfriend, whom God had brought into my life for me and gave me the love to love her with all my heart. Please pray for her that she find peace with her family troubles that broke us apart. Please pray that we come back together as a couple and worship the Lord together.

  549. Clara Carlisle Says:

    I have had a burden on my heart to start a mothers prayer group for adult children (M-PAC) for two or three years. I am scared. Please pray for me as I organize this prayer group for our church, that God will give me the wisdom to do this. I have never led a small group before. I have a passion to do this. There are so many concerns that mothers of adult have. I think that God could work in a mighty way in the lives if these adult children if we could just come and pray for them. Pray that God’s name will be honored and that mothers of like passion will come.

  550. chantale Says:

    Please agree with me on the following topics: 1) The individual(s) stalking me would be put to a stop! 2) Witchcraft of family members and generational curses will be destroyed 3)I can move forward in the teaching ministry that God has called me to 4)God will cause me to have more sales in my business. Thank you! I am praying with you also!

  551. Bob Says:

    My wife bought me your book a few years ago and it has brought me through much. I can’t tell you how many times I practically fell upon it in need. But there is something one man’s prayer can’t fix now.

    I am asking for your prayers, not for me, but for all the people who are trapped in the cult of Scientology. Germaine if you knew about the children denied access to their parents who have been thrown out of their “church”, the coerced abortions that escaping members have attested to, and the great evil that the cult’s leadership engages in to harass and discredit its critics, you would be shocked. It almost touched my family but I believe we were saved by Jesus’ own intervention. Please pray that the Light is brought to show this cult to the world. Join me in that prayer, please?

  552. richard a. uy Says:

    please pray for financila blessings i am indebted with P50,000 pesos i need to return it to the bank. please help me prayer warrirors thank you.

  553. LaKingdria Smith Says:

    my husband and i have been going through a lot this pass year i have left him three different occasions and we have both hurt each other deeply. I just started trying to develope my relationship with GOD again because I have had a lot happen in my past that has hindered me from serving him. latly I have discovered that my husband is committing infidelity and at first I just wanted to leave him which was why I left him the last time but i came back because i realize how much I Love my husband and I know that GOD can heal all things. I dont want a divorce and I do want my marriage to work I have been praying but some days I cant help but to see us living our seperate lives and it hurts me so bad, resently he decided to start sleeping apart from me and our son and that hurts even more I am being patient and standing on GODs world but it is so hard. I ask that you pray for my husband that GOD will touch his heart and open his eyes to his family that he will become a better father and a better husband. That we will communicate better with each other and have a stronger bond and that the infidelity will stop, that we will teach our child to walk with Faith and with Love and with the Lord. And I also ask that you pray for my patients and that i will wait on the Lord and not make any drastic decisions in the midst of my pain and hurt I Thank you for praying for my family, GOD BLESS.

  554. mwape nakazwe Says:

    I need God to turn me around i have sinned against him and the heavens
    Please pRayer for me that i go back to him My sinns have weared me down dont want to sin ever again a and that i should not punish me but bring me back in to his loving grace

  555. Beverley Matthews Says:

    -please pray:
    for my sons deliverance from drug & substance abuse,protection in jail and for his total surrender to Jesus Christ. He is in jail at present however, with Jesus he can have freedom and deliverance to start a brand new life with Him.
    – employement for me with the right company that the Lord Jesus has pre-planned. I am a born again spirit filled believer and my greatest desire is to follow the plan of God for my life
    – My husband needs to come to she saving knowledge of Jesus Christ . – We also need a finincial miracle. Thank you.

  556. Mary Ann Says:

    Please pray for Chris and Mary Ann,
    I have been praying for a husband for over 16 years. I felt like the Lord told me to wait on him and he would send the perfect person for me. I met a man about 9 mo and and we had instant chemistry. I found out later he was dating her and he broke up with her. I never acted like I like him, because he scared me with all the attention he gave me. I finally asked him if he was going to Cowboy up and ask me out and he laughed and seemed delighted. He told me he was dating someone and he wronged her. I feel he is with her out of some kind of guilt and confusion. I just recently found out they are engaged and I am broken hearted. I felt he was the one I was waiting for. I don’t want to have feelings for someone who isn’t for me. Please pray that if this isn’t the one for the feeling to be removed from my heart and mind. If he is to release him from the guilt and create in him a clean heart. Find someone for the other girl to love. I pray this will happen quickly so these feelings don’t take a stronghold.

    God Bless,

    Mary Ann

  557. Derrald Says:

    Please pray with me that I have my freedom today In the Name of Jesus Chris. God Bless you Derrald

  558. Jane Says:

    Please Pray for my daughter Jordan and son in law Jason to draw closer to the Lord their backslidden. MY son in law and a 4 year old daughter from someone other than my daughter. He has not seen her since December,due to my daughter Jordan be soooo Jealous of the 4 yr.olds mom,It is also hurting their marriage, they have a 19 month old also.
    Also that the ungodly soul ties be broken between Jordan and her father Mark, she is overly attached to him and not me for some reason. Jordans father tried to rape her at the age of 13 and he showed her very very gross prono on the net also.
    And direction for us we live close to offut airforce base if we are to move that the Lord will show us were to go and the help to do so. We need a clear word from the Lord about the move. And that Jordans eyes will be open to the truth. Thanks so much and God Bless Jane

  559. Single, but desiring to be made whole" Says:

    Good morning,

    Holy Spirit, It has been awhile since I received your touch. I seek the comfort. I desire your mighty right hand to cover me like Isa 59:15-23. You paid a high price for me, yet I do not know my worth. You made me to be more precious than rubies an a royal priesthood. You took me in as your daughter when my mother and father forsook me. Yet I still yearn for there acceptance, when you proclaimed that I am accepted in the beloved. You told me to study to show myself approved unto you. Yet I study to get others to approve of me. You said you would neve leace me or forsake me, yet I keep wandering away in loneliness, emotional turmoil and compromise instead of promise minded. You keep your word and I hace not. I take the lies instead of the power to overcome.

    I forgive others before receiving redemption, which I can not earn no matter how much I suffer.

    I want my family back, Lord. My son is angry and my little girl does not really believe anymore. Time has ran short and I need you more than ever. It is hard to get up and lay down at night. My children are my family and they are gone. Stolen right out of my arms.

    Heal my heart, mind, soul, Lord Jeaus. I have loss myself in my trials.

  560. karen jackson Says:

    Pray for my husband stan he is having affair and hes always away from home and etc. pray for infilling of the holy spirit. your prayers are desperate needed please pray god will turn him around soon.

  561. Nina Says:

    It has now been fourty days since Jack broke up with me, I know this since it
    happened the day before Lent began. Everyone tells me that I should be getting
    over it and moving on but something in my heart won’t let me. I really miss him
    and love him, I pray when I wake up and go to bed for him to come back to me. I
    pray through out the day for a second chance at our relationship. I pray nonstop
    for his depression to end and his mind to be cleared of his fears! I pray that
    he will open his heart and mind to giving us a second chance. To not let the
    mistake we made to end our relationship but to give us something to learn from
    and grow as a couple. I know that we had such a promising future and just pray
    for a second chance at that blessing. On this most holy day I know I am already
    blessed and I have such faith and am truly thankful for all the Lord has done
    for me and the ones I love but I just keep praying for one more chance with
    Jack. I pray that on this most holy of days that the Lord will bless Jack and I
    with a second chance at love. I pray that the good Lord will answer my prayers
    for Jack to come back and be willing to give our relationship a second chance.
    In Jesus Name I Pray!

  562. geeta Says: pray 4 Sunny, good health, job promotion,to gt the visa dat e applies & restoration of hs relation & marriage wth Shweta.
    2. pray 4 Shweta, gd health, promotion, sucess in d exam dat she is gvng on 6th april, and also onsite opprtnities in job.

  563. Marina Says:


    If you don’t mind I would like to ask you once again for support in prayers for my friends and me:


    That they find God seeking and renewing their love


    Thank you very much for every support in prayer.


  564. Judy Says:

    I am not sure how to do this. this is a prayer request for favor. lord I have been so stupid. I stole from my employer and ofcourse was caught. My fate now lies in the hands of my employer thru god. they are god fearing good christian people. they are upset at my deceit when they trusted me. they are now trying to deceide whether or not to press charges. I have been in trouble before and will surely go to jail. I have offerred to pay them back asap and do anything to try to repair it. I have 2 kids that are 10 and 13 and could not live a day without me. I also have parents who would be crushed. my brothers are already in jail and this would kill them. if my kids had to live with there dad they could not function. they would not only loose me, but they would be drug away from everytng they know and have to move away. I beg for a prayer of favor to help me with this and to please touch there heart.

  565. Alisa Says:

    I am currently seeking the Lord as to if I should go on an extended fast. The longest I’ve done recently is a 3 day with water and juice (I work full time and can’t take off of work for fasting).I’ve been married just a year and my husband who claims to be a Christian has some area’s that I’d like God to touch. My concerns about my husband Ron are: He drinks several beers every evening everyday of the week. ALthough he doesn’t appear to be an alcoholic I feel that this is not glorifying to God. I do not bring this up to him because Ron is a very stubborn and verbally lashing man. He will immediately accuse me of judging and scream and yell at me. I’ve been married before and do not want to leave or be divorced again. I decided before leaving that I would give this marriage some time before God. Ron hangs out with non christian men who drink to drunkeness, smoke pot and play poker for money. Ron says he doesn’t drink around them and he has never smoked pot that he hangs with them only for the card game and winning some money. I also feel gambling is not something God would be to pleased about. Ron is also verbally abusive to me at times. He snaps at me and has even called me names. When he is having good days he is the most wonderful man I ever met. We had a great dating experience and he was very affectionate with me. Ron also doesn’t want sexual intimacy with me very often and I am an attractive woman. I keep myself well and haven’t changed in size or style since meeting him. Ron claims that the “initial” sexual excitement is no longer there and that we just won’t have that anymore and it only exists in new couples. I disagree. God made sex for marriage and God has blessed the marriage bed. WIll someone please support me with what I am going through ? I need christian friends right now to help me through this. I am in counseling to learn to stand up for myself against him and it is going better but Ron needs God and Ron needs to have a life changing experience with God. Ron is being a”complaicent” christian who goes to church on Sunday and doesn’t have any further spiritual walk Monday through Saturday. Please pray God will radically save his soul and give him passion for Christ our savior.

  566. Cheryl Says:

    PLEASE pray for me, and add me too all prayer lists. I am having serious helth issues some of which would be better if I lose this 40pounds. I have an underactive thyroid so it makes it difficult but I put on 25pounds in 2months I need help…PLEASE I need prayer support..I need energy again to get out there and do work for the Lord..
    Thankyou, and God bless
    Love In Christ

  567. Patti Says:

    Please pray for my finances and my healing. I need alot of money immediately. Money to pay my health insurance premiums so my health insurance continues, money for car repairs, money for necessities. Also prayer for my healing as I have been sick and in pain and have lost my job because of it. I believe for my healing and provision from the Almighty God who restores to us everything the devil stole at least twice over. I believe the unseen is more real than the seen and even though it doesn’t look good in the natural, God is God of the Supernatural and does the impossible! Glory be to our God and thank you for your prayers!

  568. maria k beauregard Says:

    thank you germaine. i have trouble at work- because i feel so depressed and alone. i pray all the time….but i feel that god is not listening. i have trouble with feeling worthless. also for financial help.
    maria b.

  569. Peter Says:

    Please pray that my family and I are granted our loan request today so I may continue to feed, shelter and care for my family and to bridge the gap until my first paycheck arrives in a few weeks (I just started a new job).

  570. Rick Carangelo Says:

    This year I am scheduled to finish my time in seminary and sense that the call to Church Planting is growing even stronger. We believe that God wants to plant churches throughout the world, and especially in the United States where christian families are praying for, meeting and serving their neighbors at home, school and work. Please pray for myself, Rick, and my bride Marcie, and our two children, that God may prepare, direct and use us fully in accordance with His will. (March 18, 2008)

  571. Alfred Kapeleta Says:

    My friend is supposed to return to University on 1 April 2008. She is going into her final year. Unfortunately, she lost both parents and two siblings during the recent post-election violence in Kenya. She needs about $1067 for the coming term, but we have managed to raise only $300. She needs your urgent prayers to find the difference before 1 April. Otherwise, she will lose her.

    She also needs prayers for the protection of her remaining brother who is 18 and not working. He needs to be taken care of while she returns to school.

  572. Ana Says:

    Please pray that my two daughters who are in standard Xll & X & will be appearing for their Board Exams somewhere in February or March 2009 to pass with good percentage and get admission in a good college and that my husband should have good health and that we should have peace in our family and that the Lord may guide our children in the right directtion and keep them under his mantel of love and care.

    God Bless.


  573. Beatriz Says:

    Por favor, si dentro de este grupo de intercesores hay alguien que pueda traducirles mi solicitud se lo agradecere. Quisiera que oraran por mi, llevo un tiempo no sintiendome bien. Mucha confusion en mi mente, me he sentido inhabilitada para hacer las tareas del hogar y he estado irritada con los niños. No tengo a nadie que sienta confianza para pedirle que ore por mi. Pero se que necesito ayuda para salir de este “hueco” donde me he metido. No quiero seguir asi. Hay tanto que tengo que hacer, mis hijos me necesitan. Y yo quiero estar bien. Por favor ayudenme.
    En amor;

  574. BeeJay Says:

    Please pray for my new daughter-in-law’s grandmother, Mrs. Mary Lou.
    She has cancer of the stomach. Doctors give her 3 months to live. She wants to live. She is a Christian but not very strong in faith for healing. Her daughters and granddaughter are strong in faith.
    Thank you very much.

  575. carol Says:

    please pray for the salvation of my two children Lauren (21) and Tommy (20).. Also I ask for pray for the Lord to repair and restore my relationship with them. I ask also for my husbands salvation whom I have been married to for 23 years and seperated now for two years. He has set a standard on how my son was to treat me and I am just as guilty for allowing the abuse. But now I don’t know how to reach my son. My daughter and i are working things out I pray the Lord will continue to draw us closer. I also don’t know if the Lord wants me to stand for this marriage and wait for my husband or what. I just know I miss taking care of a family but this time I want a man who will appreciate it. I am filled with so much sorrow. I miss my children I miss my family, I also miss having a true companion. Please please pray for us we really need the Lords mercy and guidance and favor.
    God bless you

  576. Mary Says:

    Please pray that the Lord will give me an answer. I feel like I have met the man for me. We have so much chemistry and now I have found out that this man is engaged. I am so confused about this, and I think he is too. Please pray the Lord will both give us the answer quickly.


    God Bless

  577. Maria Says:

    I need a miracle on Holy Saturday. I’m applying for a work visa and really need all the divine help I can get to have it approved with ease and grace.

  578. Angela & Ernest Says:

    Please pray for us to have favor, strength & vindication. Also, for peace of mind during this trying time.

  579. Mr.David Livingstone Illuri Says:

    I am Mr.David Livingstone Illuri / (15th October 1969)39/ born and brought-up as a 10th Child in Dedicated God’s Servants Family in the Town of Palakol,West Godavari District,Andhra Pradesh,South India.

    Though I was Up-lifted on our Parents Prayer ,regular Scritpural Medications and by Inspirational Testomonies, I was away from God because of fellowships and Friendships of some people who do not know God and his Ways and those who are Drunkers and all bad habits but by the Grace and Love of God in the right time came to know that is Jesus Christ as My Personal Saviour and Lord.

    In the Year 1986 God called me for the full time ministry and I accapted the for his call and I went to Bible Scool and Bigan Working with Soul Winning Attitude and already started 12 churches in 12 different Places as I have been Working as Senior Pastor to the First Pentecostal Church (which was started by My Late Father Apostle.Jacob David Illuri through the Grace of God in 1956)for the Grace of God.
    I myself recognized that the Lord has been using me in area of Intercessory Prayer and Epective Evangelism among Un-reached People Groups and also on conducting Revivels in the Churches that they are belongs to all other denominations here in these areas in the state of Andhra Pradesh,South India.
    In the Years 2007 and 2008 God opened the Doors to go to minister the Word of God in the Churches in the Contries like Srillanka,Singapore,Malaysia and Doha-Qatar(One of the Arebian Gulf Countries) by his Grace and Power,for which I Thank God from the Botum of my Heart,Amen.

    This Year 2008 We have Prayer and Plan to Conduct Special Seminars and Conferences and Crusades among young people and Women and Pastors & Evangelists and among Un-reached People Groups for the Glory of God.

    I request all the Men and Women of God who are reading this Testimony or the Letter to Pray and Intercede for all these things to be done for the Glory of God and for his Kingdom’s Extension.

    In the Closing I take this as an opportunity to Invite People( those who are Prayerful and Spiritfilled and those who are being used by God in the Area of Healing ministries by Word and Deed through the Help of the Holy Spirit) to come and Preach and Teach the God’s Word and Revive Our Churches and Pray for the people who are sick in the above mentioned Events that will be taken place in this Year and even in the Years to come.
    I am so Thankful to you for reading this humble Testimony and the Letter and to take a decition to Pray and stand with us in the name of Jesu.
    Yours Co-labourer in his Vineyard.
    Pastor David Livingstone Illuri.

    Mr.David Livingstone Illuri,Pastor.
    First Pentecostal Church-Livingstone Ministries,
    1-1-35,Baddavani Peta,Palakol-534 260,
    West Godavari District,Andhra Pradesh,South India.

  580. Carmen Says:

    “I am writing to ask for you all to pray for a beautiful 2 year old boy named Jake. He is the cousin of my colleauge. Jake is an adorable, blond haired, vibrant little boy who was diagnosed with tumors on both of his retina’s in November. Since then he has had about 5 rounds of chemo. He as undergone all his chemo treatments for both eyes and the cancer persists in his left eye. His mom informed everyone today that the doctors are recommending they remove his left eye as soon as possible. This will most likely be done very soon and we need to keep praying for his successful recovery. Thank you all in advance for keeping Jake and his family in your prayers – they most definitely need it”

  581. Nancy Says:

    Please God get me out of my negative thinking. Please renew my faith completely, heal me from my sins, heal others close to me of their sins and bring peace to my soul. Tonight I ask that you renew my relationship and bring us love and understanding. Please bring us together forever.

  582. marianne vangalio Says:

    Please pray for the Lord’s Divine and Glorious Healing Power over breast cancer for Lynne Sams, R.N. age 55 I am contacting as many churches as possible for Prayer Support for Lynne Please Support Lynne in Prayer Thank You! Marianne Vangalio P.O. Box 3761 Prescott, Az. 86302 928 759 059

  583. mart alden porlay Says:

    please pray for me to pass the civil service exam and for november or december 2008 philippine nursing board exam. thanks and God bless

  584. DEIVARANI Says:

    Please pray for me, to be faithful and discipline myself, a strong heart, clear mind, for financial matter where im in difficulties in paying my house matters probably end up with bankruptcy, im a single mother with 2 kids, so many problems has hit me. Feel lonely. Pray for my family my mother is suffering from ovarian cancer. Im taking care of my parents. Really worried.

  585. Steven Wise Says:

    Please pray for my daughters to be reunited with me. The suffering of this has lasted many years. Please pray for them to surrender Jesus and be reunited with me. Pray for the manifestation of Malachi 4 where it says God will send Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Thank you.

  586. jackie Says:

    please pray for the restoration of the marriage of Terry Michael and Jackie for the healing forgivness and love be restored renewed and God will keep our marriage together and that divorce will not be mentioned again ever

  587. Leslye Says:

    I don’t know where or how to begin. I am so angry, depressed and hopless. I married a man 3 years ago this July and it has been the worst thing I have ever done. All we do is fight, I have tried to kill myself to get out of the marriage and my kids hate him. He claims to be a christian, I guess he probably is. I don’t know. I was/am a christian. My walk before I met him was awesome. Went to church 3x a week, read and studied daily, was a teacher in our youth group, lead a group of 8th grade girls in a weekly bible study. Then I married and slowly all this was taken away from me. He is a dreamer and lies all the time. My church shunned him, the kids wouldn’t talk with him. He was arrested for a previous disturbance so serving in the church was out of the question. Since this time I have begun to question my faith and God’s existance. “If he’s real, why is He allowing me to go through this?” I feel that God has abandonded me since I married him. I have never felt so alone in my entire life. Even during the divorce of my girls father. I am so lost and don’t know what to do or where to go. Help, please, I can’t live like this much longer.

  588. Cathy Says:

    To God be the Glory! I passed my Algebra class, this was truly a miracle. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for your prayers. Believe in God’s word, forgive if you need to, do not keep jealousy and anger against others in your heart, you block God’s blessings when you hold onto these negative things in your heart. I heard a message from Pastor Saddiki on TBN and it woke me up, God’s word woke me up. I had just been passed up on some promotions at work and it angered me, I was jealous. I knew it was something I had to forgive but was having great difficulty with. God directed me to watch this particular program on TBN. He was speaking directly to me. I forgave those that offended me. I even blessed them and he then poured out a blessing onto me. I tell you the truth, do not give up, even if your circumstance seems impossible. Keep believing for that miracle to come to pass, and rid your heart of any negative thing then you will see how Awesome our God is. Halleluyah. Cat

  589. Cathy Says:

    Thank you Jesus that everything will be alright. I pray that my work environment will be pleasant and peaceful. Lord, let me not be affected by the unfairness at work. Thank you Father God that you direct my paths. I pray that my school situation also improves. I look to you Lord for all my needs. Thank you El Shaddai, the God that is more than enough. Thank you Lord for your mercy and your grace. Thank you God for keeping me and my husband and all my loved ones safe and sound. I love you Lord. Thank you most of all for your precious son, Jesus Christ, my savior. I trust and believe in you. When all else fails, I thank you that I know to call on you. Mark 11:23. God Bless this ministry, TBN, CBN and all the devoted ministers of your Holy Word. Blessings, Cat

  590. Dawnyell Says:

    Please pray that my summer camp for youth will be successful this year. I believe that this year is a year of abundance and prosperity for me. Please pray that my prosperity will come soon very soon so camp can be successful! Thank you for praying for me!God bless you….visit my site!

  591. Lee Says:

    Please pray for my friend and co-worker Maritza , and her brother who
    just return from a tour of duty in the Middle East. Please also pray for
    her family and her dear friends. Thanks.

  592. kay Says:


  593. Happy Says:

    father in the name of Jesus Christ our redeemer, from the deepest of my heart i pray this day that you are still the living God of Jacob. and you will remain alive. father i ask you to attend to your children whilst they are facing all the trial and tribulations they also remember as Apostle Paul had stated that in 2 Corintheans 16 we shall not give up though our body is wearing out our spirits are getting strong, all troubles we suffer are making us ready now for great thinss God is going to give us forever. ” as the God rased the Lord from the dead will raise all of us as well.

  594. Ellie Says:

    Please pray that God will bless my business with the finances needed by our company and for the right employees for each position available. I pray for wisdom for myself and each associate working for this company. I thank God for the building He has blessed us with. I have dedicated this company unto the Lord and believe He will prosper us and use this company as a blessing to others and to His glory. God bless each you and thank you for your prayer of agreement.

  595. Elena Teran Says:

    My son is hiperactive and have problems at scholl because he can not be quiet, please pray so he can be relax, with concentration and learn everything, his name is Michael O’Horan Terán, he is 14 years old, he is Mexican-Irish, thank you.

  596. Karen Says:

    I just spent the last two days at the worst job ever…a real scam. Please pray that God lead me to the right job He has for me and confirm, confirm, confirm it. Thank you for all of your prayers.

  597. Janette Hodges Says:

    Please pay for my son who is going through custody battle for his 3 year old daughter. Pray for reconciliation for the family

  598. Denise Says:

    I give thanks to God for blessing me with another day. Please Lord, forgive me my sins. I continue to pray that the Lord will release me from my fears and anxieties and give me inner peace. I pray the Lord will help me become more assertive and aggressive. I pray the Lord will heal and bless my relationship. I pray the Lord will give me the knowledge, the power, the strength, the courage and the wisdom to change my life for the better. All day long I put my hope and trust in you Lord. I am here to serve you Lord. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you.

  599. Lisa Says:

    I ask that you join in prayer for me and my family. My husband will be going to court tommorrow for a concurrrent please pray that he does not have to spend another day in jail. In the might name of Jesus I pray.

  600. Germaine Copeland Says:

    When I read the many prayer requests I am reminded of the words of Jesus: Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right) and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matt 6:33) I do not for one second discount emotional hurts, but this I know: Jesus came to bind up and heal the broken hearted, and He will heal you. God sent His word (Jesus) to heal you and He supplies your every need including emotional, financial and physical needs.

  601. Sisters Says:

    Please pray that our business is saved from bank and IRS. It will take a miracle. Thank you.

  602. Alan Says:

    Dear Lord, please help me in my time of trouble, give me the love and support I need to help me carry on. I miss my wife and 2 daughters so much and I would do anything to be with them always. Please help me to be back where I belong, with my family, I love them dearly. Please grant me a miracle and allow us to be once more together for always. I promise I will live a pure and clean life and always be kind to all. Amen

  603. Melisa Says:

    Please pray that I will find a job and will be able to provide health insurance for my family. I had a job and messed it up and I know I let myself down and God down. I prayed for the last job and he answered it then I blew it!! I am so sorry and feel so bad that I took it for granted. I learned a very important lesson about your word to God.. I know I let him down and want to make it right. I want to live the lesson I learned.. Please pray that God will give me the chance to show him. I pray I can get the opportunity to make him proud of me. May God bless you for reading this post and if you can please pray for me. Thank you and God Bless you.

  604. Peggy Says:

    i’m a 43 yr old. who need healing from a severe lung condition that is going to require double lung transplant. I was diagnosed in my 20’s and cannot remember when I’ve breathed freely. thank you for your prayers.

  605. sonja Says:

    please pray for me and my ex-husband andmy family. we need to be restored

  606. Linda Says:

    Please pray for sobriety for all those affected by addiction. Please God bless and give strength for those that they may be ready and willing to live a life of sobriety and fight against addictions.

  607. cc Says:

    Please agree with me for God’s miracle breakthru in getting our deposit back NOW…thank you for your prayers…

  608. brenda Says:

    I agree with prayers that avail much and i join you all in prayers.

  609. ros Says:

    Please pray for our dear friend TELA, who has relapsed. May she make a full recovery soon.

  610. Charlo Says:

    Come Holy Spirit fill us with your presence, our hearts with your mind, our soul with your will so we may undersand the message from the Father and Jesus sent to me,in Jesus Name…concerning The J.H.Black, Jr family and all concerned in that camp. Cover the Sister,who has a daughter and a Grandbaby. Sister is with a jail bird. Crooked road straight the rough place made smooth with this here man. She want him. Bring correction it sure could help!! A lot!
    give her a strong GOD encounter, spirit filled and tongue talking and bible reading. I pray that she becomes so locked down in Christ, that theLord will use her to minister to her Daddy, help him get routed on to some good teeth and an upgrade on his appearance because the man is handsome and so very loved.He needs more of Jesus…an less of me.

  611. Charlo Says:

    Bless the Lord O my soul
    And all that is within me bless His Holy Name. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,Amen! Saints of GOD, please pray in tongues–intercede for my family, our home, finances, mental health issues, job/career and favor with studio heads, creative teams, and my new talent agent.Thank you Lord for great financial revenue and passive income! Pray that my son also gets a chance to do commercials. HE needs a good school environment. His homeschooling is not going well. We need a miracle to bring up his grades. Jesus I submit all of these concerns to you. Thank you Lord, for wisdom and patience & understanding, and for blessing us to be a blessing to others. Bless our church, Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church family and our pastors, Ellen Wohl, and Nancy Eskijian and Pastor Ernesto Cuellar, and Pastor Majorca, and all the Team members. Cover us…especially Samona Cooke Psalmist and her daughter Samona Jr.a mighty woman of GOD and Samona,Sr a prophetess. May their words not fall to the ground. But accomplish where in to it is sent.
    Lord bring them to the beautiful peaceful place of dwelling and of rest. Where every need is met, and they have the comfort they have needed as they work for the LORD in our church ministry. Thank you for revealing every hidden thing, and secret thing brought to light with loving correction and reproof.
    Amen…we thirst for you Lord! Amen…even so, Come Quikly Lord Jesus! Love is in our Church!!!

  612. Diane Says:

    Just keep on trusting in the lord

  613. C.J. Says:

    GOD IS GOOD!!! On Feb. 16, I posted a prayer request for my boyfriend to open his eyes and for he and I to reconcile our relationship. He had gotten to the point where he acted as if he didn’t even want to talk to me, eventhough I knew he loved me. Well, Thursday, he called me and said he had been dating other women and couldn’t even enjoy himself for thinking about me the whole time…. I had no clue he was feelilng this way, because he said he didn’t want to work things out with me. God answers prayer even when we don’t see it being possible in the natural… He is a miracle worker!!! This guy had ended our relationship and turned to the world for happiness. Now, he’s asked me for another chance and he’s ready to be back in Church with me, he went with me yesterday… Please continue to keep him in your prayers that he will keep his eyes on God and

  614. Jill McGrath Says:

    Please pray for my aunt, Linda Loomer. A growth was found on her kidney this week. She was told it was probably malignant but in the 1st stages. She may lose her kidney. Please pray for her healing. Thank you.

  615. Jacen Pease Says:

    My ex is planning to fight me for custody of our son. I have had
    custody of our son for the last 2 years. Please pray that the judge
    realizes that the best place for our son is my home and please pray
    that the judge reviews all the facts in the case (including reading
    the prior court order granting me custody).

    Here is more of the story on my ex to give you and idea of what type
    of a person she is.

    SHe has never payed child support in the last 2 years. Has never
    attended any of his appointments (therapy, doctor’s, nothing).

    She dated a man who physically and sexually abused our son * and
    continued to date him until her ex returned from Arkansas).

    She claims that because there are 2 parents in her home it would be
    better than the 1 in my home (at one point, because of DHS involvement,
    her and her “recovering” drug addict husband lost all 4 of her
    children (from 3 different fathers)

    Please pray for my son and I , pray that we overcome the obstacles
    being put in our way and pray that my son is kept safe.

    Thank you kindly.

    Jacen Michael Pease

  616. Greg Says:

    I ask for prayer for my irs audit to be resolved and I owe nothing, my sons hearing aid will be paid for by the insurance company, and tha tmy job improves drastically. Thank you. Greg – Ohio

  617. Beverly Brown Says:

    I would like for you to pray for me, I’m trying to overcome this physical sickness I have, it’s a cold that went to my sinuses and I’m having surgery next week on my C-5 & C-6, it called a cervical infusion,please pray that I will make it through.I know with God right there I will.Thank You

  618. Evelyn Says:

    Please pray for Dottie who has chronic back pain and now has rectal bleeding, and her best friend will be going in for a mastectomy. Please pray for her friend also. Please pray that Dottie will find hope, that her colon condition will be fixable, that her friend will be okay, and that Dottie will find more relief from her pain and things that will give her a reason to live. Please also pray for Bree who is very much alone after losing her two dogs.

  619. karl grambo Says:

    rachel grambo healed,david and jesse,pat and karl and rachel redeemed , redeemed from every evil work tonite. no weopon formed against us shall shall prosper from this moment forward. amen in the name of jesus

  620. George Says:

    My 15yo son is recovery from drug addiction and doing very well. He had a slip up the other day and cursed at myself and my wife, his step-mother. While I did confront him and was “handling” it, his step-mom flew into a rage and threw him out. She said that I could not stay if he was with me. I feel that with the positive progress that he is making with his recovery I can’t abandon him. We have been living in hotels for a week and my wife is planning a divorce because she knows that I will stand by him. Five minutes before she flew into a rage, when I first began to confront him, she said I was doing a good job. We need healing in this family. I don’t want Devon to get discouraged in his recovery and I want Merrilynn to realize that he won’t change overnight but he sure is growing by leaps and bounds. Devon knows that he did wrong but now feels rejected. I know that I need to discipline him in love and I am also changing old habits. I have faith that God will guide us but I have weak, fearful moments at time. “What if he relapses?” “What if she follows through with the divorce?” Thank you for your prayers.

  621. Pamela E. Says:

    Please pray that I hear from Steven M.

  622. carolyn Says:

    please prayer warriors,please pray that god will pours out a financial blessings for me and my whole family in the name of jesus christ amen

  623. tee Says:

    please pray for my relationship with tony,my finances and increasing my friendship pool! also please pray for judy,tonya,diamon,ken,shaylana,shonya,stephen,celest,david,evelyn,india roger jonisha, shamika cilina every one i know and don’t knw. may your angels protect them.
    i know we are not worthy but need you if it in your will in jesus name amen

  624. yolanda Says:

    please keep me in prayer, i am so overwhelmed. i just started a new business. please send letters of encouragement to p.o. box 197 hampton,ga 30228.

  625. dave Says:

    Please pray that my daughter would be completely healed of constipation , that I would get my promotion , my Ph.D ,my M.Phil and M.Sc. in this year 2008 , and That the job offer in georgia state would offer me a guaranteed $5000, along with health and medical benefits for me and my wife and child , that we would all be able to come togather ro the USA , by the
    end of this year.

  626. TRENA Says:


  627. jessie Says:

    My younger parrot Swift jumped in scalding bathwater while I was in the other room answering an email late last night.

    I took her to the ER vet right away… They told me that because of the way birds are, because she didn’t die immediately that they won’t know her prognosis for another 3 days after the burns set in. They’ve given her pain meds, fluids, and oxygen. I could kill myself for turning my back tonight.

    She lived thru the night…

    They still wont know her prognosis for the next few days. I just heard from the vet and it’s really touch and go right now. Her legs were burned quite badly and there’s really not much they can do besides give her fluids and keep her in an oxygenated incubator.

    I am distraught.

    Someone hit my rear bumper just as I was leaving the vet’s this morning.

    I just want to go hide my head in a hole.

    I just want my goffins cockatoo to live. She is bonded with Boo, who is also a goffins, and they bring alot of joy to peoples’ lives. They’re both trained to do tricks and go out in public and let strangers handle them.

    Swift is the most gentle, sweet cockatoo. I really want her to live thru this.

  628. Rory Says:

    Just asking the Lord to help us to get our life in order and to pay off every one that we owe. Please pray.

  629. Charlo Says:

    PLEASE PRAY FOR WEST ANGELES CHRISTIAN ACADEMY ( A ministry of The West Angeles Church Of God In Christ)…they are slated to be CLOSED in June 2008! This school is a vital part of the community and is the only good Christian preK-8 school available. The Bishop ( Blake) wants to make it a Charter School ( which would greatly restrict the Faith Based Curricculum that it is now), and get funding from the State of California. There is a huge outcry because there was over $30 Million raised for the school, and now he wants it torn down, and made into a School of Ministry. Please pray that WACA will be saved and the children will have a GREAT school to continue to attend! Pray for Bishop Charles Blake in particular. That God would touch his heart and bring strong conviction upon him and that every hidden thing would be REVEALED, In the Name of Jesus!! Pray for the students and faculty and Elder Owens, and Mrs Dunbar ( Principal), for wisdom, and direction.

  630. C.J. Says:

    I really need alot of prayer… My boyfriend broke my heart. He says he really loves me, but is scared of commitment and don’t know what’s wrong with him. Everyone thought we would be together forever, but he’s going back out in the world again. Everyone, please come in agreement with me that he opens his eyes and stays focused on God… Agree that he and I will reconcile our relationship and get married. I know he loves me and I love him so much… I don’t want to live without him, we were perfect together. Right now he don’t even want to see me or talk to me because he says it makes it harder… Please pray!!! Thanks for your prayers!!

  631. geeta Says:

    pl pray for Shweta, for hr gd health, favour & promotion @workplace,acceptance & love from the boy she loves.

  632. Paul Says:

    Saints…. I am begging Jesus, just begging him… That hospital broke mary lou’s upper leg completely in half… Hanging by the skin and left her lay there like that… Dear God in heaven… Would not even call a bone doctor

  633. Toni Says:

    I really need a miracle. We lost our medical insurance after a few months because we couldn’t pay for continuation coverage after my dept was outsourced at my previous job. I need to find a well paying job that will fully cover me and I’ll be able to add my husband for a not too outrageous cost. He can’t get insurance on his own, nor does his employment provide it. We are in major debt because of a prior medical illness, and am praying for God’s will to be done in our lives.

  634. TT Says:

    Pray for us. I live with my husband, 13 month of daughter and 4 year old son. My husband and I are 26 years old and we have been married for 4 years. Our marriage is solid, we are great friends, lovers and pray partners. We both have good jobs, but it seems like we can not get a financial break through. We are struggling to pay the mortgage and daycare in addition to the other bills. It’s really taking a toll on us; my husband even has a second job. Can you please pray for us to be released from this financial burden? I am believing that GOD will release us before 2008 ends. In the name of Jesus.

  635. KC Says:

    URGENT!!! Please pray we get our $4000 deposit back from new home builder. We were in process of buying a home and it fell thru due to their fault. Now they want to bully us and try to keep the money. Pray the precious blood of Jesus all over that money and that we get it back ASAP. Thx.

  636. judith Says:

    need prayer for myself i’m struggling financial problems and i’m single woman who need to settle down.

  637. Karen Says:

    Dear Prayer Partners, please pray that the Lord show me so clearly what to do in the area of employment. There is no work in what I have been doing…and I just need to hear from Him clearly and precisely what He wants me to do. Thank you for your prayers!!

  638. Cathy Says:

    Thank you Jesus, I passed the 2nd test, I will continue and praise and thank God that I will pass the 3rd test and the final and pass the course. Please keep me in your prayers. Praise God…Halleluyah.

  639. tammy Says:

    lift up my husband an i god will help us to get along and pray for god to touch family to draw out support / generousity/kindness/love… we get no phone calls from them to offer if there is something they could do to help i feel i am left to do everything they don t come over to help with my husband he is fighting cancer their support would help me alot please pray god will bring a breakthru in this and that he will come in the scene find relief in meeting needs. pray god will get families attention and that god will not let it stop that familes help will keep coming…. pray god will put my husband s name heavy on their hearts and and bring conviction the times they have nt notice the needs

  640. Patty Sturick Says:

    please pray for me for a financial blessing and help in dealing with a company i work for that owes me a great deal of money. because this company owes me so much money, it has put a huge burden on me financially. i have been an apprentice under the this supervisor for two years and was told that i would get 50% of the sales i produced, and never once have i been paid on time, regular or the correct amount. when i scream and yell i am about to be put out on the street, he will finally give me something. i know it sounds stupid that i kept working for him, but what i do requires trainees to work under someone for two years and for a certain amount of hours, and finding someone to work under is very if not impossible to find. this supervisor has a repeated past of doing this to people who a vulnerable to him and he lies to them and says he will give them 50% and then never does. he does this because there are times he needs someone to do something he can’t get to, so he says what they want to hear, and then blows them off when they ask for money he promised. it would not be so bad if he was just honest about not paying but i can give you experience you need, and then these people including myself would be able to make a good choice. his claim is that he is broke and can’t afford to pay out, and i can’t comment on what he does personally, but knowing my sales brought in were &75,000 last year plus what work he did himself in which would be more than what i did, i am finding it hard to believe he is diligent in paying people with these kind of sales to his company.
    i have tried to be patient, tried even helping him get out of trouble when i believed him that he was having financial trouble and no matter how much money i produced he is always just as broke as from the start when i tried to help him. other people have brought him to court, and he just puts in delays and lies that he is so broke and finally the people probably run out of money to pay lawyers and give up. i have tried many times to discuss, email, or talk on phone some negotiation of some kind and completely get ignored. i have offered to take a settlement on the huge amount of $40,000 to a settlement of $5000 and a reduction in current fees, and he ignores me completely. i can only conclude that this has never or will be settled between him and me. being that i feel all due diligence has been performed by me to reconcile this matter with him, i feel my only other recourse is to bring this matter to Jesus. i have prayed quite intently about this and feel the world courts would only justify his actions or not accomplish anything. maybe some of my conclusions are wrong about his ability to pay, so that must be decided by Jesus and i trust him to be fair in his judgements on this matter. if he really is broke, then the Lord will know this, but if he is not and just taking people, the Lord will know this too. he will not be able to hide from the truth with God as he would in the courts on earth.
    please pray that my faith stay strong to trust the Lord for the truth he knows about this and faith in his ability to remedy this. may i keep faith that it does not have to necessarily destroy his life but fix what makes him do this, so he stops, whether it is really struggles he is having or just not being honest to people. may i have faith that jesus help me in my career and financial struggles brought by this dilemna and he is with me through what ever my struggles are to restore peace to my life.
    i give thanks to Jesus in helping me to finish my apprenticeship so I do not have to be vulnerable to another supervisor. I give thanks to the Lord for the amount of %25 cut he gave me, it was not what he owed my by far, and it was not enough to live on with working another job, but i made it. may i give thanks to Jesus for taking this problem which is bigger than i can handle and now i can say its Jesus’s problem. Thank you Lord!

  641. lynn Says:

    please lord send my husband charles back home to me. i miss him so much. please let him feel my love for him and his love for me. lord let him know that his hurtting me every day that he acts so cold to me. amen

  642. JC Says:

    Please pray for Ginger’s spiritual strength, that she would feel Christ’s love and presence more closely. I don’t know what’s going on, but the Lord just told me to be praying for her. If you would like to send her a note of encouragement, her e-mail address is

  643. Dr. AA Tang Says:

    Please pray for Sierra S, she is a 14 year runaway from Daytona, FL. She is very badly missed and very much loved. Please pray that Sierra realizes that her place is with her mother who loves her very, very much..

  644. Debbie L. Says:

    Hi,Please pray for me. I have been to hell and back. First, I was in an abusive marriage for 12 yrs. Then, Went thru a very horrible custody battle and my x got the kids. Now, since the custody battle started almost 5 yrs ago, it has grown more and more horrible. In a financial mess with no hope in site. Battles, battles,and more battles. It is very hard as a mother not to have her kids. I see them but not too much and the abusive x is still being controling, demeaning, and threateniing. please pray for me. Thanks.


    Karen continue to stand on the word of God 1 Peter:24/ Matthew4:23 Matthew 17:15-18 Isaiah 53 :5 God makes no promises that he doesn;t keep I was healed from canser 37 years ago Feb 9th I am now 75 years old so many times he has stteped in an healed me He is still in the healing bussiness Stand on HIS word your in Christ

  646. Omar Tokuhiro Says:

    Please pray for me I suffer from nervousness anxiety and fear on a daily basis as well as from chronic headaches I know God does not want this for me and that he can heal me, God bless you and thank you for your prayers.

  647. Ronn Rozman Says:

    Please pray that the Lord would give us favor in our refinance deal of our house. We need favor on the entire process and the appraisal has to come in at 248 or higher for the deal to work. Thanks for the prayer support.

  648. CRYSTAL Says:

    Please help me pray for my son who has a good sole, today he needs the help of our lord and savior to find his love and spirit to enter into his heart for he is hurting right now. Drinking has led him to a short life of unfortunate consequences, he is a marked target for the lord to bring new life and meaning for him. He loves God and hates himself for what he has done. He creates challenges that he cannot complete as he is young but wiser than I at his age. Please everyone pray that God will enter his love into the heart of my son and give him renewed strength to face the challenges before him to move on to every tomorrow with more wisdom and love than today.

  649. Roger Clark Says:

    I would like for everyone to pray for me and my daughter I have to move from our house by 31 Mar. I am engaged to a wonderful woman but we do not have a place to bring our two families together as one we are searching for a place but cannot find one we can afford. I need prayer for God’s intervention into this matter as I my daughter and my fiancé and her children need some stability in our lives for a change.

    Please pray that God will guide me on the path He wants me on and provides for my family and my future family.

    God Bless

  650. Claire Says:

    Please could you pray for me and a christian guy i have recebntly had the joy of knowing, he is everything i am looking for in a partner and posible husband..he feels the same too but has issues regarding his past relationship with a nonchristian which was physical and also his negative thoguhts being with a christian girl who has had a sexual past. He believes that God hasd forgiven us for our past mistakes but is still tarumatised from his past relationship and it is creating negative thoguhts whenever he tries to attempt a new relationship, he thinks that i am perfect in many ways for him and we have both been praying to meet someone like the other for so long. I just feel God has answered our prayers but we need to feel gods blessing and for him healing of these neagitve thoughts regarding past sexual relationships which creat hurt in him.

    I want to feel god blessing if we are meant to be together and for him to feel healing and forgiveness.

  651. Justin Says:

    I have been laid off, and am in severe financial duress. I am asking that who ever prays with / for me to agree for me to find immediate relief in the way of a) a contract consulting position or b) that job I am supposed to have. I have overcome so much and am grateful for what I am blessed with! I have tithed faithfully and don’t understand why this is happening to me but hope that this answer will come in short time. I also want to pray for the long term goals that I have been setting in every aspect of my life. Thank you for your prayers.

  652. Yvonne Says:

    I am still having difficulty at work. My boss is now being buddies with my co-worker where they hang out with one another. I am the lead in my dept and she does not invite me to meetings, just my co-worker. She also talks about me to my co-worker but my co-worker will not go into detail.
    This is very uncomfortable. No one else sees what is going on. I am asking the lord for a new job someplace else, quickly.

  653. Pat Says:

    Please pray for the me. I am in a unmarried relationaship. I know that God is not pleased with me in this relationship, becaus satan is trying to ruin my life. I have make the first step out and have applied for a loan at a bank so that I can buikd my home and let God do the rest forme. Jesus work it out, One day I know that I will be called with good news, that my loan has been approved. Lord approve this loan for me. I live it in yr hands

    Thanks for anwering my prayers .

    Thank You.

  654. Merlishsa Says:

    Please pray that God will allow me to strength to do all what is necessary. Pray for Kaela , thta God will guide her, protect her, open her mind, and lead her in the straight path. Lord I am tired, its like all the cares of life and being wayd down on my shoulders. I need peace, love, and wisdom. Work for me Lord.


  655. Merlishsa Says:

    Please pray for me so that the devil will leave my life in peace. It has been mingling in my life lately. There is a girl that I believe the devil uses to cast remarks at me everytime she cames into contact with me. My spouse children and very disrespect, and my spouse needs to trust Jesus. Please I pray that God will be done in my life. Pray for me so that I will continue patiently in faith.


  656. Valerie Says:

    I need prayer for: peace, hearing clear direction from God, change, restoration, healing, increase in joy, desire to be missionary photographer, being slow to anger, protection and increase in patience.

  657. Laura Says:

    Please pray for my son and me. Pray for a positive outcome to his court case Friday. Also, I just said something joking that hurt my son’s feelings. Pray that I can undo the damage, that he will feel better, and that I will do better in the future. Pray for us both to be happy and for God’s will to be done in our lives. Pray for those who have hurt us in many ways. Pray I will find someone (in the human realm) I love who loves me too. Pray for someone who just rejected me without explanation after promising much. Pray for me to fully heal from the hurt and for good to come from all the seemingly bad that has happened in my life and my son’s life. Pray for harmony in our family.

  658. Ed D. Kleiman Says:

    Please pray for my time preaching February 10th through and including the 13th at Grace Fellowship Presbyterian (PCA) Church, in Albertville, Alabama. Pray the Holy Spirit uses that time to instill a desire for their seeking after communion and union with Christ experienced through prayer (and His Word), as their greatest priority and deepest joy. Pray that God Himself would grant an all consuming passion for the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things and that the advancement of His kingdom in and through prayer would then naturally flow from that.

    Pray also as I visit my sister Linda (both of us being Jewish) from Feb. 16 through the 21st. I will not rest till I know she too has received eternal life through Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah promised and given to the Jews. Oh, please pray.

    Remember the words of the great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor; “Since the days of Pentecost, has the whole church ever put aside every other work and waited upon Him for ten days, that the Spirit’s power might be manifested? We give too much attention to method and machinery and resources, and too little to the source of power.”

    Thank you so much my dear brothers & sisters in Christ for your prayers, and how exceeding abundantly beyond all we ask or think the Lord is going to answer them, bringing great glory to Himself and impacting for generations to come the lives of countless people.

    Ed D. Kleiman
    Small Cloud Ministries

  659. Cathy Says:

    I am enrolled in Intermediate Algebra in college. I need to pass this class. Please join me in prayer that I will obtain favor and promotion. I need a “C”. I will send you a praise report… Cathy L.

  660. kim Says:

    I use to be a very strong intercessor who withstood a lot. the attacks of the enemy over the last 3 years has taken such a toll on me I feel like every time I start to raise my faith again another blow comes to discourage me. I have searched years for a spiritual equal or elder someone I could call on. I have many who call on me, but I have only the lord. Most of my discouragement is over my kids janissa17 and brent 20. My husband left us when my boy was only 5 and I have raised them alone with God. The enemy has used family members to lead my son into the ways of the world and destroy my relationship with him. My daughter has started a relationship with a boy who I think too is being used of the enemy. He is manipulative and possesive. I have raised my children in the Lord all their lives, but neither one of them has a real relationship with HIM and it so breaks my heart. I have poured my life into these kids and right now have no fruit. We need your fervent prayers please I am desparte.

  661. Beth and Diane Rogers Says:

    Please pray fervently that our Uncle Ozzie miraculously survive and be ok! He fell on the black ice and hit his head and they can’t stop the bleeding on the brain! It is a very desperate situation! Please pass on this prayer request.

  662. narcisa rivera Says:

    I need lots of prayers for marriage that just felt apart. My husband don’t want to be with me cause he wants to be single to go out parting. I don’t want that kind of life for me so now he wants the divorce.I’m trying to be strong about it but my 5 year old son keeps asking for him and that is killing me plus i miss him so much. I’m loosing weight and i can’t sleep at night. Please pray for me a lot.
    God bless you!

  663. Asimo Ruth Says:

    Pray hard for me, pray for the restoration of my lost marriage, due to misunderstanding and my husbands involvement into a new relationship. my husband (Esoku Felix) has abandoned me since last year april and is now staying with another woman. he has taken all children from me and are now staying with this woman (Amoit Lydia) . pray that i get another job since my contract is ending in march 2008 and i will have no source of income. please pray for my children as well that God may protect them wherever they are. pray for strength, health, courage, endurance in this situation. pray that i build a house where to stay since my husband is sending me out of our matrimonial house.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, show me Your mercy.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, have compassion upon my misery by Your mercy.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, forgive all my transgressions by Your mercy.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, keep me away from all evil desires and foul thoughts.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, make me a faithful servant of Yours.
    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, lead me to the haven of life.

    Oh Jesus my Beloved, increase my faith, confirm me in hope, and kindle in my
    heart the fire of love.

    Oh Jesus my Beloved, adorn my soul with temperance, humility and patience,
    and my mind with knowledge, wisdom and perception.

    Oh Jesus my Beloved, fill me with Your love and the love of neighbor, for
    the sake of her whom You chose to be Your holy Mother, and for the sake of
    all the holy fathers.

    ray that I trust that God has heard my prayers Amen.



  664. Trish Says:

    We are in need of a financial blessing in order to not lose our home.

  665. Laura Says:

    I would like to request prayer for my son and myself. We are both undergoing stress regarding a highly exaggerate threat charge against him. We have his trial on Feb. 8. This has been going on since April. It has taken a toll on both of us (emotionally, financially, educationally) and on his grandparents and great-grandparents. Pray for them as well. Pray for God to turn this into something good. Pray for those who have persecuted us, and pray that I can forgive them. I am very depressed and have trouble getting going. I stay in bed much of the time. Recently the love of my life resurfaced full of regret, remorse, apologies, promises, etc., only to apparently reject me like he did 20 or so years ago. Please pray about this situation and for him as well. I am having trouble dealing with it on top of everything else. Pray for the “right one” to come along whether it is him or not. It seems the last several years, there has been one negative event after another. My son has been through so much (his father’s cancer death, this legal charge, and more). Pray for things to get better for us. I am disappointed in how just about every aspect of my life has turned out. Pray for God to lead my son and me where he wants us to go and for us to be happy. I am considering relocating and would like to change careers but have much time with a state retirement system. Pray for God’s will in this. Pray for my mood to improve and for me to have more energy and motivation.

  666. Clint A Says:

    Just came back from the doctors, and oh wow… A LOT of problems going on. Said there is blockage in the arteries, and I need to see a specialist. Also said there is scarring in my lung. Might be malignant, but might just be from the pneumonia. Also said my something is going on in the liver. Please continue to pray for me. Very scary time. Thanks.

  667. Kevin Thomas Says:

    Hello, I have a new marriage, where I have a son and she has two younger children and we are blending as a family and there is stress with the children that leads to stress with us. My son is a teenager who needs much prayer. I have been praying and I see the hand of God on our situation but I would like you to keep us in prayer. God Bless

  668. Christian Says:

    I pray and ask for prayer for Melissa and I. I feel God has sent her to me and I to her. She has brought out the best in me. We have felt only excitement in our relationship and its future as well as her return to prayer and God. She has had periods of doubt in her life due to bad judjement, bad relationships, drugs and alcohol. She has since left all that but has always been weary of her choices and decisions and had sometimes had delt with depression and/or anxiety. I too have suffered from depression and anxiety, but she also has 2 boys which I think she is very afraid of hurting and has feeling of guilt from the past. We have been great to one another and I love them all with all my heart. About 2-3 days ago I felt and instant change in her. She was distant and cold to myslef and others around her. She states feeling of no energy and not doing anything and fear (she is not sure if it is about us). She said that something feels like its missing and she does not know what or what it is about. She said I don’t diserve this and that I should be with someone that does not have to deal with her craziness. She is a loving mother and very smart and commited person. I feel so helpless and don’t know how to help her. I fear of losing the one person I have been looking for for the past 25 years. I pray that God will help her as well as help me help her in any possible. Please say a small prayer for us that our relationship may flourish once again. I planned on engagement this May and breaks my heart that I may lose her and the love I have for her and the boys. God, please help us. Thank you all for your prayers! I will pray for you too!

  669. Clint A Says:

    I would like to ask you to please pray for a complete healing. I recently went in to the doctor for an eye infection. I neglected getting checked in years. Turned out my blood pressure was sky high, and I also had a heart attack. Also found out that I have pneumonia as well. Please pray for my healing, and a good report, tomorrow, as I go to the doctor. I know that we as Christians, are given the desires of our hearts, when we pray in faith.

    Thank you so much,

  670. barbara susan Says:

    No prayer request, just a thank you. The pages are falling out of my copy of “Prayers That Avail Much”. Originally it was leather bound. But, a bible that is falling apart is usually owned by a person that isn’t. So it is with my copy of “Prayers”. As Germaine so eloquently put it: “though circumstances often said it isn’t so, God watched over his word to perform it in our lives”. Thank you for putting the Word into prayer. I raised five (now grown) children on that book. All are living for God and serving God.

    I am often “accused” of being a walking concordance. Today it dawned on me why. I have been praying the Word from “Prayers that Avail Much” for 18 years! I committed the word to memory through prayer! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! God bless you and protect you as you guide a new generation into prayer that does avail much.
    In Gratitude,

    Barbara Susan

  671. Roger Clark Says:

    I have been asking for the wrong things in my and Rhonda’s relationship. I have been asking for God to just keep her in love with me and to make everything alright again.

    What I should be praying for is for God to lead me down the path that Rhonda needs. We had a talk last night about going to church and salvation. Then I was online and was hit with a message that told me I should be leading her down a path with God.

    I know Rhonda loves me and I know that God has put and is holding us together. But I need a lot of prayer.

    I need prayer that God will continue to hold us together, that God will make a change in Rhonda’s life so that she can forgive herself and come back to Him, I most of all need prayer for guidance and for God to show me the path to take. I really do want Rhonda and I to follow God, we have two eleven year old daughters and two teenagers that we are going to be making into a family. I need God to make this happen in the right way so please pray for us and for God to pull Rhonda back and for God to lead me in the right direction and for Rhonda and I to be able to get married.

    May God bless all

    I need prayer that God will continue to hold us together, that God will make a change in Rhonda’s life so that she can forgive herself and come back to Him, I most of all need prayer for guidance and for God to show me the path to take. I really do want Rhonda and I to follow God, we have two eleven year old daughters and two teenagers that we are going to be making into a family. I need God to make this happen in the right way so please pray for us and for God to pull Rhonda back and for God to lead me in the right direction and for Rhonda and I to be able to get married.

  672. Roger Clark Says:

    I am not sure what to ask for as far prayer for this. I am at a complete lose.

    My 17 yr old daughter is having some kind of problem within herself and I cannot get her to open up and talk to me about it. She has started being just plain mean to everyone around her,, hurting peoples feelings, and other things. She ran into and old girlfriend of mine and talked to her this old girlfriend has been trying to break me and my fiancé up for a while this may have something to do with it. I don’t know what to do.

    So please pray for God to guide me and for God to open her up to me.

    Please this could become life or death my daughter is not doing well with this right now.

    God Bless

  673. joannaromero Says:

    My son is suicidal and is very much in need of prayer. He goes tomorrow to a mental health clinic.He’s been tormented for years with this and something needs to happen soon before he hurts himself.thanks.

  674. karl grambo Says:

    please pray for david north a cancer patient/ he had a bone transplant and needs healing tonite david is in rm354 @choa thx karl grambo

  675. christie Says:

    Please pray for my ex boyfriend of 4 years,(misael)he was raised christian and has parted. Please pray for his addictions and for the enemy to leave him alone. Please pray for my business it is slow and that is how i support me and my two kids. also kyu is the granma of my kids and she needs a kidney. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  676. Paul Myers Says:

    I seek prayers for my continued healing from 30 years of emotional illnesses. I am just learning the real power of prayer, and through it how God truly will work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.
    My healing began through the tragedies surrounding my son’s imprisoment. It was as I saw God transforming and renewing his mind from the depths of his sin, that I trusted God could heal my mind of its turmoil and grinding grief.
    I have been a Christian for 35 years but am just now learning the power a relationship with Christ can really manifest, as I trust in Him more and more. I also want ot trust in the effective prayer of many for my continued healing and victory through Christ.
    I am now writing a book concerning the ways in which God truly has used so many things for good all through my life, even when I didn’t seek His daily guidance. I hope to reconcile the conflicts people of God feel when seeking treatment for mental illnesses, believing that their faith alone should be enough, rather than accepting counseling or medications. I believe that when God promise to work “all things” for good. it can include medication and counseling.
    I seek prayers that this book will help others find healing from the cold, dark vacuum of depression and other emotional traumas. If it is in God’s will, I hope that this is the begining of an effective ministry for God’s glory.

  677. Paula Says:

    Please pray for financial blessing so I can purchase small home/cottage and car. I am senior citizen and only God can make this happen as I haven’t prospects of other types so it must be from God and supernatural! I know He can do this because He has done these blessings before.

    Praise The Lord! I believe my blessing is on its way right now.

  678. Lisa Says:

    Please pray for my 20 year old son, Michael. The doctors think he has Hodgkins Lymphoma and will have to do chemo and radiation. Please pray that he will recover fully and that he will draw near to Jesus. Thank you very much.

  679. Pamela Ewing Says:

    Please pray that God heal whats happned with me and AJ and that I hear from him.

  680. Angel Says:

    Hello, I’m in need of prayer for my mother. My mother is 58 years old and has recently separated from her second husband of 16 years. He was a very bad gambler and made her lose her home and go into bankruptcy. She has lost everything from furniture to cars. She doesn’t even have decent transportation to get back and forth to work. So, now she is trying to make a fresh start for herself. However, it has not been easy and she constantly faces financial challenges. She constantly has creditors calling and is being threatened with legal action. i know there is not one day that goes by without her feeling the pressures and worries of her financial situation. Please pray with me for a financial increase for her and that she may truly rest and believe that God will make a way and provide for her every need. I believe she feels that she has been praying for so long and that God has forgotten about her. I see in her face that she is willing to give up and feels that she can never get ahead. She needs financial blessings in a way that she is able to find favor with her creditors and able to pay them back and still have enough money to live independently and successfully. So, I am seeking prayers for her financial and emotional victory.


  681. Cathy Says:

    Please join me in prayer that I will pass Intermediate Algebra,( a very challenging class). God knows I am trying hard. I will trust in the Lord. He orders my steps… Thank you and God bless us all…

  682. Lisa Says:

    Please help me to pray for my husband Derrald that spent time in the fed already.They are tring to charge him with a concurrent. which is the same charge twice. I know that God does not make mmistake so please pray for me and my family. he goes back to court March 5, 2008. Its in the hands of God Already.

  683. Carolyn Morrison Says:

    I have an urgent request. My friend Sabrina’s daughter has issues that is causing her to be ill (stress related) and now is experiencing more serious physical problems. The doctor has just told her that she 3 months to live. The daughter has other problems and has a small child. Please pray for her health and full recovery. I know that God is able.

  684. LP Says:

    Our 17 yr. old grandson Zach has rejeced his masculine gender and has entered into homosexual bondage in a female persona. He wants to be beautiful. Please pray along with us for his deliverance. He is living in our home until May when he turns 18. He is planning on getting lost in the homosexual community at that time. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.

  685. KC Says:

    Prayer Partners: Urgent!! Need your prayers for a MIRACLE on our new home purchase. We desperately need God’s breaththru

  686. k.michael Says:

    I too have the need to see and hear God’s greatness. I am in the Financial Mortgage industry and have been their for more than 23 years. The industry is Horrible, falling prices and people losing their homes. My wife and I both are Christians and do know the POWER of prayer and belief. We are facing a down market and the struggles to pay our bills and keep my business. We thank you so much for you prayers. God does help those that pray and help themselves.

    God Bless you,
    K. Michael

  687. Elizabeth Says:

    Hello I would like to start out by saying how truley thankful I am to have come acrossed this sight…It’s a remarkable thing what your community is doing for those in need of more prayers then they can give alone! My name is Elizabeth & I’m the youngest daughter of 3 lucky children…who are blessed to have our mother Pam who’s the most kindest, genourous & careing young lady you could ever have the plessure to met! : )
    It’s funny my whole life all I can remember is people comming up to me & telling me over & over …How much they loved my mom & she was to allways willing to give the shirt right off her back if someone…anyone who needed it more.
    Now it’s her that is in need of others kindness and prayers…she has been battling ovarian cancer for about 2 years now…she had a year of remission in between the cancer & chemo treatments….Just recently the doctors have told her that there is no longer anything they can do for her & her cancer had blocker her bouls so much that they can’t operate to give her a colostmey bag…They gave her a life expectancy of a month to made a year : (

    She is such a strong lady & it broke her to have to tell us what she had been told…but were all un willing to see it as an end only a push toward the next step that she & with us right beside her need to take… were going the Holistic path now & it seem very promiousing but to also have everyones help in prayer so we can give her all the good energy she needs to get healthy & be able to live her life feeling great …words just couldnt decribe how much this means to us all…If this letter is lucky enough to be read & With your help & prayers would just make the WORLD of difference in her struggle : )
    I want to thank everyone advance again…& say keep up the great work, your making such a difference in the lives of people! : )
    Sencerly Elizabeth

  688. marina Says:

    i need your prayer that (1)I have my finical plms..just get a new job in two weeks now and behind to pay my bills alike car monthly,rent and ins and food. that is big my challange.. (2) my dry spiritual (3) am lonely but I know Jesus is in my heart…

  689. Julie Says:

    I am born again over 30 years..but notice litle dry spiritual and met many christians are same alike me ..Ask you three questions about (1)drink wine and beer without drunk. bible says do not drunk.. I know Jesus comes very soon so (2) I witness deaf people who needs Jesus as Savior they says believe in God no matter what God loves them as thier sins and believe go heaven…that is sad.. (3) A deaf man ministry said to me that I am not good ministry to them I told him that is wrong judge and God knows my heart.. God did choice me before i was born..I thank him found Him as my Savior.. PTL….He s 56 yr old..I think he is pride..

  690. Brie Says:

    My fiance, Michael has been in the process of purchasing a very good company that has been in business for over 20 years. He knows this is what God has called him to do. The closing date keeps getting pushed back more and more. He actually quit his last job because his investors told him they would close by a certain date and they didn’t. We need a miracle. Our wedding date is November 8th and this needs to close well before we get married. I do not believe that the Lord would have us push back our wedding date. I know he supplies all our needs according to his riches and glory. I know that God has a plan and I am believing that this will close within the next month. Please pray that he will have favor and that this business will come into his hands NOW. He also needs strength and peace during this time. Please pray for us. Thank you!

  691. Stacey Says:

    Blessed Heavenly Father,

    I hold up before you my family and my broken marriage. I did my best to protect my children by seeking a divorce when my husband Jeffrey extended his abusiveness from me to them as well. I have heard your call to reconcile with him and stand firm for the healing of my family, and I am doing my best, trusting you for a miracle.

    My husband has a girlfriend who is a witch, and my heart breaks every time I think of my precious children exposed to her influence. I know it is not Your will that they ever be near her. Please continue to protect them from her.

    In the last two years, Jeffrey has gone from belief to doubt to complete atheism. He is deep in the grip of the Enemy, and oppressed by his lies. He is tormented and lost. In the name of Jesus, I ask you to free him and bring him home to us. Our children need their daddy, and I desperately wish to be reunited with the man I married ten years ago. I believe in Your power to heal and free Jeffrey. Give him eyes to see Your love, ears to hear Your will, and the strength of mind to do it. Stretch out Your hand in this situation, that everyone around us might see Your glory revealed and praise Your Name.

    Thank You for the many blessings You have showered upon me as I walk the path You have called me to. Thank You for every one of Your precious children who intercedes on behalf of another. Thank You most of all for Yourself. Let it be so. Amen.

  692. nereida Says:

    plese pray for my husband jose andmyself we need a breakthrough that we can hear God voice directing us we want God agenda not ours we place many request before the Lord but we only wnat what he wants that we may be strength in our inner man that we may not do the works of the flesh that we may walk worthy of the Lord to be children fo the light and becleanse have communion with the holy spirit fill with the fruits of the spirit that truly we may be one in unity love peace joy tendrness understanding honoring God and bringing glory to his name

  693. Gayle Craig Says:

    We have, for the time being, our three grandchildren Isaac 6, Aubrey 5, and Ayli 7 months…our son and his wife have multiple problems (including 7 years of severe spousal abuse by my daughter-in-law)…ending with her holding a chef’s knife to his (he is a chef) throat at his restaurant…..he continues to allow her to return….CPS has become involved….they removed the children for her because she could be a danger to them….from our son because he continues to allow her to return….he has been raised in a Christian home…with values of love is not a feeling it is a commitment…never….never hit a woman…..if she can come to know the Lord things will be better….she recently made a profession of faith…however she has been….her family also has been in witchcraft for some time….these are strongholdss which are difficult to overcome….please pray for our faimly

  694. sarah versteege Says:

    Dear Karen,

    Stand on the word, dont let any doubt and unbelieve take hold of your thoughts and cast away fear any fear fear of man fear offailing your parents. You are doing the right thing standing on the powerful uncompromising word of god, the word of truth.
    1cor 1-28 And base things…………,yes and things which are not to bring to nought things that are(Sickness for example).

    Ephesi 1 17-23 God has made us sit with chrst in heavenly places far above all principality and power, and might and dominion and EVERY NAME (ASL)that is named, not only in this world,but also inthat which is to come.

    and many more scriptures that gives hope and and strangsen your faith as you speak them. 2cor-4 -13.

    So Karen, do not (as Much as possible) let other influance you remember its not the facts that interst us but the truth. and the truth is that in YESHUA’SNAME YOUR FATHER IS HEALD GLORY BE TO GOD.

    Warm greetings,

  695. Dawnyell Says:

    Please pray that we find a lender to get a new mortgage. Please pray that we will get our house ready to sell and that we get what we want for house. Please pray that our move to Pennsylvania will be pleasant. Please God Almighty answer these prayers including the sucess of my business.

  696. Asta Says:

    i ask you to pray together with me for reconcillation of relationship with my boyfriend.He got angry at me and the divorce is pending.I don’t want it because i love him very much.Please pray the God to melt his heart and bring love,warmth and forgiveness.i am seeking for marriage with this man so i am serious about our relationship.In Jesus’ name!

  697. Bronwyn Says:

    Please could you pray for salvation for my friend Lindsay.

  698. Cynthia Ann Boutte Says:

    My sister Pamela Boutte Watson has been missing since Dec.19th,2007. We have search team looking for her today in Lousiana. Please pray we find her. She is bipolar. Pray we

  699. Colleen D. in Buckeye,AZ Says:

    One year ago my husband & I stepped out in faith & purchased a 5,000 sq ft home – which, at the time, was an amazing bargain – for $714,000. I am currently employed as a hospice nurse and it’s been our desire – my husband & I – to have an assisted living home, in our own home. However, our previous home was only 1560 sq ft – just enough for our daughter (who has worked as a nurse’s aide) & our 17 yr old son. Unfortunately, due to a decline in the economy, a home that we had purchased and fixed up to sell (hopefully to off set the purchase of the lrg home) did not sell and we have had to rent it out. We really have felt that all along it was God leading us to this service and we still do – however, we are falling about $2,000 – 3,000 short every month. We need a financial miracle. We are standing by faith for this and ask anyone who has a strong faith in God’s Word to also stand with us – in prayer. God Bless, Bob and Colleen D., Buckeye, AZ

  700. dianne Says:

    Prayers that God will guide me as I notify difficult tenat that her lease will not be renewed. The lady has damaged the property several times and always denies responsibility. Prayers that she will accept that her lease is not being renewed, move quickly, without doing further damage.

    This is very difficult for me because she is elderly (but very sharp mentally & physically) and I have known her for some time. I’m really concerned about the liability leasing to her represents for me.

    Thanks and God bless you.

  701. Anonymous female Says:

    Please pray for my daughter, A. who is 4. She is sick today. God knows all about her situation.


  702. Colleen Says:

    Could I ask you to pray for my family? Especially my husband, who is a compulsive gambler. He has brought us to the brink of financial ruin. He has been to rehab and it didn’t work….he didn’t do the work. Now he is going on trial for attempted armed robbery and possible other past crime(s). Our marriage is about over and it’s hard to see God in all of this. My children, who are young adults, seem to be frozen in time. Please pray that God gives us strength. I realize that God is doing a work and I’m o.k. with that, we just need strength. At some point in time it would be wonderful to have “JOY” again too.

  703. Natalicia Says:

    Please pray that the negativity between my partner and I will dissipate. As of late I have had many insecurity problems in our relationship which have no ground to stand on I love this person and want to have a future with him yet my thought life keeps coming between us. Please pray that the negativity on my part subsides and are able to continue our relationship.

  704. cornelius Says:

    My sister to be totally healed of cancer.
    My mom to be totally healed of heart condition and arithis.
    My nephew William to be totally healed of aids.
    My church member Craig to totally healed of aids.

  705. Pam Says:

    Please lift my son, Cody, up in prayer. He is having issue with his ex over custody and visitation of his 3 year old daughter. Cody is a good dad. But Chelsea use the baby to get more money out of Cody. Thanks.

  706. H. Brooks Says:

    Please pray for my marriage, my job and my children. My husband and I have been separated since March 2007. Although he says he doesn’t want to divorce, he doesn’t support me the way he should and he won’t come home. I need for him to line up with the Word and be the man, husband and father that God wants him to be. My 17 year old daughter is walking in rebellion and dating a 21 year old man with no job, education or direction. She’s changed her mind about attending college this fall and won’t get a job. This is affecting all of my children. My work hours have been cut and I am struggling financially. I lack transportation and need a new job. Please pray for my strength and endurace throughout these trials and that God reveals himself to me and my family in miraculous ways this year so that we can be a testimony to others.

  707. Deborah Fletcher Says:

    Please pray that I get the permanent position at Shell. I am currently contract. Also, that I overcome my gambling problem and that my son is blessed financially and that his wife gets a job. Also, pray that my family is saved.



    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Two years ago I have taken loans from two-three places and was continuously paying installments. But meanwhile, due to some unavoidable extra expenses at home, I could not pay my installments regularly. Now, the Installments and penalties increased beyond the payable limit. What can I do? Due to lack of money, my family members are not living in peace also. Sometimes, even I have no money for our daily use.

    Please pray for me in such a way that I could pay my all debts, pending bills easily and very soon and my family will leave in complete peace and happiness.

    You are very close to the Almighty God and you can only do Most Effective Prayers for me to overcome this very bad situation soon, as I am in great problems from a long time.

    Thanks a lot for your effective Prayers.

    Sincerely yours,


  709. Paul Clark jr Says:

    Dear Lord Jesus, that hospital was just full of spiritual turmoil again tonight…Mary Lou has untreated yeast infection 2 days now….please, anybody who will stand with Mary Lou and I in our cry to the throne of God for grace, mercy truth

  710. Charlotte Crossley Says:

    Please pray in agreement with me for the following: Father God, I ask you for quality employment in my career as a Veteran Performer in the Entertainment Industry. Lord, I am believing for the National tour of The Color Purple. I bind up every negative seed and statement that has been made against me and about me. I pray for uncommon favor with Nina Lannan Associates, with Tony Magner, with the Creative Team. I thank you in advance for strength and healing of my left ankle. I thank you for delivering me out of the hands of the enemy, at home. I thank you for a new beginning for my son and me. I pray for peaceful resolutions on Alsace Ave. Tha

  711. paulette Says:

    Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain.
    Keep flowing and growing in the Lord .
    Believe in spite of what you do not see.

  712. Paul Clark jr Says:

    Anybody, anybody who will stand with Mary Lou and I in our cry to the throne of God for mercy, grrace and truth…no one would believe this could happen in a hospital in the USA…psalm 12 v5….thank you so very much….loving husband Paul

  713. Paul Clark jr Says:

    God of mercy, just an insidious attempt to harm Mary Lou and I …just insidious….we continue to cry out to the throne of grace…what in the world did we get entangled in…..Jesus is Lord…..Paul

  714. Cathy Says:

    I need prayer in agreement to bind and block and stop the madness of drug addiction in my household. In Jesus name I need prayer warriors to help me get rid of this curse on my loved one. I am believing God for a miracle. Thank you.

  715. Kathleen Says:

    Dear Karen, Oh yes, I’ve seen situations like this before. You are right to never let go of God’s word. Keep it in your mouth night and day. I have seen a man (an unbeliever) survive liver cancer and a liver transplant and somewhere in between he also suffered a brain aneurysm! But his wife and I prayed and confessed the goodness of God’s word and he is alive and well today!!! His wife grew by leaps and bounds in faith. I’m not sure about her husband. I pray fervently for a lady with HIV particularly in times of medical crisis, and she, too, is living well today – although she does suffer from a lowered immune system and gets colds and such. Her faith is a little vague to me right now — she knows a little of the bible, believes in the power of prayer, but hasn’t really committed to walk daily with our Lord Jesus. Nonetheless, in God’s goodness He still answers prayers in their behalf. I sense your wanting more for your parents and protecting them from the lies of the devil. I suppose in my limited human perspective, I can see how their attitudes can limit receiving the great blessing God has for them. But God hears your prayers, Karen – no matter the situation — your prayers in Jesus’ name continue to positively influence their situation. Oh Dear Lord Jesus, we pray for a witness or a medical intervention which will help Karen’s parents to live the abundant life that Jesus has promised us, and not succomb to the devil’s lies or strategies. (John 10:10)– God bless you, Karen! Kathleen

  716. Dawnyell Says:

    Please pray for my husband..that he will be able to see again and that blind eyes will open. Please pray that God will send an angel of healing to him. Please pray that we will be able to move successfully to a new home in Pennsylvania. Please pray that we will secure a home loan and sell our current home at a great price. Please also pray that this year our summer camp for inner city youth will be successfully. Please pray that the angel of prosperity will visit our home.

  717. Vicki Says:

    Please, please pray for my PEACE! I’ve gotten “envy” in my heart towards a co-worker who took off all Christmas week and left me “holding the bag” —- it was so brutal at work because of this. But more so, my employer for not applying a more fair policy governing vacation time, especially @ Christmas. HELP! (p.s. I have you prayer book already and it’s a tremendous blessing!!!!!!)

  718. KC Says:

    Please pray that our home loan goes thru asap. We had been given the OK to give notice where we are now…and did…and now this delay. Pray for NO MORE DELAYS and that we can move in asap. If God be for you…who can be against you??? Thank you all.

  719. Mott Says:

    Please pray for my financial situation. I recently lost my job of 11 years, due to a layoff, and I am the sole financial support for my family. I am having difficulty finding another job, and am currently two months behind on my car payment, as well as having difficulty paying for utilities, food, doctor bills, ect. Please pray that God will provide relief for our immediate financial needs, as well as assist me in finding a new job. Thank you for your prayers!

  720. Tabitha Says:

    Please pray for my husband Dwight who is being wrongly accused of a horrible crime and is being railroaded by the very people he works with. They have plotted and my husband is being held in jail with a very high bond that we can not afford. We have tried everything to get a bond hearing quick but he has been there for 7 days and the hearing is not until next week Wednesday. The reason I want prayer is for God to set him free or give him patience and understanding during this test. We both decided to walk closer to God this New Year and before the year could end this all happened and I know that’s just the devil’s way of trying to keep us from the ways of God. I have faith and I know that we need to have patience when waiting for God to work however I am not in jail and I feel as though my husband’s patience is fading away. Please pray for him and his accusers. In Jesus name.


  721. sharonlynngowl Says:

    Please pray that I know God’s will for me. Please pray that I do the work that God wants me to. Please pray that any areas that I am not in agreement with God in, that He help me know these areas and help me work in His will. In Jesus name I pray these things.

  722. Amy Says:

    Need prayer, my 17 year old son is expecting his first child. I am unsure if he will graduate from high school. And the older girl who is pregnant by him has an alcoholic mother who spends up the rent and bill money to drink. I had today what I consider a YA YA Sisterhood day, a breakdown. Because my husband took down the Christmas tree. I creid and cried and cried-I stayed in bed all day.

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